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Finding May

How does a story start?

We still all argue about it to this day. Max says it began when Justin and I first met in the airport. Aunt Theresa thinks it all started when I had to present flowers to him on the day he moved in. Uncle Jerry claims that when a girl and a guy live right next to each other, they are bound to fall in love. Harper believes it really started back when I first moved here to New York that summer of freshman year. Sam Robins reckons it's all fate, and troubled romance in just in our blood. Zeke argues that it all only happened because Sam sent Justin here in the first place. And Justin himself gets technical and states that none of this would have occurred if May Rivera and Sam Robins never met—in fact, I wouldn't have ever even been born.

But this is my story. So I will start it where I think it actually started. The real beginning to the complicated (and majorly cliche) tale of how I, Alex Russo, fell in love with Justin Robins.

For this, like many other things in life, began with a dream…

There is a man and a woman sitting at a table outside a café on a busy street in New York City.

The man and the woman are sitting around a small table sipping on coffees. They stare lovingly into each others eyes and both wear goofy, smitten grins. Occasionally, one of them would nervously look up and down the streets, as if afraid of being caught. But I had no idea what they could possibly be caught doing. They were just having a drink together.

The woman is young, in her mid-twenties no doubt, and has long, dark, curly hair that flowed down past her shoulders. Her large eyes shine with energy, happiness, and a hint of mischief. She has a small nose and a wide, contagious smile. Hey, wait a second...she looked just like me! Up close, I saw the woman in my dream resembled every single one of my features. The only difference was that she looked older.

The man looks even older than the lady, probably in his thirties. Yet, he is still incredibly gorgeous. He had short dark hair that was styled with gel, a tall nose, an equally joyous grin, but the most prominent feature are his eyes. At first look, you would think his eyes are green. On second glance, you would see they were actually an interesting blend of hazel with specks sky blue. Talk about beautiful eyes.

The older man and the younger woman continue to sit and chat even after their cups are empty. The man reaches over the table to tucks a loose strand of the woman's hair behind her ear. She blushes in a familiar way, much to similiar to my own.

I sat up in my bed, the last images of my dream still fresh in my mind. I looked around the room, trying to find the cause of my sudden awakening. The alarm clock wasn't ringing, Max wasn't in here trying to pull a prank, the whole house was silent. This always happens. I've been having this same dream every night since I moved here to New York three months ago and every night, I awake and the dream abruptly ends.

It's like I wake up simply because my dream refuses to let me see what happens next.


Confused? Next chapter will clarify, but Alex is Megan Russo's daughter, Justin is Sam Robins's son, and Max is Jerry and Theresa's son.

DISCLAIMER: Not only do I lack WOWP rights, I also do not own Old House Has Joy, a 1999 TV series this story is loosely based off of.

New story. Yay. So as stated above, this baby is the result of NaNoWriMo, the craziest November I have ever experienced in my life. Basically, National Novel Writing Month is when you have 30 days to write 50,000 words. I'm not quite sure how, but I managed to squeeze this story out of my imagination.