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Carlton Lassiter, a twenty year old criminal justice major, glanced into his mirror one last time, running his fingers through his seemingly perfect hair. Once he saw pure perfection in the mirror he smiled one last time before making his way out of the bathroom and out of the dorm room entirely.

Clutching the jacket closer towards his body to keep out the cool air, he couldn't shake the smile off his face as he climbed the stairs of the apartment building. Tonight's the night, he thought to himself as he stood outside the apartment door, apartment 11C. Taking a deep, he reached down to grab the doorknob but quickly realized the door was open. Curious he pushed open the door and flipped on the light switch. What he saw next rocked him to his very core. The sight of two nearly naked bodies engaged in a very passionate kiss.

"What the hell?"

The intertwined bodies on the sofa immediately broke apart, gasping desperately for air, as they both looked towards the door. The body on top eyes widen at the sight of Carlton and quickly moved to cover himself up while the one on the body simply groaned.

It wasn't the dark-haired body Carlton was worried about but the lean one with blonde curls covering their head. He found himself unable to breath as the pair continued to dress themselves. It was as if time suddenly became very still as he closed the door and dashed towards the staircase.

"Carlton wait-"

"You stay the hell away from me," Carlton all but yelled as he raced down the hallway and towards the staircase. He silently cursed as the sounds of someone following echoed throughout the tiny space. It wasn't long before they caught up with him and grabbed him by his arm. "Go away!" he yelled once more as he tried to break free from their grasp.

"Look can we talk."

"About what, about the fact that I just caught my boyfriend in bed with someone else. Is that what you want to talk about?"

"I can explain," the blonde hair boy tried to reply only to be pushed away by Carlton again.

"I can't believe you would do something like this to me. After everything you said to me."

"I swear that's not what I planned to happen. Brian is just a guy from my class and he came over to help me studying. We started talking and one thing just lead to another; that's when you walk in."

"Excuse me if I don't understand the concept of studying and sleeping together as going hand in hand because I'm just drawing a blank," Carlton scoffed at his former boyfriend.

"Hey, don't blame this whole thing on me. If you weren't so uptight and afraid of what other people thought about you I wouldn't even need Brian."

"Is this because I wouldn't sleep with you. You figured if I wasn't putting out you would find someone that would."

His blue eyes shifted, failing to look Carlton in the eye. The sound of Carlton gasping made him realize that his boyfriend knew the truth. "Carl-"

Carlton back away from his touch and began making his way down the stairs. "I can't believe you of all people would do this to me," Carlton whispered as he looked back up at his ex, "You were the one person I thought I could count on." He didn't say anything else as he continued his journey down the stair well.

"Carlton please stop," Joey yelled, causing Carlton to turn around and face him. His heart dropped when he realized that tears were running down the side of his boyfriend's face.

"Just stay away from me Joey," Carlton yelled back as he finally made his way out of the building. Once he was outside he burst into a run, running away all the pain and anguish he was starting to feel. His heart felt like exploding as the tears continued to fall down his face. He didn't stop running until he was back in his dorm room where there he collapsed onto his bed and cried himself to sleep, promising himself that he would never let anyone hurt him again.

Many Years Later

The sun shined brightly into Carlton Lassiter's bedroom causing him to open his eyes for the first time that morning. The Irish man glanced over at his alarm clock and sighed knowing that his day was just beginning. Being the head detective of a very busy job but Carlton wouldn't change it for the world.

Sighing again, he threw his legs over the side of the bed and raised himself up. The sound of noises coming out of his kitchen caused the older man

What he found didn't surprise him. Shawn, his boyfriend of nearly six months, standing over his blender with pieces of pineapple in his hair. The sight alone made Carlton laugh as he walked over to his lover. "Shawn, what are you doing?"

Shawn looked up, flicking the pineapple out his head before smiling at Carlton. "I'm making my favorite detective a pineapple smoothie to start his day off right," he replied holding up a tall glass filled with a thick creamy liquid.

Carlton laughed out loud, kissing Shawn softly on the lips before grabbing the glass from Shawn's hands. It had become somewhat of a ritual between the two whenever Shawn spent the night, which was becoming more frequent. So frequently in fact that Carlton was thinking about asking Shawn to move in with him. They may have only been together for almost seven months but this was the best relationship Carlton ever had. In fact it was only two weeks ago that they celebrated their six-month anniversary with a night alone together.

Building up the courage, he took a deep breath and grabbed his lover by the waist and pulled him closer. "Shawn I was wondering-"

"Do you know what today is?"

"Should I," Carlton asked, curious but upset that he was interrupted.

"It's the anniversary of the day I first discovered that I loved pineapple."

"You're serious aren't you."

"Yep, it was this day twenty-five years ago that I tasted and actually appreciated the fine taste that is pineapple. I nearly forgot about it until I looked in your cabinet and noticed that you had a few cans in there. Why do you have so many cans in there anyway, pineapples are not your favorite fruit though it pains me to say?"

"I brought them for you since you eat them so much."

"Now that Lassie-face is sweet," Shawn smiled, kissing Carlton again before taking the smoothie out of his hands. "You keep this up and I might think you want me around more often."

"Yeah right," Lassiter nervously laughed as Shawn walked out of the kitchen. If Shawn only knew that was the precise question he was about to ask before he was interrupted. Sighing, he followed Shawn out of the kitchen and hoped the young man was in the shower. No point in wasting water.

An hour and a half later, Carlton found himself sitting at his desk waiting for a case to pop up. After his shower, which ended in sex and resulted in the need of a second shower, Lassiter finished getting ready for work

Going their separate ways proved hard for Carlton as Shawn wanted them to spend the day together in order to celebrate his anniversary. The younger man was so desperate he even tried to bribe Carlton with the promise of doing anything the older man wanted in bed and it took all of the cop's strength to say no. Finally out of Shawn's grasp, Carlton was able to make it to work on time without being late.

