Kazu: I'm not sure if Bella's nervous of needles or not but I wanted to make this little fluffy one-shot for my fear of needles, as I had to have my second HPV injection today. This is my first Twilight fic, so they may be a bit OCC.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

It was a rainy day in Forks, perfect for the Cullen family, which sent Bella Swan into a more unhappy mood then before Edward had brought up the dreaded subject.


"No Edward!" Bella stated firmly, stamping her foot childishly, a pout on her pale face.

Sighing, the Vampire pinched the bridge of his nose, "Bella, love, listen. This is a chance for you not to get cancer."

"But Edward, I'm going to be a Vampire soon, remember." Bella hinted.

"Yes yes I know, please don't remind me love. Please? It would put me at ease if you had it done."

Slumping her shoulders, she looked up at her love, "Only if you come..."

A smile lit up his pale face, making butterflies in her stomach flutter around, "Sure! I'll come Bella."

Muttering, Bella slumped down, "I hate needles."

Breath Bella...

Eyeing the needle which was still wrapped up tightly in it's packet, Bella looked up as the middle aged nurse called her name.

"Miss, when was your birthday?"

Muttering her reply, Bella looked down at Edward's stone cold hand in hers.

Nodding the nurse unwrapped the needle and held it up to the top of Bella's arm.

Oh my god.

"You'll feel a sharp pinch... now."

Flinching slightly away from the needle, as it broke through her layers of skin, she closed her eyes tightly, gripping Edward's hand.

"Done, that wasn't too bad, was it dear?"

Lying through her clenched teeth, Bella shook her head.

"So what did you think of it love?" Edward asked, as Bella rested against his chest.

Taking a deep breath, she stared down, "It was okay."

"Great!" He exclaimed, unsure to whether Bella was lying for once, "You have two more yet."

She could have died at that point.