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The Groupie

"Cause I need your sway, cause you always pay for it. And I need your soul, cause you're always soulful…" – Sway by the Kooks

I hated flying, absolutely hated it. Even though Alice had gotten me a first class seat, which meant that I wasn't crammed into a seat next to someone, it didn't stop the massive wave of nausea that rolled through my body the entire damn flight. I couldn't drink anything other than nonalcoholic beverages because then I would pass out and be a total mess the rest of the day. So I sat there with my head leaned back against the headrest, and put my iPod on random shuffle. Nearly five hours later, I made my way off the plane and was carefully trying to balance my suitcase and purse as I made my way down the escalator.

I heard Alice before I saw her, and only a few seconds after I stepped off of the escalator, she ran at a full sprint towards me. Her arms made a death grip around my neck as she hugged me and screamed, "Oh my God, I have missed you so much!"

I laughed, hugging her back and not caring about the strange looks that people were giving us. "Alice, it's only been like a month," I muttered against her shoulder and tried to slowly pull away from her.

"Well it feels like years," she said and finally let go of my neck, only to grab a hold of my hands. "You have no idea how hard it is to be the only girl constantly surrounded by stupid boys!"

"Well I hate to break it to you, Alice, but you knew the risk when you agreed to be Edward's manager," I told her, and couldn't help but laugh when she rolled her eyes.

She grabbed the handle of my suitcase and started pulling it behind her, "Yeah well, when I agreed to that, you were around a hell of a lot more. Then you had to go and be all grown up and decide to actually work."

I couldn't stop the obnoxious laughter that left my mouth when she said 'work' like it was the worst sort of cussword. She turned around and winked at me as I followed behind her. Alice could pretend she was miserable, but anyone who really knew her knew she was full of shit. She loved her job; even if it did mean babysitting Edward, and on occasion, a few of his friends.

I had known Alice for almost ten years and only a few months longer than I had known Edward. When I moved to Seattle, I didn't know anyone other than Jasper Whitlock who had been one of my closest friends back home in Texas. Jasper had left for Washington the day after he graduated high school, leaving me behind for another two years until I finished school. The second I got to Seattle, Alice had practically adopted me as her best friend. She claimed that even though she was only dating Jasper, since I was like a sister to him that made me her sister, too. Ten years later nothing had changed other than the fact that they were now married; I was still treated like the kid sister.

If it wasn't for Alice, I never would have met Edward. She had forced me to go to that stupid Halloween party dressed an absurd fairy. Bigger girls just shouldn't ever dress up as anything that involved a tutu and prancing, but there I was covered in glitter and kept hitting people with the wings she had attached to my back. I was miserable. When Alice basically bribed Edward, who was Jasper's best friend, to come talk to me, it only made it worse. He made fun of my accent and I swear for the first hour that I talked to him, I thought he was a complete jackass. That was until we both got a little too drunk and started swapping Jasper stories. It might have been a little childish to bond by making fun of one of our best friend for hours on end, but neither Edward nor I claimed to be adults.

Edward Cullen was…well, I guess the best way to describe him would be to say that he was perfectly imperfect. He was gorgeous and he knew it. With his perfect chiseled jaw, perfect brooding eyes and perfect unkempt hair, he looked like the perfect male. The fact that he was a musician and could pretty much play any instrument you handed him only made him more attractive. Outside, Edward might have seemed perfect, but inside he was a jackass, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. He was moody and at times could just be downright stubborn. He could act like a spoiled child and yet still be annoyingly charming. It was infuriating, but that didn't change the fact that he was my best friend.

When Edward told me he was a musician, I figured he played in some garage band and that it was nothing more than a hobby. I had no idea that it was literally his life. For years he played in bars, coffee houses, or even just standing out on the sidewalk. He would get discouraged and want to quit and I would be the one to convince him to keep going. Then a few years later, he decided to tour on his own for the summer, playing in dumpy bars in towns that none of us had ever even heard of. We all piled into Edward's mom's old suburban (nicknamed the burb) and traveled all over the United States from California to Arizona, Colorado to Texas, Tennessee to New York, and everywhere in between. That was one of the best summers of my life, and probably when I realized that I was in love with Edward Cullen.

