I really was a fucking idiot.

"Are you okay?"

The timid sound of Alice's voice made me look up from the floor. I shook my head to answer her question.

Jasper sighed before putting his hand on my shoulder. "She just didn't want to sit at the hospital all night, Edward. She didn't leave, leave."

No, Bella hadn't left Seattle, but she had every right to. I'd yelled at her, lied to her… I didn't deserve anything less than her leaving me. I knew how Bella felt about Jane, I knew how sensitive of a subject that was with her. Maybe that's why I felt like it was better to just not tell her what I was doing.

Aside from the obvious, that I didn't want Bella involved in anything to do with Aro, I also didn't want her to have to deal with Jane. For whatever reason, my ex-girlfriend was a constant source of resentment and worry for Bella. There wouldn't ever be anything between Jane and me, ever again. But like everything else in my past, it just wouldn't go away.

My eyes fell back to the floor. "I couldn't just… leave her there."

It was true that Jane had really fucked me up, that she had left me a broken mess on a shitty motel floor, but that didn't mean that I could just ignore the fact that she was in serious trouble. I'd been there and if I hadn't had Bella and the rest of my family, I would be a rotting corpse by now. Bella had saved me and now I was trying to save Jane because no one else would.

Alice reached forward to hold my hand. "I know that, and deep down, Bella does too. She's just… hurt."

"Go talk to her," Jasper squeezed my shoulder. "The longer you put this off, the worse it's going to be."

I took my friend's advice and pulled the keys to my father's car out of my pocket but looked up at Alice before I walked towards the hospital's exit. She gave me an encouraging smile that made me feel horrible from guilt.

"You were right," I said sadly. "At the bank you told me I was making a mistake, that this would kill Bella, and I ignored you. I'm sorry… I should have…"

She shook her head. "Just fix this, Edward.

I nodded and turned towards the doors leading towards the parking lot.