I'm not sure why I decided to write this. The Faculty is over ten years old, after all. I just watched the movie recently and I always loved these types of movies.

Rated for language because it is from Zeke's point of view.

I don't own the Faculty.

Zeke doesn't care about much of anything. Even after the shit that went down at school, he finds it hard to care. His stint on the football team had been an attempt to. He'd even made an effort in class. This was all a decision he'd made in the middle of the night after everything was over, after everyone was back to normal because he doesn't care about anything except that he doesn't care.

It only happens late at night sometimes in his empty house and he can't sleep. Insomnia had been the norm for him since he was a hell of a lot younger and going several days without sleep could fuck with a persons head. Sometimes, in the middle of the night and sleep deprived he worries about the fact that he's still apathetic about it all. About life and school and…everything. In the light of day, though, he doesn't even worry about that.

He gets booted off the team a few weeks after joining. A month after, Ms Burke is looking at him again the way she used to, with that disappointed expression. Sometimes, he wonders why he hasn't dropped out yet. It wouldn't matter, would it?

He fucked them all off. Casey, Delilah, Stan, Stokely. They're all acting like one big happy family and Casey's pissed at him for doing the same shit he always does and it makes him wish for the time before the fucking aliens had decided to invade his school.

He had felt something then, even if it had only been short bursts at certain times. He'd felt something after the way Ms Burke had looked at him when he'd offered her the condoms. He'd felt something when she'd bitched him out in the courtyard after getting infected with those fucking parasites herself. He'd felt…something for Marybeth. He guesses that she kind of fucked him over too.

Now, though, now he doesn't feel much of anything. He knows it's fucked up, that he's fucked up. He realizes this on those rare nights when he's gone days without sleeping and he's going a little crazy…crazier than he already is.

He'll be even more fucked when his parents decide to stop footing the bill for a house they never set foot in and for the kid they never gave a shit about anyways but it doesn't matter.

Pretty soon, Casey, the only one who even tries to talk to him anymore, will give up too. It doesn't matter, not anymore. None of it does.