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The ship slowly approached the planet. They were there to set up a military research facility. Their probes had shown it was habitable but had very little in the way of land area and was mainly ocean. As they approached their probes on the land mass picked up life signs. It seems the probes had landed in an area that was not frequented and had just recently met life forms that they could be concerned about. It seems this previously unknown world had humans or a human like species on it and it seemed these humans could do interesting things. The UNSC stealth cruiser sent word of the development back toward there command and waited for a reply.


They were ordered to infiltrate the places of high concentration of these individuals and take records and any information they could about their strange powers. They were also to take as many subjects as they could for further analyzes, meaning they wanted children with large amounts of the energy, in hopes of aiding against the new threat that had been reported from the planet Harvest.


October 10th, Konoha

Two squads of ODSTs moved toward the city. Once inside squad Julian was to proceed to the large administrative building and gather as many records as they could in their time frame. Squad Plague was to scan for and acquire young individuals that gave off large energy readings, hopefully in the poorer districts as to not cause much alarm. They were to rendezvous in a clearing a mile from the city to meet their ride, they had to be back by sunrise.

The teams were in luck, the city was having a celebration. This made infilitration easier and aided in squad Julian in reaching the relatively undefended tower building. They quickly entered and went about scanning as much paper work as they could before they had to leave. They did this because none of them could read the notes and so needed to get as much as possible to make sure they did not miss any subject. For the items that they were not able to open up they added to their packs to be carried out. They had found a few hidden rooms and safes and had decided to empty the entire contents of those believing that they were worth more and would therefore aid them better. Once this was done the proceeded to head towards the extraction zone, during this process they started to hear gun fire from another section of town and they raced to link up with the other squad.

Squad Plague had proceeded to scan for large levels of the energy signatures. They had discovered several all over the city but it was concentrated where the large celebration was going on. They avoided that and decided to head toward some of the other signatures. They had met several dead ends on that note as they had to avoid detection and find suitable candidates. Most of the larger energy readings where from people out of the age restrictions required. They had grabbed one girl though who seemed to have decently large energy supplies but fit the bill. As they approached the last building they could check before leaving they saw that the scanner was going nuts with the amount of energy in the area. The leader figured that it was another adult but decided to check anyway. In the small apartment they found a small blonde boy that the scanner said the energy was practically oozing off of. They quickly injected a sedative to make sure he remained asleep and went to leave.

As they were leaving they were discovered by one of the warriors of the village. As the man raised the alarm the team fled while firing off some burst to stop immediate pursuit. The team was making their way over the city wall when they saw squad Julian headed towards them. They were being pursued but some automatic fire drove off most of the pursuit for a time which aloud the teams to arrive at their pick up zone. Their ride was still two minutes out though so they had to wait. They set up a perimeter with the cargo in the back and protected by the veterans since they had been told that this mission was more important than their lives with what could be reaped.

Those two minutes turned out to be a very long wait. Fire and water seemed to rain down upon them. One man said he saw a dragon made from fire come at them. The earth itself seemed to attack them and defend their enemy. The things they had going for them was that they had over whelming fire headed towards the enemy, their armor seemed better and there were not to many of the enemy to begin with. As time passed more enemy showed but their ride also approached.

When their ride did land they used the enemies shock to recover the wounded and one dead of their teams and got into the armored hull of the bird. It was then the commander realized something, both acquisitions seemed to have been hit with some sort of knife. The commander swore when he saw this. He swore again when he noticed that even though the girl was dead the boy still lived. He radioed the situation a head so they would have a medical team on standby and had their own medic patch up the boy as best he could.

"Commander how was the mission," asked the captain of the cruiser as the teams got onto their base of operations.

"We only lost one man despite the unique techniques we saw. A few were injured but nothing we can't fix up I believe. The documents we recovered and scanned should do wonders for our research. The female acquisition died though but the boy took what looked to be a fatal shot and is still alive. The body of the female could be researched possibly. The boy, well I hope he lives," replied the ODST leader.

"Is this a joke? The kid isn't even injured," yelled a medic at the troopers who were escorting the child.

"What? I have camera feed and my own eyes that told the kid took a knife to his side," said the commander.

"Well he isn't now," replied the medic.

"This is most interesting. I am sure ONI will love this news. We are to depart at once. We have word that we are needed elsewhere but are to come back if this sojourn was successful according to ONI. We depart immediately," said the captain as he walked back towards the bridge.

That was the last time anyone saw the planet before it was glassed by the Covenant a few weeks later. Without even knowing it Naruto Uzumaki became the last survivor of his planet.


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