The past meet's the future

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This is a Bt'X story and just to let you know that I don't own some of the character's from the Bt'X anime, except the characters that I made up within my head. This story is about an 18 year old girl that has no friends, who meets a strange robot that thinks for it self after some of her blood accidentally splashed onto it when receiving an injury from a strange man that wanted to kill her.

The memories of the ones we've lost

Today was Saturday and Cassandra was spending her free time by riding her horse, Storm, through the woods and across the fields of her home. X was following Cassandra by flying through the sky as he kept a close eye on the human that he had allied himself with without the teenager knowing of his presences. X had to say that this young human teenager was pretty interesting to hang around at times, but she can sometimes be a real pain in the neck.

Today seemed to be just like any ordinary Saturday, but X had a feeling that this Saturday was special for Cassandra and he wanted to find out what the 18 year old girl was up too.

"Hmm…I wonder where she's going?" voiced X as he watched the human female from high within the sky as the dark haired teenager galloped her horse across a large field of tall grass.

Cassandra was wearing a dark green sleeveless shirt with a jean vest over top, faded blue jeans with a small hole ripped in the right knee and brown hiking boots. On Cassandra's shoulders was her backpack, but what resided inside of it was a mystery to X.

Cassandra continued to ride for about an hour until she slowed her horse down to a stop as she came to her destination. In front of the 18 year old was a river that stretched ten feet out in front of her with a large old oak tree sitting near the edge of the crystal clear blue waters of the river. Cassandra dismounted from her horse as she tied the long reins of her horse's bridle around the horn of her western saddle as she let her horse graze to his heart's content. The 18 year old petted her horse's neck for a moment before she began to walk across/through the tall grass that grew up to her knees as the blades gently brushed up against her legs. Cassandra slowly came to a stop as she stared up at the oak tree that stood before her with a distant look within her eyes.

'It's been a long time since I last came here,' thought Cassandra as a light wind gently blew across the tall grass that she stood knee high in. 'It's just the way I remembered it from my childhood, except this tree has grown a lot taller since I last saw it.'

"So this is where you were going," a voice mused from behind Cassandra.

The 18 year old turned around and saw X landing behind her before the B't walked up to stand beside the human teenager. Cassandra stared at X for a moment before turning her gaze back on the oak tree again.

"Can't I get just one moment of peace to myself?" muttered Cassandra as she sighed in displeasure.

"Not when the Dark Lord and his minions are out to get you," retorted X as he fixed Cassandra with a glare.

Cassandra returned his glare with one of her own before she turned her head away from the mechanical horse with a huff. She soon slipped her backpack off of her shoulders before kneeling down onto the ground while unzipping the zipper of her pack. X watched as Cassandra opened her backpack and pulled a bouquet of white roses from out of it before she stood up again while leaving her pack sitting on the ground.

The 18 year old walked towards the oak tree before stopping at the base of it where two large roots intertwined with each other. Between the two roots was a large stone that grew up to Cassandra's waist with words carved deep into the surface of the stone. Cassandra knelt in front of the stone as she placed the bouquet of roses down near the base of it. X became curious as he slowly walked up to the kneeling form of Cassandra before looking down at the words that were written in the stone.

Jeff Dante

Born in 1810-Died in 1905

Jeff Dante had sacrificed his life in saving his granddaughter from drowning in this very river that she had accidentally fallen into.

X looked at the stone for a moment before turning his attention back on Cassandra as the 18 year old gently traced her fingers over the writing on the stone. The 18 year old then began to speak as she answered the question that was playing through X's head.

"Jeff Dante was a great man that had risked his life by jumping into this very same river that we are standing beside right now." Cassandra explained to X as she stood up from the ground and looked over at the river with a distant look within her eyes. "A careless 8 year old girl was playing too close to the river and fell in.

"The current carried the girl farther and farther away from shore with the girl crying out for somebody to save her. Someone finally did notice that the girl was in danger and they quickly jumped into the river without hesitation. That someone was Jeff Dante, the girl's grandfather."

X looked down at Cassandra's right hand as he watched it form into a tight fist. The robot had a feeling that this man was connected to Cassandra in some way, but he decided to keep quiet about it as he let the 18 year old continue on with her story.

"Dante swam as fast as he could through the river's current until he finally reached his granddaughter and held her up above water's surface before he carried her over to a log that was connected to the shoreline of the river. Dante quickly placed the girl on top of the log, but by saving the child…he paid a terrible price.

