Alright! I'm following the trend!

I had to write a Guideline of my own!
Featuring my character Tai, those of you who haven't read Meet the Cousin, you might want too before reading this!

Otherwise, you will get very confused!

This was inspired by the hilarious Author, Bloodredribbon! If you haven't read her story, do it!
Word of advice: Don't drink liquid while reading.

That will result in mountain dew coming out of your nose! Very painful...:wipes nose:



The guidelines for living with Giant Alien robots!

By Tatyana Witwicky


Rule # 1: Never, ever make human limbs out of gelatin and carry them around casually, that will only cost massive mayhem, and questioning said person's state of mind.

(Moonracer still can't look me in the eye without twitching)


Rule #2: Never start singing, 'Suddenly Seymour' whenever Simmons pays a visit.

(Even though it's as funny as hell)

(He still avoids me when he can.)


Rule #3: Whenever you have bought something from a dental store, make sure to inform Optimus...especially when playing with the mouth separators.

(Scared Arcee half to death when I started laughing manically with nothing but my teeth showing.)


Rule #4: Never piss Chromia off.

(Nuff said.)


Rule #5: Don't assume that just because Sunstreaker lets me call him Sunny, that he'll let me ride in him.

(Got a nasty scar from that.)


Rule #6: Always carry an extra pair of shoes whenever watching Mudflap and Skids.

(My aim is getting better every day!)


Rule #7: Whenever General Morshower stops by or Defense Secretary Keller, never exclaim randomly. 'Blaaahhh, I am a Kraken' from the sea!'

(Dad grounded me for two weeks after that.)

(Was totally worth it though!)

(So there!)


Rule #8: Never let Sunny or Sides play Fatal Frame IV.

(Sunny screams like a femme.)

(Sides and I still haven't let that go.)

(My ribs still hurt from laughing.)


Rule #9: Never tell Ratchet he looks like a big, metal Bloodhound with a Civil War moustache.

(Barely avoided getting taken out by a wrench.)


Rule #10: Never show any of the Mechs or Femme's the people of walmart website .

(Just don't do it.)


Rule #11: Never try to speak whale.

(Although, the look on Dad's face was freaking priceless!)


Rule #12: Never let Sam use your skateboard.

(He will wind up getting hurt, and you will wind up getting blamed.)


Rule #13: Never ask where Sparkling's come from.

(I've never seen Dad get out of a room so fast!)


Rule #14: Never give Annabelle voltage Mountain dew.

(Lennox made me go back to being the base Barista for a while after that one.)

(How was I to know she could climb up onto the rafters?)


Rule #15: Whenever one of the Mechs asks what you like, never reply casually, 'I like poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.'

(Ratchet made me do a mentality test.)

(I shockingly passed.)


Rule #16: Always be careful of what you are eating in front of them.

(Sunny actually threw up when I told him I was eating chocolate covered ants.)

(Which are better then they sound.)


Rule #17: Never say Ironhide looks like Darth Vader on steroids.

(I nearly lost a hand.)

(But it was funny!)


Rule #18: Never say to Jazz that Rap stands for, Retards Attempting Poetry.

(He didn't speak to me for about three days.

(Finally, got him too when I promised to spark with him.)

(Which was intensely amazing, btw.)


Rule #19: Never drink water whenever Bumblebee is visiting.

(Dad ended up with a bunch of spit filled water in his optic.)

(My bad.)


And finally, Rule #20: Never, EVER, under any circumstances, massage your scalp and mutter out loud...'I'm gonna have a stroke.'

(Ratchet kept me in the medbay for two weeks.)

(Dad wasn't pleased with my little joke!)


Should I continue this?