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An Evangelion/James Bond crossover fic

006 First Assignment

September 25, 2014

Universal Exports, London, England

She was breaking protocol, and she knew it. She was hard pressing thirteen and fourteen year old boys into the British secret service, but she knew the boys will eventually use the experience and grow up into paranoid young men with personality disorders from being forced to grow up too soon. She eyed the latest report on her desk meant for her eyes only. The queen and the prime minister was pressuring MI6 into getting younger, but when asked how, they proposed that they train boys that are wards of the state into service.

The woman sat down at her desk looking at the glass of whiskey sitting there. There were vacancies in the 00 program as well and recommended that while MI6 was getting younger, the 00 program could stand to get younger as well. With a do as you see fit the woman started to thoroughly test the young men for the 00 assignment that would change their lives forever. She opened the report with dread. The report was thorough to say the least on the latest batch of candidates. Taking the most careful glance, she picked through the report with a careful glance sorting the relevant information from the irrelevant with practiced ease. She reached for the intercom to summon the latest candidate for her trial mission.

A few moments later, the door opened to a young man fourteen years of age. The young man was a brown headed man of asian descent, average height, but a bit underweight, but the years of diet and exercise that the MI6 program has done to him resulted in a fairly muscular body in perfect health. Wearing the standard school uniform from the local middle school, the boy could say that it was comfortable given the circumstance that he already has a diploma thanks to a forged school record.

Giving him a slight nod, the woman asked, "I assume that you know why you are here Shinji?" Shinji gave the woman a slight nod as she continued, "Good. As you very well have heard through the grapevine, we have decided to get younger with our 00 program, and consider this your first assignment to obtain a 00 license."

Seeing no reaction out of Shinji, the woman continued, "your target is a man named Juan Miguel Vasquez. The man is a well connected terrorist who has connections with the quantum association."

Shinji cut her off by asking, "The quantum association, the network that 007 has been complaining about for the last ten years?"

"The very same. The man is also allegedly connected to other terrorist groups like The Base, the Kingdom of Allah and even elements of the Batthist party of Syria. He launders money for the group's activities and changes the currency to euros, or even the dollar so that their splinter cells can blend in with the locals. Thankfully, the laws have changed so that we keep track of every euro that goes in and out of the content so that we have an idea of their activities.

The idea is that Vasquez is in a financial straits. He needs money to keep his operations going, but with the crackdown on his money sources, it is almost impossible to make his clients happy. Your job is to assasinate him, and make it look like one of his clients did it."

"Any particulars on the target?"

"He always carries a Browning Hi-Power on him at all times and his guards carry the M-16 stolen from the scrap yards of the US Army in Afghanistan. They are also wearing bullet proof vests so standard armor piercing ammunition is required." The woman pressed a button and said, "send in the quartermaster."

A few minutes later, an elderly gentleman walked through the door carrying a wooden case and a briefcase. The woman then said, "Take off your jacket, Shinji." As Shinji complied with the request, the woman chuckled.

"Is something funny," Shinji asked.

"No, no, Shinji. Hand me your gun." Shinji handed over his Beretta. "Shinji, you know that you are a standard intelligence agent at MI6, so you are expected to carry a different gun than the rest of the world, but this pistol is not fitting for someone of your talents, especially if you hope to be a 00 agent by the end of this assignment. From now on, you carry a Walther. Show him."

The gentleman took over the briefing, "The Walther PPK-L. It is light weight so that you have more control over it, but at the cost of a much greater recoil than standard issue. Can be fitted with a silencer and carries eight rounds, one in the chamber, and seven in the magazine. I assigned you the lightweight model so that a man of your size can properly handle the gun with one hand if you have to."

Setting the briefcase on the desk, the man continued, "This is the briefcase that we assign to all potential 00 and 00 personnel. There are twenty rounds of ammunition, here and here," pointing to the legs of the case. "If you take the top off, you'll find the ammunition inside," Shinji took a leg and noticed that the ammunition is right inside. Shinji put the leg back as the quartermaster continued, "In the side here, flat throwing ceramic knife. Press that button there, and out she comes." The knife popped out of the side of the case just as he pressed a button that was hidden on the other side. He then put the knife away and opened the case. "Inside the case, you will find diplomatic papers to bypass airport security in most countries and an AR folding sniper's rifle. Point-two-five caliber with an infrared telescopic sight. If you pull out these straps, inside are fifty gold sovereigns circa 1960. Twenty-five in either side. Now, watch very carefully," as the man pulled out a case of talcum powder. "An ordinary tin of talcum powder. Inside, a tear-gas cartridge. That goes in the case against the side here, like that. It's magnetized, so it won't fall. Shut the case." Shinji did so as the man looked on. "Normally, to open a case like that, you move the catches to the side. If you do, the cartridge will explode in your face. To stop the cartridge exploding, turn the catches horizontally." He demonstrated as to how to open the case, "like that. Then open normally. Now you try it." Shinji opened up the case as he was instructed.

"Well, that is a nasty looking Christmas present," Shinji said as he prepares to leave the office.

Six days later

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The simple looking villa that housed his target was just beyond the wall. Shinji knew that the man inside was a cautious man. He rarely left his house, and he always was armed with that damned Browning of his. Taking his rifle out, he lined up his sights on the guard on the roof. One shot, one kill. Shinji climbed up the stairs that are outside to get to a second floor window. Taking a glass cutter, Shinji etched out a circle in the glass and slipped in through the window into the building. After getting his bearings, he went into his office.

Upon entering the office, he saw two ledger books open. Obviously, the man was keeping books when he was pulled away suddenly. Instead of going after the books, he saw and went after the pistol that was lying there on the desk as the door opened.

The man who walked in was a man of Mexican decent, about five foot three, but Shinji recognized the man as his target. Aiming the gun at the man, Shinji commanded, "Entre y cierre la puerta ahora." The man closed the door and sat down at his desk.

"You speak my native tongue well, my friend, where did you learn," the man asked.


"Now why would MI6 send a fourteen year old boy to do a man's job? Surprised that I would know who your bosses are? Well, let's just say that the rifle that you are holding is a dead giveaway as well as the fact that you went to Cambridge was another clue."

"And the point is?"

"You are training to be a 00 agent, am I right?" Not waiting for an answer, the man asked, "Do you know how many kills that it would take to be a 00?"


"How did the man on the roof die?"

"A simple aim and shoot from the rifle there," Shinji said as he pulled out his PPK-L and equipped his silencer.

"Your first kill must have been hard on you. Made you feel it? Well don't worry, the second is-" The words were cut out of his mouth because Shinji fired his Walther.

"Yes, considerably."

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Shinji Ikari- Himself

Dame Judi Dench- M

John Cleese- Q

Daniel Craig- James Bond 007

Gendo Ikari- Himself

Lorintz Keel- Himself]


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