Tory's eyes were closed as she listened to Erasure. "I'm so happy I decided to try out their songs. They're so groovy."

"I thought-"

Micky suddenly appearing behind Tory made her jump and fall to the floor. "Don't do that! Now what is it?"

The drummer held up a letter. "We've got another one."

"Awesome! Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we made this like 'The Graham Norton' show?"

Suddenly the place turned into a 1960s version of 'The Graham Norton Show', with the couch now being orange and the carpet a circle design with lots of green, purple and brown.

Tory, in a crazy 1960s outfit and afro, jumped onto the stage. "Welcome to the show!"

"That's just weird." Davy pointed out.

The crazy teenager stared at him before taking off the afro wig. "I thought it was a cool idea. Don't you guys think it is?"

The Monkees, who were sitting in the audience seats, all shook their heads and after a moment Micky thought of something. "First Erasure and then Graham Norton . . . Are you sure you're not-"

Before he could finish Tory tried to hit him with a pillow, but because she has done this to Micky so many times, Micky grabbed his own pillow and threw it into Tory's face. Mike just shook his head before holding up the fan letter and it said . . .

'Okay, you're obviously not going to need this since you already have so many,

but, here goes. This is for the real Monkees.

I just wanted to thank you for making my life a little easier to get through.

You have no idea how much that means to me. In my darkest hours, your music

and T.V. show are something I can always depend on. Despite my sliver of guilt

at being fans of you guys, it's all true.

I was just wondering, does it ever get annoying to be known as cheap

imitations of the Beatles?

Kind Regards,


Tory covered her mouth with her hand. "Oops, the real Monkees aren't here."

"Well send it to them." Davy suggested.

Tory nodded before making the letter disappear in purple smoke, like Rumpelstiltskin in 'Once Upon A Time. "Don't you guys find it weird that OUAT is based on Disney yet Rumple isn't Disney at all?"

Mike shrugged. "I wouldn't know, I haven't seen it."

Tory frowned. "I guess it is true than that OUAT is a woman's show."

[Meanwhile in a Recording Studio in L.A. . . . ]

The Monkees were about to head out when a note popped into the room and floated in the air in front of Peter. "What's this?"

Micky placed his drum sticks down. "Probably another Tory message."

Peter grabbed and read it and then headed it to his friends and then they looked at each other.

"We should do something to say thank you." Davy said and the others agreed.

Even though they were tired from a long rehearsal, they grabbed their instruments and, for EveningInHornersCorners, they played their big hits.

When they were done, Tory popped into the studio, wearing an ugly fairy costume. "And now, I shall send you to EveningInHornersCorners." With a wave of her wand, a wand that had a miniature Negaduck on it, the Monkees disappeared and reappeared in EveningInHornersCorners' room. "Thank you for sending your letter and- . . . Oops, I forgot to let them answer the question."

"You've been forgetting a lot of things today, haven't you?" TV Davy told her.

"What? I'm just having one of those days. Now, how would the Monkees answer this question . . . They would probably say that they just think the whole Monkees/Beatles think is ridiculous and that they are clearly more like the Marx Brothers. So, I don't think they get 'annoyed', per say. They probably find the whole thing kinda funny. So thanks again for reading these and for sending so many fan letters."

Suddenly Tory was in the middle of a forest and the Monkees run past her, wearing torn clothing, and Micky accidently hits a tree and falls over.

Tory leaned down over Micky, who was trying to figure out what just happened. "What's going on, Mick?"

"Remember when someone asked you to put us in 'The Hunger Games'?"

"I think so, why?"

"Well," Micky pointed behind Tory.

Curious, the girl bent down until she was looking between her legs and saw upside down teenagers charging at them with weapons. Tory stood straight and turned to find that the teenagers were getting closer with each second. "LET'S GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!"

With that they both ran for it, but as they did Tory turned to the camera. "Thank you for joining us, and pray that we'll still be alive when the next fan letter comes!"