"The stress of saving his granddaughter had been too much for the old man. Dante had a stroke and he quickly fell dead in the water as the river carried his body away within its current. It was a great lose for the family, but the girl took it the hardest and blamed herself for what she had done to one of her family members. Time passed and she still had not gotten over her grandfather's death."

X took a step towards Cassandra as he stared at the 18 year old in front of him.

"You seem to know all about this man's death," said X in a suspicious voice. "Why is that Cassandra?"

"Because…" Cassandra started as she turned to look at X and the B't was surprised to see tears streaming down her face. "I was the girl who sent Jeff Dante to his death. I was young back then and I didn't know that my actions would lead a person to their death. I just…wish that I could turn back the hands of time and stop myself from getting too close to the river then my grandfather would still be alive."

X stared at Cassandra for a while as the 18 year old hugged her arms around herself for comfort with her eyes shut tight to prevent any more tear from falling out, but failed miserably.

"You shouldn't blame yourself Cassandra," spoke X as he tried to comfort the 18 year old that stood in front of him. "Sometimes things happen for a reason and my partner once told me that you should not lose yourself in the past otherwise you'll be lost in it forever. I should know, for there isn't a day when I keep thinking about my past and what I could have done to protect my partner better from the Dark Lord himself."

Cassandra wiped the tears off of her face before looking up at X with a frown: "Yeah right, how could you know what I'm feeling? You're a robot; robots aren't supposed to have feelings."

X snorted in displeasure before he looked up at the oak's canopy: "In case you have forgotten; I'm no ordinary robot."

"I know, I know," said Cassandra as she sat down on one of the tree's larger roots. "You're a B't, you can think for yourself with the help of human blood that is coursing through your body."

"That's right," spoke X as he looked over at Cassandra again. "And I think that it is time that I told you about my history with the Dark Lord and his minions, along with my partner and donor, Kenji."

"I'm listening," said Cassandra as she made herself comfortable while she got ready to hear X's life story.

X waited for the 18 year old to get settled before he began his story: "It all started many years ago when I was first awakened by my partner, Kenji."

Flashback: X's profile

Darkness…that was all I saw. There was nothing but darkness that surrounded me on all sides as if it were trying to suffocate me.

"W-where am I?

Silence was all I heard as I floated in an unending darkness, but I soon saw a light in front of me and it started growing brighter as I moved closer to it. As I drew closer to the light I began to hear voices. They were faint at first, but they soon grew louder around me as I neared the light that shone in front of me.

"Systems are coming online; its consciousness is beginning to awaken."

"Good, but we'd better prepare ourselves just encase it suddenly becomes hostile when it awakens."

The light grew so bright that it nearly blinded me to the point where I couldn't see. Then, as if I'm breaking the surface of the water to take my first breath, my eyes opened to the world around me. I was half startled out of my mind when I quickly saw my surroundings for the first time as they flash in front of me and I quickly reared up in surprise before falling back down on the metal floor. I started to paw my right front hoof down on the metal floor in anger and confusion before I heard a voice shout to my far right along with the sound of guns clicking as the people who held them got ready to shoot at me.

"Get ready to fire on my command!"

"No, wait!" shouted a young male voice in front of me.

I slowly calmed down as I tried to gather my senses before I raised my head upwards and that is when I saw him, my donor…my partner, Kenji.

He was 19 years old when I first laid my eyes on him. He had wild brown hair that grew to his shoulders and dark green eyes that held an endless amount of courage, yet…his eyes held an unbearable pain that I didn't understand at the time until later on.

I was confused on where I was at the time, but my confusion disappeared when Kenji began to approach me.

"It's alright easy; nobody is going to hurt you X."

"X?" I repeated as I stared at the young human in front of me while he slowly walked towards me.

"Yes, that's your name and…do you know who I am?"

"I…think I do…your name is Kenji Knight, right?"

"That's right; I'm the one who gave you my life's blood, X."

Kenji soon stood right in front of me as he reached out with his left hand to touch me for the first time. His touch was the polar opposite of yours Cassandra, for your touch seems to have a rough yet gentle feeling mixed into it. But my original donor's touch was unsure as if he wasn't sure that we were meant to be partners in the first place.

Time past for both Kenji and I as we trained together against the other soldiers while moving up in the ranks until we became one of highest generals within the army. Three more humans, along with their B'ts, joined us and in time we became known as the Four Guardian Knights, the highest and strongest fighters within the Dark Lord's army. It was in those past few years that I got to know Kenji a little bit better and that was also the time that we soon learned of what the Dark Lord was really up to within his empire.

