Part 1 – Chapter 23: Epilogue

For Dreamer, it had felt like eons since Rowan left the park, though in truth, it had only been a few weeks. In that time Friendly and Russet had reconciled, Quicksilver was acting as a guardian, the blue foxes had unanimously agreed to a cessation of hostilities, and Bold and Whisper had had their first son, Plucky.

It was now a week since then, and Dreamer was cuddling her own cub, a girl. She and Jaden hadn't decided on a name for her. Then, eager to explore the world outside, the small cub, coloured like Whisper, but without the black ears, tried to speed out of her mother's paws. However, Jaden caught her before she got far. "She's very restless already" Dreamer chuckled. Jaden nodded "Just like the wind." "Maybe we should call her 'Windfire'" "I like it" Dreamer said. They gazed down on their pride and joy, their daughter Windfire.

The End

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