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Chapter Seven

Carlton lost all track of time by the time he left the hotel and made his way home. During this time he tried calling Shawn but as he expected he received no answer. After countless attempts Carlton decided to go home and try to sleep the pain away; sleep seeming impossible at the moment. Finally, the detective made it home to find it in the same condition as he left it, dark and empty. Opening his door, he threw his keys on the table and fell down onto his sofa, not even bothering to turn on the lamp. He didn't have to when the lamp suddenly came on and he sat up to find himself staring in the distorted eyes of Shawn Spencer.

His heart leaped for joy to see Shawn standing in front of him but he made sure he didn't let the young man know it, just in case there wasn't any good news to share. "I thought you left."

Shawn shoved his hands in the pocket of his jeans and stared his eyes at the floor. Like Carlton, Shawn's own clothes were disheveled while his eyes were puffy and red from crying. "I see Henry called you."

"Well it's to be expected when you find out your fishing partner is dating your son."

"I guess it is."

"Why are you here Shawn?" Carlton finally asked, tired of beating around the bush.

"You're right," whispered Shawn, "I was on my way out of town when Gus called me out of the blue. It's like we're connected somehow because he knew I was on the verge of doing something stupid. Anyways, he called and reminded me of my promise I made to him last time I skipped town."

"Which was?"

"That I would never leave again without saying goodbye to him first face to face."


"So I went to his place where I broke down before I even made it inside," admitted Shawn, fidgeting slightly. "I broke down because what I did and said to you finally hit me."


"No, don't say it's alright because it's not alright," yelled Shawn. "I was stupid and insecure and jealous all because you have this ex who is far more amazing than I will ever be."

"That's not true," Carlton replied back as he stood up and walked over closer to Shawn.

"Isn't it. Joey is a doctor for Christ's sake, who is well-known and published and you, you're the were the department's youngest head detective with aspiring dreams to be chief one day. You and Joseph would be the ultimate power couple and I can't compete with that; I can't compete with him."

"I don't want you to compete with him."

"You deserve someone who can take care of you, not some lazy, irresponsible fake psychic who has no goals and whose biggest fear is finding out that pineapples have been recalled because of a potential salmonella outbreak."

"Salmonella outbreak in pineapples," Carlton smirked, "That's ridiculous."

"I'm glad you find it funny when I'm trying to pour my heart and soul to you."

Carlton took this opportunity to pull Shawn into his arms and hold him tight. "Shawn I'm not laughing at you nor do I think your soul bearing is funny, I just think you're wrong."


"Shawn I'm an adult, in fact I'm quite older than you so trust me when I say I know how to take care of myself. I also know what I deserve and what I deserve is someone who loves me and cares for me. Someone who is not afraid to put me in my place or fight for something they believe in," Carlton stated firmly. "I deserve someone who's not afraid of what I do because they know my job is important to me and won't try to change me into something I'm not."

"You're saying I give you all that."

"All that and more Shawn. I love you for the person you are and no one, not even someone as great as Joey-"

"He's not that great," grumbled Shawn, interrupting Carlton.

"Will never come between us if we don't let them."

Shawn let out a guilty sigh as his eyes darted to the ground knowing full well that Carlton was talking about his explosive outburst. "I'm sorry about what I said about you, about you being in love with Joey and Joey being in love with you."

"Well to be honest you were half right."


"After you left I drove over to Joey's hotel to talk to him."

"You went to his hotel room," shrieked Shawn.

"Don't worry Shawn, nothing happened if that's what you're wondering."

"I wasn't because I totally trust you," Shawn shrugged nonchalantly as if he didn't care but secretly did. "But if I was wondering…it's nice to know that you didn't…you know…sleep with him."

Carlton rolled his eyes and smirked at his lover fumbling over his words. "We just talked and he told me that he was still in love with me. You were right."

"So he's still in love with you."


"And how do you feel about him?"

"Shawn, Joseph was the first person I ever loved so I will always hold a place in my heart for him just like I will always one for Victoria but I'm not in love with them," Carlton firmly stated, letting go of Shawn and grabbing his shoulders as he lowered himself down to stare the young man directly in the eyes. "They are my past but you are my present and if you want my future, but if you can't trust me than you can't be neither."

"I know and I'm sorry," sighed Shawn softly, "I love you so much and it's just, the thought of losing you hurts so I thought it would hurt less if I let you go before you realized that you would be better off without me."

"I'm not going anywhere Shawn."

"I know, I realize that now and I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you or us; I've just been an idiot."

This made Carlton laugh slightly, "Yes you have Shawn but you came back, that's all that matters to me."

"It's not like I had a choice. Gus practically kept me hostage until I promised not to leave."

"I hate to admit it but Guster's growing on me."

