By turtlegirl42

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Warning: Contains some violence, gore and swearing.

Chapter 1: Shattered

Daniel put his Nite Owl costume on and prepared for another night of patrol. He wondered what he and Rorschach would be up against this time.

He hoped it would be fun.

He didn't know that this night would shatter his life forever.

Rorschach was waiting for him inside Archie.

"Ready, Daniel?" Rorschach asked him.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Dan replied, grinning from ear to ear.

It wasn't too long before Nite Owl and Rorschach encountered several thugs attempting to rob and rape a young woman. Dan and Rorschach, working as a team, quickly knocked them senseless. The lady thanked them and dashed off unharmed.

Dan slapped his hands together in triumph. "Good teamwork," he told Rorschach. "Hurm," Rorschach replied.

The two masked vigilantes began to walk away. As their footsteps echo in the alleyway, a shadow formed out of the darkness. The two fighters had unknowingly missed someone, and he was fuming. These two had foiled their plan—and one of them was going to pay dearly. Which one, though? Decisions, decisions. He had best make his decision soon, however, because they were slowly getting away. The man pulled out his handgun, and made a split-second decision. He aimed at the blundering fool who called himself Nite Owl, his brown, feathery form retreating into the darkness. He removed the safety, making a clicking sound.

He fired.

"Nite Owl, watch out!" Rorschach yelled. He had heard the click of the gun, and saw that his friend was in grave peril. There was about a half-second for Dan to dodge the bullet. It wasn't enough time. Dan let out an anguished cry as the bullet pierced his skin, and he crumpled to the ground. A pool of blood began to form around him.

With a guttural roar, Rorschach rushed at the man who had shot his friend. He deftly dodged several bullets as the man shot at him. Rorschach reached the man and knocked him to the ground, struggling with him furiously. The gun went flying, clattering to the pavement.

Rorschach broke the man's nose with one swift push.

"Hey!" spluttered the man, holding his nose that was now spurting blood. "You broke my &%$# nose! You &%$#!"

Rorschach pulled the man up by the collar, so that they were face-to-face.

"Name," Rorschach growled.

"What?" asked the man, still holding his broken nose.

"Your name! Give me your name!" Rorschach roared.

"Carl. Carl Davis," stuttered the man in fear.

Rorschach let the man's collar go and he slumped to the ground. Rorschach walked over to the gun and picked it up. "You don't deserve to live," he said to the man.

One shot rang out. The man was quickly dead, one shot through the skull. Only what he deserved, Rorschach thought.

That job through, Rorschach ran to Nite Owl's side. He was awake now, his moaning sobs echoing through the alleyway.

"Alright, Daniel?" Rorschach asked.

Daniel opened his eyes. Rorschach's ink-blotted face appeared in the center of his blurry vision. He felt so faint, so weak…so much pain…

"I…no, I don't think so…" he heard himself mumble.

"Must take you to hospital," Rorschach said.

"Take me…to…Archie first," Dan rasped.

"Good idea. Stem blood flow, take off Owl Suit, and take you to hospital in Owl Ship." Without further ado, Rorschach picked up Dan and carried him in his arms.

Dan felt vulnerable, weak, and depressed. He had gotten shot… Oh man, how long would he be out of commission? He'd never hear the end of this! Dan couldn't think anymore, however, because he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Rorschach reached the Owl Ship, still carrying Dan. Reaching for the first-aid kit, he frowned. He wasn't too good at this sort of thing… He'd have to try, though. There was so much blood… After hesitating, Rorschach removed his gloves so that they wouldn't get ruined.

Laying Dan on his stomach, Rorschach examined the wound. As bullet wounds went, this one was pretty bad. The bullet had gone right through Dan's spine. Rorschach searched, but he could not find the bullet anywhere. Not good. Not good at all, Rorschach thought. He wouldn't be surprised if Dan was –

"Rorschach?" Dan rasped. He had woken up again.

"What, Daniel?"


"Can't what?"

"I – can't move my legs! Oh god, I can't move them, I can't move them…"

"Calm down," Rorschach said hurriedly. Now he was seriously worried about his friend. "Lost a lot of blood. Don't get upset. Too weak."

But Dan had already lapsed into unconsciousness again.

Rorschach checked the autopilot on Archie. Good thing Daniel taught me how to drive it, he thought.

Archie slowed and stopped in front of a white brick building. They had arrived at the hospital.