Somewhere along the way, while driving down the highway with the windows rolled down and staying in crappy motels, I fell head over heels in love with my best friend. To this day he didn't know, and outside of Alice, I wasn't sure anyone else did either. I was Edward's best friend and considered 'one of the guys.' I was the girl he got "relationship" advice from, even though the only relationship that kid had ever been in was set to fail from the get-go. I was the girl that picked his drunken ass up off the floor and made him start over. I was good ol' Bella, the one that told him on a daily basis that he would make it. And now, all of these years later, he finally had.

After so many years of hard work, rejection, and putting up with complete bullshit from bar owners, other bands, and eventually record companies, Edward had officially made it. For the past few years Edward and Alice had been working religiously to get to this point, headlining his own tour.

I had missed out on the last few years, forgoing being a groupie to finish college and actually become an adult. That meant me being in Seattle while Edward, Jasper, Alice, and even Edward's brother Emmett, moved around from town to town, eventually touring full time with bigger bands. I was the one left behind, flying out to see them on occasion and getting drunken text messages from Jasper and Emmett in the middle of the night after shows. If I was being honest with myself, which I hardly ever was, me going back to Seattle was more about trying to get over my Edward infatuation and less about being an adult. But when our endless conversations in person just got transferred to the phone, I knew I didn't stand a chance. Like it or not, I loved him, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. So here I was, still slightly nauseous, still in love, still pathetic, and excited as hell to see Edward's first show of his tour.

I followed Alice out of the airport and listened to her explain what the plan for today was. When we reached an enormous black SUV, I just kept walking. She called my name and I stopped and looked back at her. "Were you just going to walk back?" she asked me with a laugh.

I looked at the new and expensive looking car and blinked. This was a definite upgrade from "the burb." Before I could say anything, Jasper was getting out of the car. The second I saw his shaggy hair and his long ass legs, I ran at him. Edward may have been my best friend but I had known Jasper pretty much my entire life. He was like a big brother to me, and Jasper was my little piece of Texas. When I was near him, it felt like being at home; he was comfortable.

"J!" I screamed and launched myself at him. His long arms wrapped around me and we both started talking a mile a minute. That eventually led to both of us laughing, and then Alice threatening to leave us both if we didn't hurry. Edward and Emmett would joke around that Jasper and I had a thing for each other, but that was far from the truth. The thought of Jasper like that made me vomit a little in my mouth.

I climbed into the back seat of the car and as soon as Alice put the key in the ignition I reached forward, slapping Jasper's hand out of the way, and nudged the tooled leather cross hanging from the rearview mirror.

"HAH! Yes, I got it!" I laughed and leaned back in my seat. It was our game, a game all of us had played since our summer touring. As soon as we were all inside and the car was started, whoever touched the cross hanging from the rearview mirror first got to control the car rules. The "car rules" included the music selections, when we stopped to go to the bathroom, car games, and on occasion (normally when we were all arguing), complete silence. Alice and I hardly ever won, basically because we would get shoved out of the way by the much larger boys traveling with us. Luckily Jasper normally won and he was pretty decent about letting us stop for bathroom breaks that didn't involve us squatting on the side of the road. Alice reached back and gave me a high-five before pulling out of the parking space.

"I let you have that one because I felt sorry for you," Jasper looked back at me and smiled. "Besides, I would have let you have the radio anyway. Edward made you a CD."

I took the CD case he was handing me and smiled like an idiot. I shouldn't get this giddy about a CD, especially when Edward had been making them for me since I'd met him, but the fact that he had made them meant he was thinking about me. And when you are sad and pathetic like I am, you get worked up about that shit. I gave Jasper the CD and read the back of the case.

To returning where you belong. EC

I smiled at his horrible handwriting and tried to fight back the excitement bubbling in my stomach. His definition of where I belonged was not the same as mine. My definition was with Edward, in bed, with his arms wrapped around me and his lips on mine. His definition was… well with the group. He meant me touring with them, being backstage and playing the groupie. I sighed and tried to ignore the fact that my excitement had faded and was now replaced with annoyance.

"Ready?" Jasper asked me and I nodded. "I'm betting sappiness."

Alice shook her head and looked back at me in the rearview mirror. "No, I am betting nostalgic."

