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Elphaba's birthdays were never a joyous occasion.

No parties, no presents, no cake, no loving friends and family.

She doubted anyone even remembered.

She never reminded them though; it was like asking for a slap in the face.

Most of her birthdays were just a blur of everyday events.

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of Nessa.

Sometimes she wouldn't even remember herself.

Why would Elphaba want to know the day she was born, when she wished she wasn't?

Nessa had once asked, about two years ago.

She had told her, but never reminded her again of what it was.

However one birthday did stand out from the rest.

But was it a good one or a bad one?

One year, her father hosted a three-day-long meeting of some sorts with some other political figures in Oz.

So of course during this, that oh-so-wonderful father of hers decided it would be best for the Thropp family name if she would be kept in the basement the whole time.

The basement was a dark, cold dreary setting. In it had been placed a lumpy straw-filled mattress to sleep on, a clock, a candle for a light source, and a book. Two meals a day, usually consisting of bread and cheese, were sent down to her.

The ground was covered in sand, which didn't make it very comfortable to sit on.

Elphaba wasn't complaining though. For the first time in years she would be completely alone.

No one to yell at her or call her a freak

No servant-like duties to attend to.

No hitting and slapping – courtesy of her father.

Just her and a book, and the everlasting silence.

It was just her luck that on the second of those three days was her birthday.

She actually did consider it lucky. The one birthday that something "special" happened.

Something that almost felt like happiness.

Something she rarely experienced.

That night she commemorated this "different" sort of birthday by getting a cake.

Or better yet, drew herself one.

She drew the cake in the sand, and then drew ten candles on it.

On the front of the cake she wrote "Happy Birthday Elphaba!"

She smiled at her cake.

After briefly admiring her one and only birthday cake she smudged the top, leaving no evidence that it had once been there.

Yes it had been the best birthday so far in her life.

Her ten short years.

She smiled again, then blew out the candle next to her and fell asleep.

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