"You'll get used to it," laughed Shawn, wrapping his arms tightly around Carlton. The couple remained quiet and held each other as the time passed. Neither knew how long they stayed that way but the sound of Shawn's stomach grumbling interrupted the moment. "Sorry," Shawn smiled, slightly embarrassed. "All the arguing made me forget about eating dinner."

"Now that you mention it I'm hungry too," smiled Carlton, "Chinese."

"Sounds perfect."

Carlton smiled again and untangled himself from Shawn's hold. Letting go of his lover, he reached over and grabbed the cordless phone, "Alright, let me grab a menu and-"


Carlton halted and turned back to Shawn, "Something wrong."

"Well nothing big unless you count the fact that we haven't made up properly."

"Now is not the time for sex Spencer," Carlton scowled.

"I'm not talking about sex Lassie-poo, I'm talking about a simple kiss and make-up kiss."

"I think I could do that."

"Good," smirked Shawn as he reached over and grabbed Carlton's wrist, pulling the man closer to body. "Because I would be highly upset if you couldn't." With that, Shawn captured Carlton's lips and preceded to give the detective a mind blowing kiss. The thoughts of dinner were quickly forgotten as the pair bumped into the end-table and accidentally fell onto the sofa. Shawn took the opportunity to grab Carlton's belt buckle and unbuckled his pants at the same time keeping his pace. Just as he was about to slid a free hand down his lover's pant Carlton suddenly pulled away. "Where're you going."

"To get dinner."

"Why, when we can go straight to dessert."


"The way I see it you're already close to being without pants so we should go ahead and have rough break-up sex then afterwards we can hot passionate make-up sex," smirked Shawn, continuing his previous actions.

Without protest, Carlton succumbed to Shawn's advances and allowed the young man to continue what he was doing.

It was later on that evening after dinner and more make-up sex the couple found themselves in the bed underneath the sheets, trying to get some rest. While the day's events made Carlton tired they left Shawn feeling restless. Staring at the ceiling, he tried his best to let his lover get some sleep but in the end couldn't help but wake the older man up so the two could talk.

"Carlton," Shawn whispered, gently poking Carlton in his side. "You awake."

"I am now Spencer."

"We need to talk."

"About what."

"About what happened earlier," answered Shawn shyly. "Please, I won't be able to sleep until we talk."

Carlton sighed but rolled over on his side and himself on his elbow so he was facing Shawn. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Well, you remember earlier when we were talking about everything."


"Do you remember what I told you?"

"You told me a lot of things Shawn."

"About me not being a real psychic," replied Shawn nervously.

"I remember you saying something like that yes."

"You didn't say anything. I told you the truth and you didn't say anything about it; you didn't even yell."

"Did you want me to say something?" asked Carlton confused by his lover.

"Well yeah," Shawn shrugged. "I thought you would be mad or surprised or mad or hurt or mad or scared but mostly I thought you would be mad. I had this whole scenario played out in my head that consisted of you locking me in handcuffs and throwing me in a cell."

The comment made Carlton chuckle as he reached over and pulled Shawn closer. "Now Spencer why would I do that?"

"Because I've been lying to you this entire time, about everything. I just expected you to be angry, at least a little bit."

"Well if you want the truth I'm not surprised because I always knew you were a fake. I guess I'm a little hurt that you didn't trust me enough to tell me and I'm not all scared. I am however mad."

"Here it comes."

"I'm mad that I didn't see it sooner and I'm mad that you're better detective than me."

"I am so not a better detective then you. I could never do what you do, that's why I didn't become a cop."

"I thought you didn't become a cop because you wanted to stick it to your father."

"Okay that didn't sound right but it's true, I didn't become a cop like him because I wanted to hurt him the way he hurt me when I was a kid but real heart of the matter is that I don't have the heart."


"It's true," Shawn shrugged, "I couldn't imagine risking my life everyday to save someone, especially if it involves shooting somebody. Not to mention the long hours or the responsibility. I wasn't meant to be a cop but you were and you're a very good I might add."

"Well I could be better. If you can do it then I should be able to."

"I can only do it because Henry trained me to look for clues since I was like…five. It's been implanted in my brain for the rest of my life."

"Five huh," Carlton frowned slightly, "So what, you have an eidetic memory."

"If that means I can remember things after only seeing it once then yes, I have an eidetic memory."

"So that's how you do it."

"Yeah," whispered Shawn, looking up at Carlton who seemed confuse for a minute before his face relaxed into a smile. "You're smiling, does that mean you're not mad."

"No Shawn I'm not mad. I'm happy that you finally told me the truth."

"So we're good."

"We're good," Carlton smiled as he leaned over and placed a small kiss on Shawn's forehead. The detective turned around to go back to sleep when he felt Shawn shaking his shoulder again.


