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An unreadable expression crossed Sky's face as he observed his best friend. Never in his life had he seen him so flustered at female contact. Growing up with Brandon in the palace, he'd witnessed him with countless girls that he was pretty much an expert on women, he knew what to say, how to act, hell he even managed to double date twins without them finding out about the other. He was a modern day Casanova. So imagine his shock when he started getting serious with Stella. But even then his confidence never cracked, which brings us to the situation staring him straight in the face why the hell was he so nervous. A million thoughts raced through Sky's mind maybe Bloom had caught him off-guard, maybe Brandon was just tense over the upcoming mission or maybe….No. Brandon was his best friend surely he didn't feel that way about Bloom. Shaking that thought off Sky cleared his throat and Bloom immediately returned to his side and wrapped herself back in his arms where she belonged. Sky smiled down at her '…good girl'

He returned his focus back to Brandon who had caught his gaze. Several seconds passed between the two which felt like hours. Unbeknownst to everyone around them, the two locked gazes as if having a silent conversation, trying to summon answers but coming up short. The connection was abruptly cut short as Saladin and Codatorta entered the shipping dock to run over the mission in a last minute briefing.

"Alright, remember we need you six to infiltrate the cave undetected and shut down the blood fountain by casting a spell, girls you have the spell memorized word for word right?" Saladin looked expectantly at Bloom, Stella and Flora.

"Yes, sir" they replied together

"Good, and remember you don't have long, Baltors army is already making head way and if he submerges into that fountain, well…" Saladin closed his eyes a look of fear crossing his face. "…anyway just be careful, boys remember your training and girls…good luck" his eyes lingered on Bloom. Sky was infuriated, why did everyone rely so heavily on her, he hated the pressure and expectations they unknowingly put on her. That's why he can't wait to marry her, to take care of her and protect her. She wouldn't have to worry about a thing, no pressure and pain. She would be his body and soul.

Saladin and Codatorta retreated back so the ship could begin for its take off. Helia, Brandon and Timmy loaded the ships and Stella and Flora strolled up the ramp to strap themselves in. Sky gave a heavy sigh and tightened his grip on Bloom. He turned to her.

"are you sure you want to do this, one phone call and I can have you on the next flight with me back to Eraklion"

Bloom smiled at him " yes Sky, I have to do this, I need to do this"

He gave one last sigh, as he watched his comrades finish loading the bags, saying goodbye to Riven, Nabu and their respective girlfriends, Sky waved as the boys gave him a salute and turned to head up onto the ship, giving him and Bloom their space. Sky knew it was time, he couldn't keep stalling.

"Well atleast I can make sure your safe while you're still here" He gripped her hand and walked with her up the ramp and into the ship. Bloom looked at him in confusion. He walked her across the ship ignoring the questioning glances from his friends as he settled in front of a chair. "Sit" Bloom did as she was told and he began to strap her in, tight enough that she was safe, making sure all the restraints were fastened. This was the safest seat on the ship, close enough to the exit and away from the engine if it blew. When he was done he took her face in his hands and gave her mind blowing kiss leaving her breathless, "Be careful, baby. If you need anything I'll be here"

She looked at him lovingly "I love you"

He smiled back "I love you too" He kissed her forehead and departed the ship. He went to stand next to Saladin, Codatorta and the remaining Winx club and specialists who came to see their friends off.

"Good luck guys" Musa and Layla waved enthusiastically at the ship.

"Be careful" Tecna threw in, as she to waved good bye

Riven, Nabu and Sky stood with their arms crossed over their chests, the reality of the situation becoming apparent as concern crossed theirs faces.

The ship roared to life signalling its approaching take off. The gates opened as the engine roared to its full extent and within seconds the ship departed leaving behind an anxious audience each with a million thoughts running through their head. Mostly focused on what was to come.

In the ship

Timmy was sitting at the pilot seat navigating the ship, whilst Brandon and Helia ran over the plans and layout of the cave. There wasn't much information to go on as the Blood Fountain of Syronos hadn't been located in thousands of years so finding written documentation was near impossible. Stella being Stella was chatting away about hair spells that can compensate for the humidity in the cave to ensure maximum protection against frizz as Flora listened diligently. Bloom remained in her seat staring out the window focused on what was to come. 'Was she ready? Would she be able to stop Baltor if they ran into him? What if he got there first?' She bit her lip as various scenarios ran wildly through her imagination. Brandon glanced back a few times not liking the worry that was evident on her face. She shouldn't be worried, he didn't like her worried.

They had been flying for a few hours now and Bloom started shuffling in her seat, Sky did the restraints up so tight that she could barely move. She chuckled at his overprotectiveness, she loved how much he cared but her legs were becoming numb.

"Brandon?" Her soft voice broke him away from the flight plan as he turned to her, her big blue eyes looking at him expectantly 'so pretty'

"Is everything alright, Bloom?" He walked over to her and knelt down in front of her so he was at the same level. She blushed and wriggled again.

"Could you help me out of these restraints, please? I'm afraid Sky went a little overboard with the safety precautions"

He chuckled; yes indeed Sky had buckled her in very well. He began to undo the harness. He swallowed deeply as his hands brushed across her chest to undo one of the restraints. Blooms breath hitched in her throat not expecting the contact her gaze lifted to his an unreadable expression on her face. Brandon was a little taken aback. There gaze still locked as his hand ran up the inside of her leg, higher till he reached the buckle that was holding the restraint from underneath the chair to the one infront of her body. His fingers brushed her inner thighs. The air around them was palpable. As he released the restraint he released the breath he didn't know he was holding. 'What the hell'

"Thanks" Her voice sounded different, breathless like she was hiding a secret.

"You're welcome" He cleared his throat, trying to shake the thoughts from his mind. He looked around suddenly remembering where he was. Timmy and Helia were still focused on navigating and Flora and Stella…shit Stella. He quickly looked over at her and found her still engrossed in whatever she was discussing with Flora. 'What the hell just happened', as he made his way back to the co-pilot seat, his mind tried to reorganise the scattered thoughts from that encounter. Her voice, her scent, the way she kept moving, the delicious contact with her breasts and thighs…..and that look, he didn't know what to make of that look. It was as if her eyes were begging him for something but he didn't know what. All he knew was this was going to be a long mission but for some reason he was looking forward to it. He looked back at her in the reflection of the metal. He caught her looking back, a few seconds passed and they stared at each other. Still he didn't know what to make of that look until…'wait a second' her face tilted down as she still gazed up at him through her long, thick lashes. Her delicious, pouted lips curved into a smile….sultry…naughty….'oh my' he definitely knew that look. He smiled back at her, not just any smile his perfect, heart stopping smile. Yes, yes there was not a doubt in his mind that he would be looking forward to this journey.