So, this is my second account my other being ' katexleon ' this is for more serious work. No Naruto, no Bleach. These are things I created myself, so constructive criticism is welcomed and I hope you enjoy.
Also, these aren't going to be super long chapters I'm not so good at writing something extreamly long, I find it gets boring so tell me if you're alright with that as well alright? :)


'Faster, run faster!' A black haired girl ran top speed down an alley not turning back, in fear she would see what chased her.

London was known for their nut jobs every once in a while, of course the girl had not come into contact with any of those psychos but she'd heard the stories from her friends.

I suppose there's a first for everything.

The girl saw an opening, a road to her left if she could get out in the open she'd be alright. There would surely be people around wouldn't there?

What a stupid decision to walk alone in the night.

Almost there.

But not quite. The girl suddenly felt a hand go over her mouth, and a hand at her waist to keep the struggling female still. She shivered at the contact – of what she could guess was a males – cold touch.
She whimpered and tears started to leak from her eyes as she soon concluded that she would die.

The man feeling the tears on his hand tried to console her.

"Now now, don't cry. You were very brave i'll be sure to make it quick."

She mumbled incoherent ramblings something about how she had a family and friends. Someone she cared very deeply for.

Something in the male clicked and he suddenly got angry tightening his grip on her.

"You don't have to do this I won't say anything. No one will know a thing if you just let me go. Please."

It was futile though. She knew that but tried her reasoning further which intensified his angry mood swing.

"Now this is going to hurt..."

As the male said that the male bent his head down to the level of her neck. He licked the warm skin and suddenly bit into her.

An agonizing whaling sounded from deep in her throat and got louder as time passed.

Slowly her screaming and crying died down and she collapsed on the asphalt.

The stranger looked at her for a moment then crouched down beside her moving the ebony strand of hair stuck to her sweating forehead.

Seeing her deathly pale skin tone made him crack a mile the first time that night.

He then scooped her up in his arms and ran off into the night.