Jacob's POV

"Stupid piece of crap!" I grumbled as oil started leaking down onto my chin and neck. Quickly I grabbed my socket wrench to tighten the oil pan bolts. The oil had just stopped when I heard a tinkling laugh that brought a smile to my face even though I knew the reason for the laughter was at my expense.

I crawled out from under the car and there she was leaning against the doorway of my makeshift garage wearing a white sundress and matching sandals. The sun was just starting to set behind her making her skin sparkle lightly. "You know you'd think after seven years you would have learned how to avoid that from happening."

I pulled out an old rag out of my back pocket. "Well you see cars are like women, you need a mood ring for it even to be safe for it to be around them and their mood swings." I said grinning.

Renesmee face turned into a pout, though I think I saw the laughter sparkling in her eyes. "Oh if that's how you feel maybe I should just leave." She said turning away.

A little quicker than humanly possible I ran to her and took her hand. "No!" I said turning her back around to face me.

"Well I don't won't to put you in danger." She said trying to keep the smile off her face.

I shook my head. "Silly Nessie, only a human male could possibly be in danger of a girl's mood swings. So me being a werewolf and all makes me immune." I said smiling happily.

"Oh I see." She said, her face finally breaking into her beautiful smile of hers. As much as she looked like her parents her smile was completely her own. She had the hair of her mother, wavy curls flowing all the way down her back, a few shades lighter than her mother's. She also had Bella's button nose and small ears, but she had her Edward's big eyes and thin face. But her smile, nothing compared to it. It could light up the darkest night. "I'm glad to hear it." She said giving me a hug around my waist, her head resting on my chest. The now familiar feeling of being whole settled over as I hugged her back, it was just all too natural.

"So are you all packed?" Nessie asked pulling out of the hug to take my hand and pull me over to the car I had just been under.

I sat down on the hood next to her. "Oh yeah, Alice came by yesterday and kidnapped me, taking me to the mall and made me try on everything in my size. And when I complained she said something about how I had to come with her because she wouldn't know what would look good on me or not because she couldn't just look into the future and find out." I said shaking my head, it had been the worst six and a half hours of my life! Though I guess it was worth it. Besides she had threatened me that if I didn't go with her, I wouldn't be allowed to go with the Cullen's to Alaska, because I wouldn't fit in with the clothes I had and would make people suspicious about them if I was walking around in just shorts and a t-shirt. "But at least I didn't have to pack anything; after she made me do all that she threw out all my other clothes and put all the stuff she bought into suit cases."

"So there is a bright side?" Nessie asked with raised eyebrows.

I scoffed "Pfft, no it just happened not to be as dark as other parts of that very dark and gloomy day!"

Her laughter filled the air again, sweeter than the sound of bells.

Once she was done we sat there for a while, neither speaking, just sitting on my car listening to two birds whistling back and forth to one another. After a while Nessie laid back on hood and closed her eyes and I couldn't help but watch her. She had grown up so fast, not that I minded, not at all, I loved Nessie at whatever age she was at. I just couldn't believe she was already done growing. (If what Nahuel said was true) It had been almost seven years, (six years seven months and twelve days) yet it felt like she'd been here with me my entire life.

But maybe that was just it; maybe my life just didn't start 'till she got here.

Renesmee POV

I loved the warmth of the sun on my skin, though the sun would be setting behind the line of trees outside Jake's garage and I wouldn't be able to feel it. But that was ok, when I closed my eyes I couldn't tell the difference between the sun and Jake. I felt a small smile quirking at my lips at the thought of him. Sometimes I worried myself at how much I thought about him, but mom says that it's normal, that Jake is a huge part of my life, and as I get older he was just going to get more important. Though I don't know how he could, he was already the most important part of my life. But mom is pretty smart like that so she must know something that I don't.

Tomorrow we, the Cullen's, Jake, and I would all be moving to Juneau, Alaska. It would be so different from England, but I was so excited! Tanya's clan would only be a couple miles away from where we would be living, and that meant seeing Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar whenever I wanted! I had missed them so much in the last seven years.