Unlike the other knights, Kenji was never really skilled with weapons and he wasn't really confident in fighting on the battle field either. Kenji was more of a strategist than a fighter because he liked to plan things out for his comrades and would give battle strategies to his fellow soldiers on how to fight their enemies and catch them off guard. But the one who really controls the soldiers within the empire is the Dark Lord himself.

He ruled over the people through fear and will punish anyone who dares challenge him for the power of the throne, but that's not the worse part of it. Whenever he's not conquering or tormenting the people then he would be stealing children from their families while raising them to be soldiers for his future army.

Most of his army is made up of men, but there were a few occasions when he would kidnap young girls and put them through a series of tests by experimenting on them. The girls that do survive the experiments were given transplant machine parts that replaced half of their original body parts, but the ones that didn't survive…times in my world were hard Cassandra. The Dark Lord seeks to do anything and I mean anything to destroy the lives of the people that have fallen into his dark grasp.

End of flashback: Normal profile

Cassandra was riding on Storm again with her now empty backpack sitting back on her shoulders as the horse walked across the field of tall grass with X walking alongside the 18 year old girl's mount.

"So that's it," muttered after she had listened to X's life story. "You use to work under the Dark Lord alongside your partner and you helped him in his dirty work because you, along with all of the people in your time, fear him."

"And we also didn't have much of a choice either," added X with a growl. "Kenji was forced to work for the Dark Lord because he was holding my partner's sister captive, so Kenji had no choice but to serve the Dark Lord."

Cassandra turned her eyes on X as she gave the B't her full attention: "Your partner had a sister?"

"Yeah," answered X softly with a nod of his head. "Kenji's sister was five years old at the time and it wasn't right that the Dark Lord would force my partner to work for him just by using Kenji's sister for his own needs."

X's eyes flashed red for a second after he had said those words. He could still remember how Kenji's sister had nearly died in one of the tests that the Dark Lord's scientists had put her through. The memory of that event was still fresh within mechanical horse's mind and he would never forget the burns that scarred the young girl's body.

Cassandra stared at X for a moment before she spoke again: "It sounds like you'd really cared about both of them."

"I did," replied X with a sad nod of his head. "Kenji's little sister was young and innocent, but she also had a strong sense of judging other people's character and knowing who to trust. She was almost like a little sister to me."

"Well she should be," said Cassandra with a smile. "After all, you are Kenji's blood brother so it's sometimes natural to care about more than one sibling."

X stared at Cassandra in surprise before looking ahead of him again: "Those were the exact same words that Kenji had said to me whenever we had some time to spend together."

Cassandra glanced at X with an eyebrow raised up in surprise before biting her bottom lip in thought.

She then asked the B't another question: "What did Kenji's sister look like when you last saw her?"

X thought over Cassandra's question for a moment before letting out a light chuckle.

"What's so funny?" questioned Cassandra with a frown.

"Sorry," said X as he looked at Cassandra apologetically. "It's just that…well; believe it or not, you almost look exactly like Kenji's little sister whenever I get the chance to really get a good look at you."

Cassandra blinked in surprise as she stared at X in wonder before speaking again: "You mean…I somehow resemble your partner's sister?"

"Right down to the very mark that is sitting on your forehead," answered X.

Cassandra stared at X for a moment before lifting her right hand up towards her bandana as she fingered the edge of it for a moment before a thought suddenly came popping up within her head.

"Wait a minute," said Cassandra as she stopped her horse with X stopping alongside Storm and Cassandra. "If Kenji's sister had the same mark as me then where is she?"

X hesitated for a moment before he let out a sigh: "Kenji's sister was almost turned into an experimental subject and that had finally drawn the line for my partner. Kenji quickly rescued his sister and escaped with her in his arms, for she had been unconscious at the time, he also cut all ties with his fellow soldiers by fighting through them.

"He told me to fly him and his sister as far away from the Master Tower as possible without question. As soon as I was far away from the Master Tower, Kenji activated a teleportation device that he had brought along with him when he was saving his sister and it teleported us into your dimension.

"We soon landed in a thick forest where we had to split up so that the Dark Soldiers wouldn't catch the both of us. Kenji took his sister into the deepest parts of the forest while I took to the skies and led the soldiers as far away from Kenji as possible.

"We were soon flying over your city before they shot me down from the sky and I fell into the deepest parts of the junk yard and as for the rest of my story…well, you already know what had happened next. As for knowing what had happened to Kenji and his sister then I'm sorry, for I don't know where they could have gone and lived these past few years."

