Life moved on. Low Shoulder were found dead in their hotel room, next to a kid from Devil's Kettle. They blamed Chip for the murders. Including the ones in Devil's Kettle. They didn't dwell on the fact the victims had been ripped apart with the ferocity of an animal. It didn't matter that Chip had alibis for some of the murders. In the end the murders stopped and the town needed someone to blame. They had lost enough of their young people, they needed to feel safe, and the only way to do that was to blame a boy who couldn't defend himself. Needy felt bad. Especially at the funeral when she was the only one who turned up. She had held his mother's hand all the way through the service and had turned to her at the end to tell her that, even though Chip had lost his way, she was sure he was at peace with God.

She was thankful when the service ended and she was able to go home. She shrugged off her blazer and loosed the buttons of her black shirt. It had been a long few months, but Chip's funeral signalled the end of the killing.

Jennifer's wounds had bled until she was near death, her eyes wide and pleading, her mouth open in a silent scream. The demon had seeped out of her body through her blood, pooling in the centre of the circle with the blood of the other sacrifices, until it had caught fire, cleansing Jennifer and Needy's body of the parasite that infected them. As the fire had burnt itself out, Jennifer's body had lay untouched in the centre, her eyes wide and staring straight at Needy.

The blonde sighed, trying to forget the events of that day. She had to move on with her life. Make a fresh start. They both did. A smile crept over her lips as slender arms wrapped around her waist, making the horrors of Chip's death and his funeral slip from her mind in a way only her biff could.

"Where's it at monostat?"