I know Ayasegawa's secret, and I'm just a little impressed. A little. That he manages be superior to most other Shinigami and keep up with Madarame so damned well with only a partially released Zanpakutō is almost impressive enough to overshadow the fucking stupidity in being willing to die to keep it all a secret. Almost.

Mostly, however, it pisses me off. "Stupid" is not a word I normally use for Ayasegawa, a man I trust along with Madarame to take care of the Eleventh when I'm either fucked up or just can't be fucked to get to the more boring bullshit associated with being a captain. More than once Ayasegawa's shown me how easily he outstrips the rest of the squad, not to mention many, many other Shinigami both on and off the battlefield in shear smarts.

Hell, if I'm really honest, it's pretty damned stupid for Ayasegawa to stick around with the Eleventh when he could be a lieutenant elsewhere, not just playing lieutenant.

If only Ayasegawa would stop wasting his time on secrets, he could see that.