I laughed at both of them taking bets on what kind of CD Edward had made me. There was always a theme, and through the years I had gotten very good at predicting what songs would be on there. "I'm with Alice. He's been reminiscing about old times lately."

Sure enough the first song on the CD was My Girl by the Temptations and Alice and I both clapped with victory while Jasper groaned. Nostalgic it was! That had been the song that was playing when Edward and I tried to dance at the Halloween party. And by tried I mean falling all over each other while laughing hysterically.

The CD played and it was hilariously predictable. Alice rolled the windows down and the three of us sang along with the delightfully cliché like Sweet Home Alabama and Free Falling and even the surprising eighties classics that meant very little to Alice or Jasper, but held a ton of private jokes for me.

"My-My-My-My WHOA! My-My-My-Sharona!" Jasper sang loudly while Alice bobbed her head along with the music. I was laughing and singing along, watching the city pass us as Alice drove extremely too fast. I saw a sign for a 7-11 and grinned.

"CAR RULE!" I screamed and Jasper nearly jumped out of his seat. "Car rule to stop at the 7-11!" Alice laughed and cut someone off to pull into the off ramp. We all bounced around the car as she swerved and skidded until we finally came to a stop in the 7-11 parking lot. I undid my seatbelt and practically sprinted inside.

I heard the chime go off when Jasper and Alice came inside and Jasper groaned when he saw me at the Slur-pee machine. "Oh, God! If you puke, Bella, I am not cleaning it up this time!" I ignored him and poured the Coca-Cola Slur-pee into the biggest cup they had. Alice grabbed Nerds and a package of Zingers and met me at the cash register.

"Why two?" she asked, looking down at the Slur-pees I set on the counter.

"One for me and one for Edward," I shrugged and pulled my wallet out of my purse. Alice pushed my wallet away and paid for the drinks and snacks. She gave me a look that either meant I was crazy or that she was annoyed, and put her sunglasses back over her eyes.

"What?" I asked and followed her out to the car. We got in, and without even hesitating, I asked her what that look was supposed to mean. "What? Does Edward not like Slur-pees now or something?"

She sighed and turned in her seat to look at me. "I wasn't going to tell you this, but I don't want you to get yourself hurt."

I looked nervously at Jasper who was looking down at his feet. "Okay?" I said quietly and sat back. "What's going on?"

"Bella, you can't go all puppy love on Edward again. You just can't," she said bluntly and I felt my mouth fall open. It took me a second to recover and then I just glared at her. She shook her head and pulled her sunglasses back on top of her head. "Jasper knows, Bella! Everyone but Edward knows!"

My mouth fell open again and Jasper turned in his seat to look at me. "I've known you since you were five, do you really think I wouldn't figure this out?"

I stared at him for a second before looking back at Alice, who was watching me with a look of frustration and worry on her face. "How long has everyone known?"

"Pretty much when you decided to stay in Seattle," she reached out and took my hand. "Jasper's known since I told him the night after you told me." I glared at her again and she shook her head. "Bella, he had some suspicions and I wasn't going to lie to him!"

"Okay, so everyone knows. Why would that hurt me? If Edward doesn't know then… then I guess that's fine," I tried to sound sure of myself but I knew I didn't pull it off. If Emmett knew, the chances that he was going to keep that shit to himself were pretty slim. He would use it to aggravate me and then I would just end up telling Edward myself to make Emmett shut up. "I promise I won't say anything to screw up his shows, Alice."

"I could care less about Edward where this is concerned!" she practically yelled, and both Jasper and I leaned away from her. "I don't want you to get hurt, Bella! I love Edward like he was my brother or something, but he can be a jerk! He takes advantage of you, and you take that to mean that he loves you!"

"I do not!" I protested, but in actuality I did. Damn it.

"He does love her Alice," Jasper said quietly and looked back at me. "He does, but I just don't think it's the same kind of love you have for him."

"Jasper, you know just as much as I do that he uses her!" Alice snapped again and they started arguing.

I looked at both of them, completely confused. I talked to Edward nearly every day on the phone. Just because I hadn't seen him in like six months didn't mean that we hadn't kept in contact. The way they were acting made it seem like my heart would go to mush the second I saw him. "Okay, this can't just be about me having feelings for Edward, so why don't you fess up and tell me what the hell is going on." Alice looked at Jasper expectantly and I frowned.

