The headmasters of Red Fountain, Cloud Tower and Alfea had been notified of Bloom's predictions and they were confirmed after a recent sighting of him the next day. Now the entire student body had been told in a brief announcement to be careful, stay in groups and report anything that may seem suspicious. The winx club and their boyfriends had been called to Miss Faragonda's office to discuss what was going to be done about Baltor. The other headmasters and assistant headmasters were their too.

"Well, i'm sure you're all aware that Baltor was spotted in the northern districts with a portion of his army. We found out that he is after the 'blood fountain of Syronos'. Fargonda explained to the group.

"Blood fountain of what?" Stella said in disgust. Scrunching her nose and shaking her head.

"Syronos." Tecna butted in, "I've heard of that. Whoever is entirely submerged in the fountain becomes immortal" Everyone gasped in surprise.

"…An immortal Baltor! What are we going to do?" Flora clung to Helia's arm in fright.

"Don't worry just yet, he hasn't found it...and I'm guessing we have a few more days, it is very hard to locate." Miss Faragonda reassured

"...but i thought it was only a myth" Timmy said confused.

"Oh no, it is very much real, we don't bring it up to ensure people don't try to find it. Unfortunately Baltor has found out and now he is searching for it but we must stop him. That is why we are going to send a small group of six undercover so we don't alert his army." Faragonda replied.

Everyone looked around at each other. Sky grasped Bloom's hand unconsciously. Bloom looked up at him confused wondering why his grip was getting tighter; she leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

"Baby what's wrong" she asked stroking his upper arm with her free hand.

"She's going to ask you to go" he said in his normal voice with no expression on his face. Everyone's gaze looked at him.

"Ahem... well yes Bloom is our strongest student" Griselda said to Sky.

"She's not going" Sky said back shocking everyone

"Well...ah...I'm sorry son we need her" Saladin replied back.

"I SAID NO!" everyone looked at him in amazement. He was so serious; his voice had changed to the same tone he used in Royal matters.

Bloom tried to free her hand from him but his grip had tightened "its okay Sky...I...I want to go"

Sky turned to her furiously "I heard them talking before... There sending you, Stella, Brandon, Helia, Timmy and Flora. Your not going without me Bloom...How am I suppose to protect you if I'm not there" he looked her straight in her beautiful eyes 'I'll never let anything happen to you' he thought determinedly. He couldn't go because he had to return back to Eraklyon for some royal matters. Unfortunately this meeting was unbreakable.

Brandon stepped forward behind Bloom and put his arms on her shoulders.

"Sky, I will protect her with my life. I won't let anything happen to her. you have my word as your squire…and as your best friend" he said in all seriousness. '…and because she means more to me then you'll ever know' he added in his mind.

Sky looked at him and reluctantly agreed. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Are we done here" Sky asked the teachers annoyed.

"Yes, those six mentioned meet Codatorta at the shipping docks at Red Fountain first thing tomorrow morning. Meeting adjourned"

Sky stormed out of the office still with a firm grip of Bloom. Bloom struggled to keep up wondering where they were going. Eventually she concluded that they weren't going anywhere specific Sky was just mad and was trying to cool down by pacing.

"Sky honey please stop" Bloom said quietly

His heart softened at her voice and he calmed down considerably. By now they were in a feild of lush green grass and canopies of cheery blossom trees creating a fairytale atmosphere. This place was usually gated off and used for very special occassions because of its beauty.

He turned to her and stroked her cheek with his hand. Smiling at her cat-like response of nuzzling her cheek into his touch.

"Bloom, i want you to promiss me something" he whispered, leaning his forehead on hers and closing his eyes.

Bloom sighed closing her eyes aswell and enjoying his warm breath on her tempted lips.

"anything" she whispered back

"I want you too come back to me, Bloom. Promiss you'll come back to me. You belong in my arms. In my bed. As my wife." He kissed her in between sentences and then kissed her with all the love he had ever felt for her. He slipped a ring onto her finger while they were still kissing. Bloom didn't notice, she was enjoying the kiss too much.

Little did they know that a pair of eyes were watching them from the winx clubs dorm room balcony.

"Brandon stop looking out from the balcony and come in here and give me a hand. You have to help me pack" Stella yelled at her distracted boyfriend. She sighed when he didn't move.

"Schnookums, what are you looking at?" Stella asked annoyed

His heart pained from the scene. Three words seemed to circle in his mind when he saw the loved up couple down below 'God, i want her' His heart felt like it was being ripped out everytime he saw Sky kiss her. He tore his eyes away when he heard Stella complain. 'No not Stella, his girlfriend' He reminded himself. 'Yes stella is my girlfriend and i love her...right?'