This is just a little vignette where Goku decides it's time for a change. It seems to me I read a story similar to this many, many years ago. I can't remember where or what it was actually about or what fandom it was actually for... Aging is hard, I tell you. Little scenes like these are fun though, so I wanted to share.


Vegeta sat alone on the edge of the mesa, he reclined and allowed his legs to dangle off the edge. Below him he could see a group of prairie dogs who yipped warnings to one another- there was a hawk gliding slowly through the sky towards them. Vegeta turned his eyes towards the infinite skyline, whose colors bled down onto the horizon and painted him with rich reds and golds. He was aware of Kakarot's energy shortly before the other landed behind him.

Vegeta sat up to a more guarded position, one knee braced against his chest. Kakarot approached slowly but Vegeta didn't turn to look at him. The other Sayian stood at Vegeta's side for a moment before he, too, sat on the edge of the rosy mesa and looked out towards the colorful horizon.

Vegeta looked sideways towards him- they were only inches apart. "What are you doing here, Kakarot?" It was an unfriendly growl to which there was no reply. Vegeta looked at him finally, annoyed. "Kaka-" "The world seems so peaceful here, doesn't it, Vegeta? It just" Goku made a gesture with his arms, "goes on, without a thought to who we are or what we do..." Goku's eyes never left the sky and he dropped his hands in his lap.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes in anger at being ignored so easily. "I came out here to be alone, Kak-" He was cut off again when Goku turned to him suddenly. Their eyes caught and Vegeta was shocked to see depth and knowing and his words died in his throat.

"It's just you and me, Vegeta, you don't have to keep up appearances. You don't have to prove anything to anyone right now." Kakarot's eyes slid from his. "I.." Vegeta started lamely. He turned his head and sighed. "Whatever." He and Kakarot were older, things had happened which had somehow changed his priorities. Vegeta didn't really remember when it happened but at some point in the last 50 years he had stopped hating the idiot.

He knew that Goku wanted a companion, someone who wouldn't succumb to the horrors of age as quickly as his human friends had. "They're all dead-" He started quietly then faltered. They were gone and it was just he and Vegeta and their children against the ravages of time. Alone in a constantly changing world.

Vegeta said nothing. Goku took that stony silence as a good thing and gently, slowly placed his hand on Vegeta's left shoulder- which tensed briefly. Vegeta still remained quiet and Goku again, took this as a good thing. They walked a thin line now and if Goku overstepped he knew there was pain associated with it. Content with small steps, Goku removed his hand and placed it behind his head as he laid back to watch the stars as they emerged.

Moments passed and the colors faded into night and the two sat in companionable silence. Still more time passed, then the coyotes began to chitter and the bats came when finally Vegeta pulled his other foot up before he too, laid down to watch the stars. Vegeta shifted and pillowed his head under his left arm in such a way that both of their elbows touched, ever so slightly. To anyone else this may have seemed to be a mistake but Goku was wise in that moment- Vegeta never did anything by accident.


Goku's eyes closed and he smiled. "Yeah." He agreed and they shared an easy silence again.