But even though I was excited about moving somewhere new, I couldn't help but feel guilty. Jake had spent the last seven year away from his family, away from the pack, (though he did get to talk to them when he changed into his wolf form) and his home, all because of me. No matter how many times Jake said he was happy to be with me, I could tell he missed Billy and the pack. And that made me feel horrible. How could I do something like tear Jacob from his family! If I really cared for him I would tell him to go back home.

But I couldn't do that, I was too selfish, I wanted to be with Jake too much to let him go, because if he went back I couldn't go with him. There would be too many questions.

"What are you thinking about?" The sound of Jake's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I opened my eyes. "I was just thinking about the move and getting to see Kate again." I said smiling; well it wasn't a lie exactly.

But Jake narrowed his eyes, looking down on me hard. "You know I think that was another thing you inherited from your mother."

My brow furrowed. "What?"

He chuckled. "Her ability to lie." He said smiling widely. "So what are you really thinking about?"

I pursed my lips folded my arms across my chest and I felt my face heat up a little, he was right, try as I might I could never lie, I even sounded fake to myself.

"Come on Nessie, you know you can tell me anything!" He said taking my hand with a pleading look in his eyes.

I quickly looked down trying to steel myself from the look that could get me to do anything. Because I didn't want to tell him. I didn't want to bring it up in case it made him realize that he wanted to go back home. I couldn't handle that. Jake was my best friend, (though that sometimes didn't seem to cover what we were sometimes) I couldn't do it if he left.

"Really Jake, that was it." I said silently begging him to drop it, because if he asked again I would probably give in. Luck much have been on my side, because Jake wasn't one to let someone lie to him and then let that person get away.

"Oh, ok." He said sounding slightly hurt.

Hearing his voice I couldn't help but look up at him, but he was looking down. "Jake please don't put a lot of thought into this. It's just something I want to think about a little more before I try to say it out loud." I said. When he still didn't look at me I took his hand. "Really, you'll be the first to know when I'm ready."

He nodded his head giving me a small smile. "Ok. And I get it. I just like knowing you'll tell me everything." He heaved a sigh. "Sorry I'm so moody today." He said giving his head a shake, his long brown hair going everywhere some tickling my face.

I laughed, and since I was holding his hand I used my ability to remind him of yesterday when he promised me that we would do something fun before we left tomorrow. The memory flowed through my head like I was watching a movie, and I knew he was seeing the same thing as me.

'You promised.' I thought at him. I had just gotten that last year. I could now not just share my memories with the ones I touch but now I can also share my thoughts to! Grandpa thinks it has something to do me growing, like as I get older my powers get bigger. Or something like that.

"That's right." He said once I had finished. "I guess I owe you one more night out on the town." He said jumping off the front of the car, pulling me up along with him. "So what would you like to do?"

I shrugged as long as it was with Jacob, I couldn't really care what we did. "I don't know, you decide."

Jake grinned down at me. "I was hoping you would say that."

I stared up at him, he was really kind of beautiful.

"Renesmee!" I heard Alice's voice screech. I turned around, not all that surprised, I don't think Alice knew how to make a normal entrance.

"If she's come for me because she's remembered she forgot to get me some form of sweater yesterday I am going to hide behind you like a little girl." Jake whispered into my ear so low I wouldn't have been surprised if Alice hadn't heard it. But alas.

"I heard that Jacob. And no I'm not here for you, Renesmee I have to get you ready for tonight! Come, come child we have very little time!" She said bouncing over to me, taking my hand that Jake wasn't holding and started toward the car.

"But Alice I was making plans with Jake tonight." I whined dragging Jake along behind me.

"Yes silly, I know." She said laughing. "That's why we have to go get you dressed!" She said smiling over her shoulder.

I felt my forehead wrinkle. "But you can't see Jake's future, how do you know where we're going and what I'm going to be wearing?"

Again Alice laughed, I was beginning to think she was laughing at me. "Never underestimate the powers of a psychic!" She came to a stop next to her yellow Porsche and she rolled her eyes at me. "I can see some, it's just really fuzzy, and I saw what you are going to where tonight! Trust me you look great!" she squealed, took my hand from Jake's and pushed me to the passenger's side of the car. "You can come pick her up in an half hour." She told Jake after shoving me into the car and was walking at vampire speed to the driver's side. She slid in and had the car in drive before she remembered something rolled down the window and said. "Oh and Jacob, please be wearing a shirt as well as pants when you pick her up."