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Rule #309: Never say that Starscream looks like a giant Dorito chip.


Optimus Prime in relaxation in the Recreational room of the NEST headquarters, watching a show called 'The Big Bang theory' with his daughter, Tatyana, her friend Fantasy, Sam, Miles, and Leo.

'Oh, glow in the dark tampons!' The character Sheldon exclaimed, causing both girls to burst out into hysterical laughter while the three boys and Optimus shook their heads in amusement.

'Who wants chips?' Leo exclaimed, holding up a huge bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos.

Both Tai and Fantasy held out their hands eagerly, adding the puppy face for good measure. After pouring a large amount into each of their hands, Leo turned back to Sam and Miles as they began munching on their own chips. Optimus decided to not say anything, he didn't approve of the high fatty content and sodium in those snacks of course but he wanted to be what the humans called, 'A cool Dad.' Besides, he'd let Prowl and Ratchet deal with the snacks thing later.

The sounds of munching and crunching reached his receptors as the teens ate the chips contently. Looking down, he noticed Tatyana just staring at the perfectly triangular shaped food, looking deep in thought.

Sam seemed to notice too. 'Tai, what are you doing?'

'Thinking.' She responded without looking away from the chip.

'That is either good or really bad.' Fantasy chimed in, her mouth full of doritos. 'But I must know, what is you thinking, lady?'

'Have either of you guys noticed that Starscream looks like a giant dorito?'

The room was very quiet for a few minutes.

'Huh?' Leo asked in confusion, nearly choking.

'I'm just saying, he looks like a frickin' giant dorito!' Tai exclaimed, holding up the chip for all to see. Sunstreaker, who was walking by, stopped in his tracks.

'Who likes like a what now?' He asked in curiosity. Tai craned her neck to look up at him and gave him a cheeky grin.

'Starscream looks like a giant dorito!' She declared, standing up and showing off the food morsel.

Sunny studied the small food intensely. 'Well, let us take a lookie see!'

Tapping his helmet, he activated his holographic projector , producing a 3D picture of Starscream and comparing the two of them. 'Well, I'll be fragged..' He muttered. 'He is.'

That made the five teens burst out into hysterical fits of laughter, nearly choking them in the process. Optimus became concerned when he saw Tai's face turn a bright red color as tears streamed down her face. Sam wasn't fairing any better, he was on his side as his laughter started to increase tenfold. Loud coughing escaped him as chip particles got stuck in his throat.

'Sam!' Optimus exclaimed. 'Are you alright?'

Sam was laughing through his choking, thumping himself on the chest. 'Totally fine! Eating chips while laughing my ass off is a bad thing!'

Tai inhaled loudly as she tried to get her laughter under control. 'Starscream...giant dorito...so damn funny!'

A thought just hit Sunny as he tried to get his laughter under control.

'I think ol' Screamer earned himself a new nickname!'


Word spread fast around NEST about the 'Giant Dorito of Doom'. Everyone, even Ironhide and Optimus, started calling the seeker that.

But of course, the use of the famous dorito nickname was to never be used outside of NEST or at meetings of any kind.

But sometimes, thing just slip out.

'Good morning, General.' Will Lennox greeted, arriving in the meeting room.

'Morning, Will.' General Morshower greeted with a nod.

'So, I think we finally have a plan to take out the Giant Dorito of dom..' Will started out, not even thinking about what he was saying.

'The giant what?' The General asked, looking and sounding incredibly confused.

'Starscream!' The Major quickly corrected himself. 'I meant to say Starscream..that's what I meant..' he tried to ignore the sniggering behind him.

'Giant Dorito of Doom?' The general pondered on that name for a second. 'Well, after seeing him up close, I must say...I do agree..'

Lennox was baffled.

Wow...just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder...


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