Sighing, he turned over to see what Shawn wanted this time. "What is it now Shawn?"

"I'm not finished."

"I already told you I'm not mad at you Shawn."

"It's not about that, I'm totally over that like the cow over the moon over."

"Then what is this about."

"You remember earlier when we were arguing, before I stormed out, you said you were going to ask me to move in. Was that true?"

"Yeah it is," Carlton admitted, "I've been thinking about it for a while, I just didn't know how to ask you."

"Well you could ask me now."

"Isn't it kind of late now since you already know."

"Could you just humor please," Shawn scowled, sitting up in the bed.

"Okay," Carlton sighed, sitting up as well and reached over to grab both Shawn's hands, placing them in his hands. "Shawn I know we haven't been together that long but I really would love it if you moved in here with me."

"You sure you want that."

"It was a just a suggestion, you don't have to if you don't-"

"Whoa calm down Lassie, that's not how I meant it," Shawn quickly stated before Carlton had a chance to freak out some more. "I'm just saying that I'm not the best person to live with. I always lose my keys, I forget to water the plants, I'm messy, irresponsible-"

"Shawn first off I don't have any plants to water, second you always find your keys in the last place you left them and third you practically live here anyways so I already know how difficult you are to live with. You're just as difficult to live with as you are to work with, impossible."

"And you still want to live with me."

"Yeah I do."

"Then I guess you have yourself a new roommate," Shawn grinned uncontrollably.

"Really, you're saying yes."

"I'm saying yes," grinned Shawn again, this time pulling Carlton into a passionate kiss.

Two Weeks Later

"Thanks Jules, you didn't have to bring anything." Shawn smiled as he grabbed the gift from Juliet's hands and kissed her on the cheek.

"I know but Gus said that it was the polite thing to do and I didn't know what else to bring so I brought you this."

"Well I promise you this will be very much appreciated," he replied, kissing her again and leading her inside where everyone else was. "I'm glad you could make it."

"I wouldn't have missed your house warming for the world," Juliet grinned as she spotted Gus over by the punch bowl. "Ah there's my man. I better go over there and make sure he's staying out of trouble."

"Gus getting trouble without me, I don't think so," Shawn laughed as they joined Gus who was busy talking to other guest. "What's the word on the street Gus."

"The word is how everyone is shocked to find out that you and Lassiter have been together for seven months."

"And counting. What about you, don't you have something to share with everyone?"

"No Shawn I don't."

"Come on Gus, didn't you learn in kindergarten how to share?"

"Crayons and cookies Shawn not my latest relationship," Gus snipped, elbowing his best friend.

"Not even if it involves you and a certain junior detect…ow-" but Shawn never got to finish his sentence as Gus elbowed him again, this time in the stomach. "What did you do that for?"

"To make you shut up, and since you don't know how to shut up on your own I thought I help you."

"This is my house warming party I can talk if I want to."

"Whatever Shawn."

Shawn simply smiled and threw his arm around his friend's shoulders while Juliet grinned at the two of them. Across the room Carlton watched his lover and his friends and couldn't help but smile himself.

"You know I don't know how he persuaded you to do this."

Carlton stopped staring and turned around to find Henry standing behind him sipping his beer. "Well Shawn has his ways," Carlton smiled happily, stopping suddenly when he noticed the look in Henry's eyes. "Wait Henry, I didn't mean it like that."

"I know you didn't Carlton but if you could refrain from talking about my son's sexual escapades I would greatly appreciate it, especially if we're going to keep going fishing together.

"Really, you want us to keep fishing together."

"Yeah," Henry shrugged. "Look Carlton I'll admit that you aren't the exactly the first choice I had for Shawn but it's nice to see him happy in love with someone for a change. Even if that someone is you. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. Besides you're a good man and a great cop and I'm glad that Shawn found someone like you." Henry smiled and held out his hand to Carlton.

Carlton blushed and grabbed Henry's hand, shaking if vigorously. He was pleased to know that Henry was happy about his relationship with Shawn. "Thank-you sir," he continued to smile. "You don't know how much I appreciate your support when it comes to Shawn."

"I'm happy to give it." Henry smiled again. "But I do have to tell you one thing and please bear with me because I've never done this before. I love my son very much and even though we've had our bad times together I would never want to see him hurt, never." He paused for a second and took another sip out of his beer. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you hurt Shawn, in anyway, I will hunt you down and kill you with my bear hands. Got it."

Carlton took a deep breath and let it out slowly before speaking again. "You got it sir but I assure you I would never do anything to intentional hurt Shawn," he stated sincerely.

"I know you wouldn't," answered Henry. "I just wanted you to know."

