Five years later

"Alexander Rose Garwin! Have you totally lost you mind." Reid asked his wife as he walked down towards the ice rink.

"What?" she asked innocently as she knew why he was upset, hell Caleb was probably right on his tail and right there he was coming trough the doors walking very fast down towards them.

He looked tired Alex though to her herself. It was not easy raising the twins, a boy named Dylan and a girl named Abigail, but he was a devoted father and husband to Sarah.

"Don't you what me." Reid said as he walked onto the ice carefully not to fall as he was not wearing skates. "You get of the ice now."

"Yes Alex, listen to Reid." Caleb said now standing next to the rink himself.

Alex stopped and placing her hands on her hips as she looked at the two men she loved most in the world.

Reid was now standing right in front of her, his eyes moving over his beautiful wife. Roaming his eyes over her face down to her full breast till it rested on her round tummy with their first born.

"Reid Garwin and Caleb William Danvers. I'm pregnant not terminally ill." She scold the two of them.

"I know love, but remember that your balance is also not what it used to be." He said and true to his words Alex almost lost her footing and grabbed hold of him.

Reid wrapped his arm around her and the slowly walked to the exit where Caleb stood and helped her of the ice and helping her to sit on one of the benches. Kneeling before her he took her skates off and put her shoes back on.

"Oh I hate this." She said pouting.

Reid laughed and went to sit next to her before pulling her closer and wrapped his arms around her till he could rest his hand on her round belly. Alex smiled and placed her hand over his.

"We know sweetie." Caleb said and sat down next to her. "Only a few more months and then you can skate as much as you want."

"Yes honey. If you promise to stay of the ice for the next three months I promise that I will look after the baby every weekend and then you can skate as much as you heart desire." Reid also added.

Alex looked from her husband to her brother and back to her husband again. "Oh alright you win. Now can we go, I want to go say hello to my niece and nephew."

Reid helped Alex up and the three of them walked to the exit.

"Who would have thought that all four Sons of Ipswich would have become fathers all in the same year? First you and Sarah with Dylan and Abigail." Alex said smiling. "Then Pogue and Kate had Dominic and two days ago Tyler and Sam had Tanner."

"Yes and in three months the two of you will have Connor." Caleb said and locked the door of the rink. "I'll see you at home." He got in his car and drove off.

Alex stopped next to the car and Reid wrapped his arms around his wife before bending his head and kissing her very passionately. He probably would have kissed her very longer but he felt the baby kick and placed his hand on her tummy before dropping on his knees and kissed her tummy.

"Daddy loves you very much." He said to his unborn child and then he got up and taking his wife's face between his hands and gave her a gentle kiss. "And I love you."

Alex looked at her husband and kissed him back. "I love you." She said before they all got in the car and drove the Danvers Mansion where all of their friends were.

Alex sat back in her seat resting her hands on her tummy and smiled, never in her life was she this happy. She had everything she ever wanted and nothing was going to take that away from her.

The end.