The darkness enveloped me as I felt myself giving up and giving in. My mind as well as my body was exhausted. His words continued to echo through my brain, torturing me. They still didn't fit, didn't make sense. I knew it was true but how could I accept it? He had to love me, because without him I was nothing. Id built my world around him and now it was all crumbling, crashing down around me. There I lay broken and bleeding repeating to myself "it's not over, it's not right". But it was. It was right and true and real.

(Let Me Die)

The silence was deafening, maddening. Somewhere along the way I had lost all sense of time. I vaguely heard him say my name, but it wasn't the right voice. I felt my body being lifted, carried. I heard Charlie but I couldn't listen. "It's not right, it's not right". Then there was nothing.

The hours turned into days, then into weeks and the weeks into months. I was there in the world, living and yet not. I was barley existing. Then the changes started, slowly at first. Suddenly I couldn't ignore it anymore. I was something. Something more, something evil and frightening….but what? I could feel the hate flowing through my body, coursing through my veins blackening everything it touched. The face in the mirror staring back at me, I no longer recognized.