Today was the Christmas party day at the tiny elementary school I worked in. Little fingers…creamy, white, pudgy and grabby! Oh my god, so grabby. Stickiness seems to multiply around children exponentially. Adding the cookies, carrot sticks, dip and tiny sandwiches crushed between chubby fists and you have yourself one very dirty and crumby teacher.

I wondered if Miss Swan would help me clean up later from all these finger foods? Imagining her sucking on each one of my fingers because I was a "dirty boy" and needed cleaning up…

Ahhh, Miss Swan, the best student teacher I ever had the joy of working with. Her skin was alabaster cream dotted with cafe au lait freckles intermittently sprinkled like nonpareils on the top of a white frosted cupcake. She was not only beautiful, but compassionate, generous and caring; all traits I was looking for when it came to a lifelong companion. The idea that she loved teaching small children as much as I did was the icing on the cake. I would have my cake and eat it too…

Secretly hoping to open a private school for children who had been devastated by childhood cancer, I was socking away money like it was going out of style. I had my trust fund, and Miss Swan, hopefully, once I worked up the urge to ask her out. She was classically beautiful, needing little, if any, makeup or jewelry to call attention to her assets, as it were. And my, my my, what assets they were. Full, rounded breasts that jutted out like the very best water balloons a boy could fill, they were just large enough for a handful.

When I looked at her body I could feel the hairs tingle on the back of my neck, a flush beginning at my groin and spreading like will o' the wisp fire, licking each hair follicle, each standing at attention hoping to be smoothed back down by her caress. My entire body itched for a resolution to the physical attraction.

"Mr. Masen, would you like the last sandwich?" Bella asked, raising her brow in inquiry.

I looked around frantically, not wanting to turn her away; loathe to ever say no to this beatific creature. My hands were adulterated with bits of crumbs from cookies, chocolaty smears from tiny fingers and leftover sticky from cleaning up the cups of spilled punch from the children in our classroom.

"I-uh, well…" I stammered, looking down at the mess I had made caring for the students.

"Oh…" sighed Bella, "Well, here, let me feed you, Mr. Masen."

She lifted the triangle of filled bread to my lips in supplication. I opened my lips to received the offering with gratitude, my eyes closing as the sugar of the jam and salt of the peanut butter mixed to create wonderful tastes on my tongue. Sweet and salt resided in Bella as well and I wanted to taste her sweet and salt.

"Mmmm, thank you Miss Swan. Finger foods have always been my favorite way to eat," I said, opening my eyes and staring at her and hoping she would catch the double entendre.

Bella's eyelids drooped with what I hoped was arousal. Her nipples hardened and became apparent under her shirt. I flicked my eyes quickly to make sure not to miss my reward. Bingo!

"Thank you for your help today," I commented.

"Oh you're welcome. I will be so sad to go back to school after the break. My time here is almost over," she finished, a frown pulling at the corners of her mouth.

"Well, Miss Swan, I wanted to speak with you about that. Would you mind accompanying me to dinner this evening?"