"Quiero un burrito frijoles con queso y crema." Nakita rattled off to the waiter. Scott was impressed as the girl donned an accurate accent as she switched languages. "Sin salsa y sin cebollas, por favor."

"Mi tambien," Demora added cheerfully, "pero, me gusta muchas cebollas, por favor, senior."

The waiter turned to Sulu, who grinned sheepishly. "I would like the chicken with rice, please."

"Pollo con arroz." Demora whispered to her father, and Chekov buried his face behind his menu.

The waiter continued taking orders, and Scott was partly relieved and partly amused when Chekov ordered the 'camerones del diablo' with an accent that was less Russian than usual but still not very Spanish. He himself settled for a chicken quesadilla and tried to remember if either Sulu or Chekov had ever mentioned having a family.

"Did you decide?"Nakita demanded as they waited for their food. "Are they coming? When are we leaving for Grandpa's? Demora's been practicing her Russian."

"Dad says I'm better than he is." Demora announce proudly. Sulu rolled his eyes.

"We really should stop feeding them sugar." Chekov declared, winking at Scotty. The two girls' eyes went wide and their jaws clicked shut.

The silence lasted for about six seconds.

"So are you going with us?" Nakita demanded of Sulu, who chuckled. Chekov, on the other hand, let loose a burst of laughter that startled the couple at the next table over but was not in the least surprising to anyone seated at their table.

"I'm writing a book." Nakita announced.

"I'm reading one." Demora felt obligated to add for good measure. Nakita poked the other girl in the arm, and Demora retaliated by poking her back.

Chekov and Sulu ignored the girls as they were quickly distracted by their apparent need to sit poking each other back and forth.

"Glad to be home?" Sulu asked Chekov.

"Defintely." Chekov agreed. "So you vill go vith us?"

Sulu grinned. "And miss out on a chance to let my daughter loose on your family?"

Chekov made a face. "I don't know who to vorry for: the girls or eweryone else."

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