"Edward saw Jane a few nights ago," he said quietly.


"We don't know if they are getting back together, but you know what their track record is," Jasper finished and reached out and held onto my knee. "We just didn't want you to be surprised if she showed up tonight."

I nodded and looked out of the window for a second before closing my eyes and shaking my head. Freaking Jane? Really? She was a whore. I mean, there was just no other way to put it. Jane was bad news for Edward and always had been. She got him involved in shit that he never should have been into and literally turned is life upside-down. Edward had smoked weed since we'd met, but when he started dating Jane, the drinking became more frequent and the drugs got harder.

To say that Jane hated me was a huge understatement. She loathed me and I pretty much felt the same way about her. A few months into their relationship, I got tired of her constant attacks about my weight or looks and stupid attempts to make me out to be the bad guy, so I made the choice to stay away. I didn't talk to Edward for nearly a year other than a few random text messages, a couple of e-mails, and a handful of seriously awkward phone conversations. I heard second-hand about all of the shit he was getting into and it only infuriated me more. I tried to talk to him about it, which ended up with him being pissed off at me for being "intrusive," and me being mad at him for being a dumbass. Edward's life had become nothing but debauchery and recklessness and it was like I didn't know him anymore.

A few months after our fight I got a phone call that changed my life, literally. When you get a phone call at three in the morning, you know it isn't anything good. I picked up the phone, half asleep, and could only hear breathing on the other end.

"Listen, I'm not really in the mood for this shit, so either say something or fuck off," I said angrily and was two seconds away from hanging up, when I heard Edward's voice mumble my name. It was horse, and gravely, and utterly broken.

"Edward?" I sat up in bed, immediately panicked. "Are you okay?"

That was a stupid question, because obviously he wasn't. He muttered something about needing me, and after finding out where he was, I hurriedly pulled clothes on and drove entirely too fast to the motel he was staying it. The fact that he was staying at some roach motel and not his apartment should have been my first clue that something was seriously wrong, but I ignored my nervousness and apprehension and agreed to see him anyway.

I walked into that room to find a ghost of the Edward I knew. He was thin to the point that he looked malnourished and had dark circles under his eyes. He was sitting on the floor with his legs bent and his arms resting on his knees, leaning back against the sliding glass door to the patio with a lit cigarette dangling between his fingers. The sheer curtains blowing from the night wind filtered in through the open door beside him, making the whole thing seem like some sort of dream.

It took less than a minute for me to take in all of the details around him, including the total destruction of pretty much everything in room and the gun sitting on the floor between his feet. "Edward," I whispered, and shut the door behind me. I stood with my back against it, scared to move or speak. My heart was racing but I tried to at least make myself seem calm.

"She left," he told me, looking up at me and narrowing his eyes.

I had no clue what to say. I hated Jane and wanted to tell him he was better off without her and that she was nothing but a parasite to him. But I knew better. "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

He closed his eyes and shook his head. I took a tentative step forward, his eyes opened and he watched me, but when he didn't say anything, I kept moving forward until I was standing in front of him. He kept watching me as I kneeled down slowly and picked the gun up. I stood back up, took it into the bathroom and left it sitting on the counter. I shut the door behind me and went back to Edward and sat on the floor next to him.

We sat there for a few minutes in silence until he eventually looked over at me and told me what happened. I listened as he told me about the drugs, the massive amounts of money he had wasted, how his music had all but ended, the life he had been living, and finally about Jane leaving. There was no reason or understanding to it other than she was simply done with him.

He looked so broken and defeated that it made me sick to my stomach. I looked around the room and decided the first thing we needed to do was leave. I helped Edward up off the floor, trying to ignore the way his jeans sagged on his hips or how his ribs protruded from his body. I picked up a shirt that was torn in several places but put it on him anyway. I took him to my apartment and finally convinced him to go to sleep. He fell back against my bed and shook his head as I pulled the blankets around him, muttering something about being a mistake and a waste of a human being. I ignored him, fighting back the urge to argue with him and tell him he was wrong.