Shawn and Gus noticed from across the room the third degree Carlton was receiving from Henry and decided to intervene. Shawn slipped an arm around Carlton and smiled at his father. "Would you please stop giving Lassie here the third degree. I'm not a teenage girl who is going out for the first time."

Henry rolled his eyes and huffed, "I'm not grilling him Shawn, we're having a nice little heart to heart."

"Really, then why does Carlton look like he's about to wet himself."

"Shawn-" hissed Carlton.

"What it's the truth. My dad is over here giving you the speech, if you hurt him you will die, yada, yada, yada.

"Alright fine, you caught me. I was just looking out for you Shawn."


"I don't care what you say. You're my son and it's my job to do these kind of things and besides, I never got to give on before and it felt nice."

"Fine, I'll forgive you on one condition. You agree to invite us over for dinner Monday night."

"You were coming over anyway weren't you."

"No I wasn't," laughed Shawn. "Okay, maybe I was but if you invite me it's totally different."

"Fine Shawn, you are and Carlton are more than welcome to come over for dinner."

"Thanks dad, I appreciate it."

"Yeah, thanks Henry," smiled Carlton.


Shawn smiled and kissed Carlton on the cheek as he continued his conversation with his father and Gus. Carlton excused himself for a moment to go get himself another drink when he was approached by Karen who was just arriving herself.

"Chief Vick, thanks for coming."

"What have I told you Carlton; it's Karen outside of work," Karen smiled. "Sorry I can't stay but I have a prior engagement I need to attend. I just stopped by to give you these." She opened her purse and pulled out a white manila folder.

Carlton grabbed the folder from his boss's hand and opened it, realizing that it was his papers he filled out a few weeks ago.

"All you need to do is have Shawn sign them and it's set."

"Thank you Chief, I mean Karen. I'll have him sign them as soon as possible."

"Alright," she smiled again. "Once again, sorry I couldn't stay."

"It's alright." Carlton smiled as he watched Karen walk away and leave while he places the folder on the table and returns to his previous task.

Later on the night, after the party was over, Carlton sat on the couch with Shawn's head in his life. The party was a huge success and it made both men happy to see them accepted by all their peers.

"So tonight was fun huh?" asked Shawn, sitting up.

"I guess it was."

"Thanks for letting me have it. I know it wasn't really your thing but you putting your hatred for parties aside really made me love you more."

"Anything for you Shawn," Carlton smiles, giving Shawn a soft kiss on the lips.

"So Carly," spoke Shawn after a few moments of pure silence. "Are you planning on giving me those papers now or are you going to pass them to me during breakfast along with the milk.

"How did you…you know what, never mind."

"I saw Karen when she gave them to you. I figured it had to be something important because she came all the way here to give them to you; and since she would be a idiot to fire you I knew they couldn't be termination papers ."

"Well you're right," replied Carlton as he reached over and grabbed the folder from the side table. "I haven't been fired; these are my contact and benefits papers that I changed and want you to sign, you know in case something ever happens to me."

Shawn moved his head off Carlton's lap and sat straight up. He took the folder from Carlton's hand and held it in his own. "I don't know what to say."

"Just sign them Shawn."

"Really, you want me to."

"I'm a cop Shawn, I know the risks that comes with my job and I've accepted them. If you are serious about being with me you need to accept them too."

"Carlton I-"

"Look, by giving this to you I'm not saying that I'm going to die I just want to be prepared incase I do. Please, sign them for me."

The look on Carlton's face was enough for Shawn as he placed the folder back down the table. Using one of his hands, he grabbed Carlton's and squeezed it. "Okay I will," grinned Shawn. "First thing in the morning."

"Thank you," Carlton whispered, squeezing Shawn's hand himself. The couple stared at each other, each one scared to say something after the conversation they just had. After a minute or two Shawn was the first one to speak.

"You know Lassie, now that I officially live here I was thinking that the bathroom could use a new paint job," replied Shawn. "White is kinda boring and I believe it should be bolder, more colorful. Ooh I got it, how we give the bathroom a tropical theme and paint pineapple trees all over-"


"Yeah," Shawn replied, waiting for an answer but he never received one. Instead Carlton took the opportunity to shut Shawn up the best way he knew how; with a kiss. " Well if you wanted me to be quiet all you had to do was ask," Shawn smirked after Carlton pulled away.

"Somehow I don't think that would have worked."

"I think you're right. I seem to ramble when I-"

Carlton didn't let him finish that sentence either before pulling the man into another passionate kiss. He smiled as the thought of doing this to Shawn every night ran through his mind and he realized that he now had a reason to come home early every night.

Don't know why I always write two weeks later in all my stories. It's beginning to become a bad habit. Well, until next story. Stay well.