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Uneasily Detached

Chapter 1
Bella's Point of View

I rolled my eyes as Laurent and Eleazar once again argued over a bet they had placed on the recent college football game. Apparently Eleazar was refusing to pay up, as USC clearly didn't deserve that final touchdown, thus causing a fight in our house once again.

"Eleazar, just give me my money!" Laurent snarled, his French accent prominent. I swore under my breath and lunged at my husband. I pinned up against the living room wall; he constantly lost control of his anger with our annoying cousin. I placed my hands on his cheeks, forcing him to look at me. He never ever refused that.

"Love, calm down, come on I think we need some time alone." I glared at my adoptive cousin and he ran from the house immediately. Laurent and I laughed as he picked me up bridal style and ran to our master bedroom. He threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me, planting kisses on every part of my uncovered body before pressing his perfectly moulded lips to mine.

I melted in the feeling of his skin upon mine. We seemed to never get enough, and after all, we were still in the honeymoon stage after three years of living happily in France. Laurent had changed me the night I asked him to, much to Alice's chagrin. I withered in pain for two and a half days, thanks to my husband putting so much venom in my system. When I had awoke from my change, the first thing my eyes met was the beauty of husband's bare body in the moonlight. The rays glistened off of him and emphasised each part of him.

That was a night to remember, even if you were a human with a really bad memory. I was brought back to the present when Laurent nipped on my collarbone. I groaned and he laughed into my top, always amused at my reactions. He had recently bitten me fully on the neck. Taking me roughly from behind, he couldn't help himself, and I now had a scar for me to remember that episode.

"I love you, Bella," Laurent murmured from his position between my shoulder and neck, his favorite spot to be... well, other than somewhere else.

"I love you." I rolled him over, straddling his chest and pushing my hair out of my face, something he loved watching me do from the position he was currently in. I teased him, wiggling my hips slightly and leaning backwards to check the time on the wall clock. His hands roamed down my waist and soothed my upper thighs. A low moan slipped from my lips. Obviously my husband heard it and smirked. I rolled my eyes at how cocky he could be. He was always smirking at the fact it was him making me moan and him who I was in bed with, his wife.

I bent down slowly, torturing Laurent, as I loved to watch him constantly squirm. He kissed my neck, licking the whole of my collarbone. My lips hovered above his, letting my sweet breath wash over his face. His eyes rolled back and his hands latched onto my waist, giving a good old squeeze and making me latch my lips to my husbands. "You...know...what...you do to me," I said between kisses. I ripped his shirt from his skin and groaned, as his abs were the first thing I saw. They were always tempting me.

I grinned evilly. "Now, go get ready. We have that meal with the townspeople in half an hour." I jumped off of him and swayed my hips comically, walking into our joint closet.

"That was evil, Mrs. Chevalier, and you quite clearly know it." Laurent hissed.

I chuckled and opened up the formal dressing section, grabbing myself a knee length black cocktail dress and black heels that emphasised my legs. After all, I had graceful balance and hadn't once fallen over since my change.

I speedily chucked my top and jeans off, and slipped on my dress and high heels. I checked myself in the mirror.

"You look ravishing, my love. The French bachelors and happily married men will be in heaven," Laurent purred from the doorway. He was dressed in dark grey slacks, and a black buttoned shirt with the top two undone. And, of course, his trademark smart black shoes.

His arms wrapped around my waist, and he pulled me into a deep kiss. I clutched onto his upper arms. I giggled and wormed out of his grasp. I never normally did that but we had to get to this meal. Of course, we would refrain from eating anything.

I quickly sprayed a can of hairspray over my hair, backcombing it slightly and bringing parts over my shoulders. I put on a pearl necklace Laurent had recently bought me, along with the Chevalier family crest bracelet upon my wrist.

"Are you ready to go dear?" Laurent held his arm out for me. I nodded and we gracefully walked out of the house, climbing into the Aston Martin Vanquish Eleazar insisted we bought as a married couple. I loved it. Laurent couldn't stop the venom that pooled in his mouth at the sight of the tailored leather.

"I hear that the Cullens will be visiting this week," Laurent noted, keeping his eyes focused on the roads as they flashed by us at high speeds.

My face turned into an involuntary grimace as I remembered that Edward would be visiting this time. He didn't want to come when they had visited before.

"And Edward will be with them. We can cancel it if you do not want to see the bastard," Laurent spat.

My hand automatically latched onto his lower arm, a reflex action for me when Laurent got a little too angry at the wheel. "Laurent, you know I'm yours and only yours forever. Edward cannot get over the fact I chose a nomad."

Laurent nodded. "That is in two days. All that matters is that we are together and enjoying ourselves. I am certainly going to be enjoying myself tonight; I cannot wait to see the men's reaction to my lovely wife in her stunning dress." He let his hand run down the length of my body, never actually touching me, but setting my body alight as he always had. "Looks like they wanted to look posh by paying people to collect our car keys and park it for us. It's a disaster waiting to happen my love, I can feel it." He chuckled.