"Stay," he had whispered and grabbed my hand as I started to turn away. "Please…"

I nodded and awkwardly got into the bed next to him. It had been over a year since I had fallen asleep with Edward and I wasn't sure what to do. Thankfully he rolled over onto his side so he was facing me and took my hand. I watched him until I knew that he really was asleep and slowly got out of bed. I started panicking, not really sure what it was I should be doing.

I ignored the fact that it was nearly five in the morning and called the only two people I knew who could help me. I called Jasper first, and after a brief explanation, he told me he would take care of the motel room and would meet me at my apartment after. As soon as we hung up I called Edward's mother. As I expected, Edward hadn't talked to his parents in months. I skipped over most of the horrific details when I told Esme what was going on, but I knew she wasn't stupid. She was scared, like we all were, but she and Carlisle had to make the decision that none of us could.

That afternoon, when Edward woke up, he walked into my living room and found his parents, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and myself all sitting there waiting on him. Call it an intervention or whatever you want to, but that day, the six of us point blank told Edward he had to get help. He refused rehab, telling us that he could do it on his own. He did, and a few months after he had gotten back on track, we took the summer pilgrimage. That was the summer that Edward found himself again. And the fact that he was even talking to that bitch again tainted the memories of that summer.

"Is he drinking?" I asked bluntly and looked at Alice. Jasper would sugar coat the answer to try and make me feel better. Alice would tell me the truth.

She shook her head. "Not a lot, a beer every now and then."

"Drugs?" I asked without hesitation.

"Just weed," Jasper answered and I looked at him. He answered the next question before I even asked it. "I know its weed, Bella, but that's a hell of a lot better than that shit he was doing before."

I shook my head and sighed. "Do Carlisle and Esme know?"

Alice shook her head. "We don't know what this is, Bella. I mean, she could have just wanted to wish him good luck."

"She flew all the way out here to wish him good luck?" I asked her, not hiding the rudeness in my voice. "Hell Alice, I could have come last week and Edward told me to come today. Obviously this meeting with Jane is about something else. He's hiding it from me, and I want to know why."

"You know why, Bella," Jasper told me. "He doesn't want you to know about it because he knows you will either get mad or hurt, or both."

We could sit there all damn day and analyze why Edward was such a dumbass, but the fact of the matter was that Edward was going to explain this to me himself. I sat there, not talking or listening as Alice and Jasper talked. When the car finally stopped, I got out and without hesitating, started marching up to the tour bus sitting in the enclosed parking lot. Without knocking, I went inside, only to find it empty. I slammed the door shut behind me and went back out into the parking lot.

"Bella, you can't just walk around without your pass," Alice ran up to me and handed me a piece of plastic attached to a lanyard. "This isn't like it was before."

I stood there, fuming, but let her at least try to calm me down. I had been so freaking happy to be here. So excited for Edward and Alice, for all of their hard work paying off, but right now I really just wanted to strangle him.

"I know you're mad, Bella, but you can't just go in there and start yelling at him. He has a show tonight. You guys can talk about it later." Jasper put both of his hands on my shoulders and dropped his head so he could look me in the eyes. "Okay?" After a few minutes, I finally convinced him I was calm and followed behind Alice as she walked inside.

I could hear the sound of a guitar, and eventually Edward's singing, and that was all it took to distract me. Again, I fully admitted to myself how pathetic I was. I sighed and followed Alice down a hallway leading to an open floor space. Jasper threw an arm around my shoulders and stopped when I did. There were people walking around and I briefly looked around, but like the sap I am, my eyes immediately found Edward and it was like everything else disappeared.

He had his eyes closed and his face was all scrunched up just like it always was when he sang with so much emotion. It was adorable and hot. After a brief second to allow myself to swoon, I took in the rest of his appearance. He looked…good. He seemed to have gained a little weight but it only made him look better. His hair was all over the place, that was nothing new, but it had always suited him. I sighed and shook my head. He was fucking perfect.

"BELLA!" I jumped when I heard someone yell my name. Edward had stopped singing, but it was his brother Emmett that had called my name and was running at me. I tried to hide behind Jasper but it didn't do any good--I was pulled into a massive hug by Emmett as he swung me back and forth.

"Careful, Emmett, she had a Slur-pee on the way here," Jasper warned and was thankfully there to catch me when Emmett let me go mid-swing.

