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Psychologically Speaking…

"Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

Brennan snapped her book shut and dropped it on the floor. "What?"

Booth advanced into her office and picked up the book, examining it. "'Psychology: the Science of Mind and Behaviour'," he said slowly. He looked at Brennan curiously. "Psychology?"

"It's just so when Sweets articulates one of his convoluted theories at me, I may be able to reply with a justifiable response."

"Come up with anything good?"

Brennan paused. "The first chapter is just about how psychology is classified as an actual branch of science."

"Whereas you believed it to be…"

"I did not believe it to be a pseudoscience, exactly, I just believed it to be a misguided attempt to analyze specific actions using only empirical evidence."

Booth stared at her cluelessly. "Yeah…right…are we still on for lunch? Gordon Gordon's finally agreed to make us mac and cheese."

"But sometimes Sweets does make accurate observations about behaviour and reasoning. But, you do as well, and you never studied psychology, so maybe I should reassess again-"

"Wow. You're really involved in this," Booth said, leaning on her desk.

"He never ended up publishing his book, you know."


"Sweets' book. "The Heart of the Matter". The book that he wrote about us. He never published it."

Booth, who had seen the book in question, remained silent. He'd found the book in Sweets' office when the young psychologist wasn't there, and Booth had read the end of it. Needless to say, he'd put the book down and slowly backed out of the room, vowing to himself that he'd never mention it again.

As he'd said to Gordon Gordon, Brennan didn't love him. He'd be able to tell. They were incompatible. She saw the world one way; he saw it another.

All of that was true, yet he still had feelings for her. Damn that stupid clown for putting me off, he thought furiously. If he'd told Brennan how he'd felt then, maybe they'd be in a less awkward position now.


Booth snapped out of his thoughts. "What?"

"You've been staring at my lamp for about a minute, almost catatonically."

"Just thinking."


"About how much I want mac and cheese right now. Come on, Bones, let's go," he said quickly, standing up and handing her coat to her.

He'd tell her eventually.

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