He jogged to my door and opened it, taking my hand in his and licking his lips as I smoothed the dress over my legs. His lips lowered to my hand and he planted a soft kiss on my knuckles, making my knees go slightly weak. He knew what that did to me. I giggled and he laughed He wrapped an arm around my waist protectively, always forgetting I could protect myself.

I heard plenty of gasps and intakes of breath as we made our way towards the entrance. Glares from the married women were quite obvious as we walked through the doors of the posh hotel the townspeople had put money together to rent for the night.

"Hmm, looks like my predictions were correct. One man's heart almost stopped, literally. The married men are glancing back and forth from you to their old wives," he commented as we settled ourselves on the plush sofa beside the large windows in the hallway. I tucked my head beneath Laurent's chin and let my eyes scan around the room.

Someone immediately caught my eye.


He was leaning against the wall and swirling the champagne he wasn't drinking, inside the tall glass he held carefully.

"It seems we have an early visitor," snarled Laurent too low for human ears as his eyes caught Edward's. I stiffened at my husband's anger; he could never control it when anyone even mentioned Edward Cullen. He was still very, very bitter about the time, three years ago, that Edward had tried to steal me from him. I couldn't blame him at all.

"If that bastard even dares to come over here, I swear I will not be sorry for my actions tonight. Even if it means me ruining my newly found diet, love..." Laurent threatened.

Edward smirked and took a few steps closer towards the couch we sat on. "Bella, Laurent! What a pleasure to see you both!" He exclaimed with mock joy, a faint smile tugging at his lips.

Laurent jumped off of the couch and stood nose to nose with him. "I demand to know why you think you should be here. You are certainly not a local resident, and you are most certainly not welcome here. I suggest you leave!" Laurent growled. None of the humans had noticed anything yet, lucky for us.

Edward smiled. "Laurent, you are overreacting. I simply came here because I was on the way to Italy, and decided that because I was already on the continent, I might stop by and say hello a few days early."

I bit back my sarcastic comment. Edward was in Europe a lot... why did he feel like he had to pop in and see us this time?

"Well, hello," I said, unsmiling.

Edward laughed. "Really, Bella, you don't have to act like that. I can assure you that I am totally over you. I promise."

Laurent frowned. "Why is it that you are on your way to Italy?"

Edward didn't look at Laurent. His eyes remained fixed on me. There was something he was hiding. I knew those eyes better than anyone else did. I bit my lip.

"Oh, you know the Volturi. They want me to join them every five years or so. I am on my way to tell them my answer," he answered simply.

By the time he had looked away, his eyes had hardened once again, betraying him no more. I knew that Aro constantly wanted Edward for his powers, and I knew that he always said no. He enjoyed life with the Cullens much more than he would ever enjoy being a member of the guard.

Laurent's grasp on my hand loosened. He was starting to relax. He was starting to realize that Edward wasn't there to steal me away. He apparently just wanted to visit.

"And you are also going to be in town in a few days, yes?" asked Laurent.

Edward nodded. "Oh, yes. This was really just a quick stop. Aro is expecting me in a few hours, actually."

"So you should be leaving here soon," said Laurent. "We wouldn't want Aro to be upset with you." His tone gave away the fact that he would actually like very much for Aro to be upset with him.

Edward chuckled. "If you say so." He pushed his champagne glass into my hand. He gave me one lingering look, a look that was filled with emotion, and then was gone.

I knew he was trying to tell me something with that look... I just wasn't sure what it was.

"Laurent, my boy!" boomed a voice from across the room, ripping me out of my thoughts. It was a voice that I had come to know very well.

I had met Uncle Louis on my wedding day, and since then he had become a huge portion of our daily life. Uncle Louis was known in the history books as King Louis XIV. He was a lover of life, France, and women.

Laurent stood and opened his arms. "Louis!" He exclaimed. Louis bustled through the crowd, gently pushing aside any men who got in his way, and looked any attractive young woman he happened to pass up and down.

Louis was a rather portly man, especially considering he was a vampire, but he had a charm that no woman could resist. He was wearing a dark, pinstriped suit. He was quite the snappy dresser, that Louis.

He was also the most powerful man in France. Because he had never died, he was still technically the king. Oh sure, he didn't actually affect the government in any way, but he could if he absolutely wanted to. The only people who knew he actually ruled were the president and a few other higher ups in the political system.

But he didn't feel the need to ever interfere with the politics of anything. He was just in it for the money... with that money he could get all the girls he wanted.

He reached us quickly. "Laurent, do you realize what attractive ladies we have in France?" he asked, gazing across the crowd of townspeople that had started gathering at the hotel.

"I only pay attention to one, my friend," admitted Laurent, grinning.

Louis looked me over. "I certainly don't blame you! My Angelique has gotten off somewhere, actually. I saw her a few minutes ago... Ah, oh well! Now, have you ever seen such a lovely get together?" asked Louis. He continued to blabber on, as was usual.

I tuned him out. After a few visits with Louis, it became very easy to pretend you were listening. My mind was elsewhere. I didn't really accept Edward's reason for showing up to the party. There was something he was trying to tell me in that look of his, something I didn't like at all...

And I was going to figure out what it was.

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