"God, I throw up once and you people will not let me live it down!" I groaned playfully. Emmett looked at me carefully, I assumed to make sure I wasn't going to throw up, and then pulled me into another hug. "Hi, Emmett!" I laughed and smiled when he let me go.

"Dude, we have to party while you're here!" He started planning a weekend's worth of activities, but stopped and smiled at something over my shoulder. I turned around and couldn't stop from smiling, too.

Edward had jumped off the stage and was running over to us. I wanted to be totally cheesy and run at him, letting us have a magical reunion in the middle of the arena where he could then pick me up and declare his undying love and affection. But that didn't happen.

"Cricket!" he yelled and pulled me into a hug. I hit his shoulder for using that damn nickname, but it didn't do any good. He just hugged me and swung me around until I threatened to throw up on him. Edward stopped swaying but didn't let me out of the hug and I finally just let myself enjoy it. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly to me. "I have missed you so much," he mumbled against the top of my head.

Damn it, I thought to myself and inwardly sighed. I looked over at Alice and chose to ignore how she was pursing her lips.

"Me, too," I let go of him and smiled. "You're a star! My best friend is famous!" I said in an overly sarcastic voice and clapped my hands.

He rolled his eyes and pushed against my shoulder. "Did you like the CD?" I nodded and tried to ignore how all of our friends were now trying to discreetly leave us alone.

"It was a little cheesy with the whole Livin' on a Prayer thing, but I guess I can overlook that," I shrugged and tried to act like the fact that he had even made the damn CD wasn't a big deal to me. I used sarcasm as a crutch and thankfully Edward never caught on.

"I could have used Fat Bottomed Girls and I didn't, so really, you should be thanking me," he laughed and jumped back before I could hit him. I knew he wasn't referring to the fact that I did in fact have a big ass, but instead was referring to the time I got completely trashed and ran up and down the hallway at the hotel we were staying at screaming the lyrics to that song at the top of my lungs. "Are you gonna take me home tonight?" Edward sang, and I shook my head and turned to walk off.

I hadn't even made it three steps when his arm was slung around my shoulders and he was pulling me into him. "Oh, come on, don't walk away. I've missed you." I finally gave in and let him hug me again, I mean, because really, I didn't like it or anything. "What's the plan this afternoon?" he asked after letting me go and I shrugged.

"Alice just said I could hang out here while you do…whatever it is you do…and then go back to the hotel with her and Jasper to change and stuff."

"Did she get you your own room? Or do you need to share with me?" he asked and gently pulled on the end of my hair. I slapped his hand away and tried really hard to not act excited that he was basically asking me if I wanted to share his hotel room. I did, I mean, I really did, but then I remembered that this was Edward. And Edward would never love me the same way I loved him.

"No, I got a room," I said, hoping he didn't catch the way my voice cracked.

He looked at me, giving me that damn know it all grin and pulled me off to meet everyone. I knew a few of them since some of his "people" were friends from the past few years, but I met a few new ones, too.

The whole set up was way bigger than anything I had ever experienced and it was very surreal. I sat around and talked to Emmett and Jasper while Edward finished his rehearsal, and afterwards all of us piled back into Alice's car to drive back to the hotel. I elbowed Emmett in the stomach in my attempt to get car rules, but Jasper had longer arms and beat me. We drove the rest of the way listening to talk radio and I knew he was only doing it to be a jerk. Jasper hated talk radio.

Seeing Edward being treated like a celebrity was both confusing and hilarious. We were walking through the lobby of the hotel, and one second I am talking to Edward, and the next thing I know, I am being shoved aside by a group of screaming teenagers. He laughed nervously and tried to sign everything they shoved at him and even posed for a few pictures. When he signed some girls arm, I snorted obnoxiously and followed Alice to the elevators.

Jasper and Emmett finally got him away from the mob of fangirls and the second the elevator doors closed, I turned to Edward. "Hey, can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah, what do you need?" he asked without hesitation.

"Can you sign my face?" I asked, trying as hard as I could to not laugh. That didn't stop the rest of them though, and we spent the rest of the elevator ride laughing while Edward pretended to pout.

Tonight was gonna be a blast!

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