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Rating/Warning(s): M
Notes: This continues the 17th prompt of "rapport" story that was begun.

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Word Challenge: Use the following words: waterfall, droplets, piece, dedicate.

Watching the waterfall of hair bounce and sway on her back as she turned fully toward him, Edward struggled to keep his eyes on his student's face. It wasn't just her hair that bounced. Suppressing a groan, Edward addressed her directly.

"Now, Ms. Swan, would you care to join me in my office to discuss the problem we seem to be having?"

Bella could feel her anxiety causing a drop in both her stomach and visage. "Mr. Masen, I know I haven't been in class very much, but I hoped that when you saw the quality of my work and how far above the other students it was, we could come to some sort of agreement. I do apologize for not coming to you sooner."

Edward had wondered why she didn't opt for testing out of the class in the first place but was having difficulty concentrating on the explanation she was giving. He really just wanted to get her into his office so he could give her his undivided attention. He also felt several pairs of eyes on them. He wanted to look at her and memorize her features privately and that affected change in what he said next. He was going to have mercy on her but she was pushing him to discuss the problem here; he needed to get away from her in the middle of all these students.

"Ms. Swan, I asked if you would be agreeable to a meeting in my office and do not appreciate your sidestepping my request. Now, will you say yes or no to the meeting? Either way we will resolve this problem with your attendance and I expect a positive response on your part." He waited for her response, beginning to feel bad for needing to push her to this so forcefully.

Bella realized she had overstepped and they agreed on a time tomorrow afternoon.

Now Bella dithered over what she was going to do. Should she attend the meeting with the most perfectly formed man on the face of the earth? Or should she stay away from him and take the failing mark in the class? As she walked to her next class she wished she had a girlfriend to talk to about this problem.

All of her friends had finished college already and were ensconced back in Arizona in new careers and lives separate from her own. She was taking advantage of her father's benefits on the police force for this college experience in Seattle. She felt so alone right now.

Edward watched as the droplets of tears painted translucent lines down her pink cheeks. Now he just felt like an ass. He never meant to make her feel so badly. His mouth turned to a frown and his skin felt tight and itchy. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at his shoes. Expelling a forceful breath he dedicated himself to making Isabella feel more at ease once they were in his office.

"My office, now, please," he commanded.

Isabella wiped the tears away with her fingertips. Her mouth had gone dry and she needed a drink badly. She wondered what had angered her professor so.