Shots In The Dark: The Taiorato Collection

By: Sonfaro

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Thirteen.) The Only Thing She Wanted...

There was only one thing his fiancée wanted for her birthday this year.

Matt sighed as he looked over the amount of gifts left to her from their various friends and family members. Sora Takenouchi (soon to be Ishida) was fairly popular around their social circles, having been surrogate mother for many of their friends when the chips were down. And so as she reached the big three-oh, everyone wanted to share their appreciation for her. And indeed, she appreciated every one of them in attendance.

But she hadn't looked at any of it. Not really. She'd opened the boxes sure, and she'd held the various items and gifts in her hands while smiling at her friends. But Matt could see that his future wife had been distracted during her birthday hoopla. In fact, she hadn't even noticed that he hadn't given her his gift yet. Deep down, Matt knew the reason why.

She thought he couldn't make it.

It wasn't something Matt enjoyed, but that was the fact. And it made most of the evening uncomfortable. Still, he hadn't given her his gift yet, and it needed giving. So Matt sucked it up and approached her, sitting on the couch in their shared apartment, a glass of red wine resting limply in her hands as she watched some television program with mild disdain. He sighed, resting an arm against the frame behind her. "You gonna sulk all night?"

"Am I sulking?" She spoke darkly.

"A little." He nodded and sat next to her, taking the half finished glass from her hands and placing it on the counter in front of them.

She groaned, bringing a slender hand to her forehead. "I don't mean to."

"You know it's nobody's fault, right?"

She glared at him, cursing his ability to understand her so well. "My brain does," she admitted.

"He'd be here if he could." He sighed.

"Mm…" Is all she said.

He draped an arm across her shoulders, and she tilted her head naturally into the crook of his neck. They sat there a few moments longer, quietly trying to enjoy themselves, though her mood and his concern were making that difficult. Matt knew what she was really thinking. And why she was thinking it. And it made him a little jealous. But it made him even more concerned – for her happiness was the most important thing in the world.

So after a moment more of their cuddle, he squeezed her arm and rose, careful again not to knock the table and spill the wine on their new carpet. "Hey, you've got one more present."

She frowned, curious. "Nn… what is it?"


With that he caught her by the hand and, after a moment's hesitation, led her from the couch to their computer room down the hall. He opened the door and was greeted by a blue light, meaning their desktop was still on from only a few minutes earlier. She frowned behind him, noting that both the glow and the sounds were rather peculiar to her.


He ignored her, instead leading her to the computer chair and setting her down with his hands on each shoulder. He looked at the screen and smiled. "Hoi, you still there?"

"You kept me waiting jerk-face."

There was a lop-sided grin seen. Sora lost her breath.

Matt continued, well aware that his lover had gone into a state of shock below him. "Sorry, the party part lasted longer than we thought and –"


Her voice was soft and excited, and filled with coming tears. The face on the other end could only blink, then smile.

"Hi." He said.

"H-hey..." she smiled through her tears.

"Nn… Happy Birthday."

Matt smiled. It had been years since Tai's departure into the Digital world and months since she had seen him. He was a busy man these days, mediating between human and digimon quarrels, spearheading peacekeeping forces, and generally being the only human being in the worlds trying to make a real bridge between them. These duties had kept him longer and longer away from most of the people he grew up with, as more and more authority was granted to him. Yet through all that, he'd never missed his best-friends birthday.

Until this year. A particularly tense issue between the armies of two rival generals – Blastmon and Tactimon if Matt remembered – threatened a human village not far away. The timing could not have been more unfortunate for them. While Tai was sure he could talk both out of doing anything rash, there would be no way he could justify actually leaving the area where the talks were being held for the sake of one up and coming human fashion designer in Tokyo. He was sure if he tried it, Blastmon would do something reckless and everything would fall apart.

So Matt decided, with a little help from Tai, that his present to Sora would be a chance to see her best friend. Even though they were currently separated by a line between two realities. Even though the bill for world-to-world communication would be harsh (and that was with Tai helping pay for it). Even though it meant admitting that the love of his life couldn't live without this man with uncombed hair and a cocky grin. Tai made Sora happy, and her happiness was the most important thing in the world.

She turned to him, unsure if this was real or not but daring to believe. "Matt?"

"Talk for as long as you want," he told her. "We split the bill."

"You're totally paying for most of it though," Tai Kamiya smirked from his corner of the Digital world.

"B-be nice Tai," Sora said, the tears dying down and a smile overtaking them. "He spent all his wedding money on a fancy designer tux I told him not to buy. He's got none left"

"That makes sense," Tai said as Matt made a face at his grinning fiancé. "Matt always took shopping way too seriously. Does he still have the girly fanny-pack?"

"He does!" She squealed in delight, and Matt could feel a bead of sweat building beneath his hair.

"Man Matt, you're such a girl," Tai joked from the other end. "It's a good thing you're gonna wear the pants in this family Sora."

They all laughed, and Matt realized it was the first time in a while that Sora's laughter had been genuine. A part of him was saddened by this, but only a small part. The rest was so happy to hear the waves of joy rolling form Sora's voice it didn't matter who caused it.

"I think I'll leave you two alone now," he turned to the door with a smile.

She caught his arm before he'd slipped out of the room, and he felt the ring on her finger press into his skin. He looked up just in time for the woman to bring her lips to his. She smiled when she'd finished, a blush resting on her future-husbands cheeks. "Best. Birthday present. Ever." She told him quietly.

"Hm… Just remember that when mine rolls around." He joked. And when she smiled for him, everything in the universe suddenly made sense.

"Sooora!" His best friends childish moan reverberated through their speakers. "I'm not making this call for my health you know."

"Alright, alright. So impatient," Sora smiled with mock annoyance and plopped in the computer chair like a schoolgirl. They both leapt into a string of dialogue about things Matt had little interest in but had clearly been on both of their minds since the last time they'd seen one another – launching into arguments about sports and comic books, and all the things they'd done as kids that she hadn't talked about in forever. And though Matt was closing the door and leaving his future wife under the watch of the man who'd first held her heart, Matt found that he was okay with that.

There was only one thing his fiancée wanted for her birthday. And that was a few hours with Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya. Matt had delivered him to her. So when she slinked back into their room at two in the morning after hours of conversation, and asked him to hold her in his arms, and when she fell asleep on his chest, a smile still on her face, Matt knew he'd picked the right gift.

She was happy. And because she was happy, so was he.


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