The day proved uneventful for the entire police department, even for Carlton and Juliet who spent the morning finishing back-up paperwork. Before either of them knew it was lunch time and both detectives were hungry.

"Hey Lassiter, you want to get something to eat," Juliet asked her partner when she came over to his desk. Her long blonde hair was styled into a very tight ponytail, parted on the left side. She looked exceptional nice today, even Carlton commented on it earlier when she came in. She simply smiled and mumbled something about it being Gus's favorite hair style on her. Ever since the two of them started dating four months ago, O'Hara had paid more attention to her looks.

"Not going out somewhere with Guster."

"No," she sulked, sitting down on the desk. "He said something about celebrating an anniversary with Shawn. I have no clue what he was talking about."

"It's the day Shawn discovered his love for pineapples." At the strange look he received from his partner he threw his hands up in the air as he got up from his chair. "Don't ask."

"Okay I won't," she smirked, sliding down off the desk. "So, we on for lunch."

"Alright, let's go."

Juliet smiled, clapping her hands together as she walked back over to her desk to grab her things. Lassiter rolled her eyes at her giddiness while he too, grabbed his things to go. They were almost out of the door when they spotted Shawn and Gus on their way into the building. Juliet immediately rushed over to Gus and embraced him while Shawn waited for Carlton to come to him.

"What are you two doing here?" Juliet squealed as Gus let her go. "I thought you two were spending the day together."

"Well that was the plan before Gus over here started whining about not spending enough time with you so he asked if it would be okay if we came by and took you out to lunch."

"What," Gus hissed, turning around to his best friend. "I wasn't whining Shawn, you were. In fact that statement was made entirely by you."

"Really, it was. I don't remember," Shawn shrugged, finally making his way over to Carlton, kissing him softly. "But if I did I had a very good reason; I mean have you seen him lately. All ripped and muscular and I have I mentioned the sex-"

Wanting to quickly shut Shawn up, Lassiter scooped Shawn in his arms and kissed him passionately on the lips. Shawn instantly melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Carlton in order to deepen it. After a few moments the two pulled away, breathless and smiling.

"Have I ever told you I love the way you shut me up?" Shawn grinned, kissing Carlton again. He would have tried for a third time if he hadn't been for Gus clearing his throat behind them.

"If you two don't mind I have to be back at work in an hour."

"Yeah yeah we got it, your job sucks."

"Shawn don't start."

"What, I didn't do anything."

Juliet and Carlton just laughed and walked to the car as the men behind them continued to argue.

It was exactly an hour later when the trio arrived back at the police station full of hot wings and fries. Gus choose to go back to work and finish his day there but promised to hook up with Shawn after. Not having anything else to do Shawn decided to join Juliet and Carlton back at the police station, not that any of them minded.

Shawn walked a few steps behind Carlton not wanting to bring any attention to the two of them but that didn't stop their hands from grazing each other as they walked inside.

Carlton smirked as Shawn's hand grazed his own hand once more and especially when Shawn walked inside the station before him, making sure that his hands slapped Carlton's ass. The smile faded as Carlton made his own inside, stopping at the sight of a figure sitting down on one of the benches. "Joey," he called out causing the man, dressed in a charcoal three piece suit to turn and look at him.

The blonde hair man stood up and walked over to Carlton, smiling the entire time. He didn't wait for Carlton to say anything else as he wrapped his arm around him and pulled him into a hug. "Carl, it's so nice to see you."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for a psychology convention and I remember someone telling me that you live here now. So I figured since we haven't seen each other in a while I thought I come by and say hello and you know, talk."

"Um hey, Lassie-pants remember me," Shawn spoke for the first time since the pair saw each other. "You mind telling me who this is?"

Carlton shook himself out of Joey's embrace and walked back over to Shawn's side. "Shawn this is Joseph Sutton, Joseph this is Shawn Spencer."

"Actually it's Dr. Joseph Sutton." Joseph smirked holding out his hand. "I have a Ph. D in Clinical Psychology."

Shawn took the man's hand and shook it before looking back at Lassiter who was trying his best not to look either men in the eye. "Well I'm just plain ole Shawn Spencer, psychic detective."

"You can't be serious."

"Actually Joseph he's telling the truth," Carlton replied, taking up for Shawn.

Joseph frowned but quickly smiled when he realized that Carlton was looking at him. That's nice," was all he said before turning his attention back to Carlton.

"So Carlton, how do you and Joseph know each other."

"Carlton and I go way back," Joseph smiled, never taking his eyes of Carlton. "Some would say that we were extremely close."

Shawn noticed the seductive look Joey was giving Carlton immediately became protective over his lover. It took all the will power he had not to wrap one arm around Lassiter to proclaim him as his but he couldn't, not in the police station. All Shawn could do was watch and hope his eyes were playing tricks on him. "How close were the two of you, like best friend close."

"We were a little closer than that."

"How close?"

Carlton saw the tension in Shawn's body and knew the truth was on it's way out. If he didn't tell Shawn about his past with Joseph then it would. "Shawn Joseph is an ex of mine," he whispered nervously to keep other people from hearing him.

"You mean an ex friend right."

Joseph laughed as he took his eyes off of Carlton and threw Shawn an envious glance. "No Shawn, he means ex-boyfriend," he replied proudly. "Carlton and I used to date, each other."

Who knew Lassiter had such a torrid past. I guess Shawn's not the only one with secrets. Don't worry I'll be back soon with another update I promise. See ya