Cassandra sighed as a look of disappointment came over her face, but she quickly sucked it up and asked another question.

"Did your partner have the same birthmark like mine on his forehead?"

"In a word, yes," replied X with a nod of his head. "You could say that it was a family trait that would sometimes skip one, two or three generations."

Cassandra let out a light chuckle: "I guess someone must have started that trend in your world then huh?"

"If they did then they must have gotten that idea from either you or from one of your ancestors," X joked as he turned his yellow eyes on Cassandra.

Cassandra looked back at X with her blue eyes staring into his own and the B't quickly caught a little glimmer of light within the human's pupils. At first X thought that it was his imagination, but he soon saw that Cassandra's body was gently being bathed in a dull golden aura that could barely be seen by the naked eyes of a human.

X was about to tell Cassandra when he suddenly sensed something ahead of him and he wasn't the only one for Storm suddenly started to dance around. He quickly let out a short whinny of excitement. Cassandra started to gently pat the gelding's neck as she tried to calm her mount down.

"Easy boy, easy," soothed Cassandra to her mount. "What is it?"

"Cassandra, my sensors are picking up 30 life forms that are heading our way and fast." X informed the 18 year old beside him.

Cassandra quickly sat straightened up within her saddle as she began to hear the sound of thunder roaring over the hills to her far right. The sound began to grow louder as X and Cassandra started to feel the earth tremble underneath them. The source of the commotion soon reviled itself to be the very thing that Cassandra had become so fond of when she was a little girl.

"Wild mustangs," breathed Cassandra as she watched the multiple numbers of 30 wild horses running past her and X.

X stared in amazement as he watched the wild horses, which Cassandra would often tell him about, running past his vision. The B't had to admit that these creatures were amazing for he had never seen such power in these wild horses that he was watching for the first time.

"So X, what you think?" asked Cassandra as she looked at the B't that was standing beside her with a smile on her face.

"Well I'll say this for you Cassandra; these mustangs are more amazing that what you've original describe them to be." X replied as he continued to watch the wild horses running past him and Cassandra.

Cassandra only smiled at X before she turned to look back at the wild horses that she had grown to love all her life. They reminded Cassandra of her grandfather and how he was strong willed when he faced up against anything that threatened him or his family. It was in those wild mustangs that Cassandra's grandfather lives on with him watching over his family until the end of time.

Cassandra and X watched the mustangs run for about an hour before the wild horses disappeared over the horizon of the wild land that they were standing on.

"That certainly was a rare event to see," spoke Cassandra after a moment of silence before she turned to look at X again.

"I'm guessing that it doesn't happen too often, huh?" questioned X as he turned to look at the human beside him.

"Nope," replied Cassandra bluntly with a shake of her head. "And you should be honored that you saw a real live wild mustang for the first time in your life."

"I am," said X softly. "I have never seen such amazing creatures before."

"Well the mustangs are said to be the spirits of the west, so they really are amazing to see for they souls can never truly be tamed no matter how hard people try to break them."

X didn't say anything as he quickly turned his head in the direction where the mustangs had ran and he began to feel something stir inside of him as if a forgotten power was awakening deep within his chest. Storm let out a whinny as he started to stamp the ground with his front left hoof. Cassandra let out a laughed as she watched her horse's antics before looking at X with a smirk.

"Hey X, do you want to have a race against me?" she asked the robot horse.

X turned his head to look at Cassandra in surprise as he saw a challenging glint within the young human's eyes. The B't let out a snort before rearing up as he gave the 18 year old a sign that he accepts her challenge. Cassandra smiled before she urged her horse into a gallop with X following right beside her. Cassandra's hair flowed out behind her as it was picked up by the wind that blew across her face while she rode her horse across the grassland with X racing along beside her.

This was one of the rarest moments that Cassandra can finally let her spirit be free from any worries that plagued her life. Where she could have a moment of peace to experience what it's like to run with her horse partner, but she wasn't alone. She turned her head to look over at the robot horse that she had only met a few day go.

At first he was nothing but a pain in the neck for her, but Cassandra soon found herself growing fond of the robot horse yet she wouldn't admit. A smile spread out across her face before she turned her head to face forward again as she and X raced across the grassland together. The wind was their only companion as they ran beside each other across the wild lands of Cassandra's home. Their future with each other was a mystery to both of them, but whatever may come their way Cassandra and X will face it…together.

To be continued

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