Ryu- Well, it's Irie's birthday, so I thought I would do a fiction for him.

Birthday 1

Today was Irie's birthday, and it wasn't as great as most people would think. Such that Irie didn't have many friends and he was currently living in another country.

So the only things Irie did receive were birthday wishes, and one card that he just found near his door. It was in the same handwriting and had the usual signature, a flower, actually, there were a couple flowers. It was strange because Irie would only get one flower, different each month, but Irie shrugged it off.

This had happened some time ago. After a few weeks since moving in, Irie had received a welcome gift, from who, Irie didn't know.

Every month Irie received a gift, all from the same person, and Irie wasn't sure if he knew this person. Actually, Irie was a bit suspicious, but it didn't seem like anything dangerous, because a stalker wouldn't use their own handwriting, right?

Back to the card, it said -

Dear Shou-chan. I believe it's your birthday today. You will receive your gift later in the day, and it will be a gift you really want.

Irie didn't mind the wording, as they were somewhat true. Each gift Irie had received, were quite close to what Irie wanted.

The flowers, from Irie's memory, were a red rose, a white orchid, and a tuberose. Irie didn't think anymore of them as he put them in a vase with the rest of the flowers.

The first had been an Almond Blossom, the second had been a buttercup, and the third had been a Forsynthia.

So, ignoring the items, Irie left his apartment and went out to work. As he headed for the elevator, he didn't notice someone unlocking his door and walk into his apartment.

Some hours passed before Irie was able to return home. Irie was too tired to turn on the lights, so he just headed toward his bathroom to wash up and then head for bed.

But one thing was, Irie didn't make it to his bathroom, as he was grabbed from behind and a cloth was put over his mouth and nose. Irie noticed that there was a faint metallic scent before he blacked out.

When Irie woke up, he noted a few things. One, the sun had set while he was out, and two, the window was open, letting a cool breeze in, hitting his bare skin, all of it, meaning that he was naked.

"Oh, Shou-chan's finally awake." Irie heard a man say, but he couldn't tell where because it was dark. "I guess I should give my gift then." The person, said, and then Irie felt the bed dip, as he saw the outline of the person.

Irie tried to get away, but it was then he noticed that he was tied to the bed. Before Irie could untie the knots, he felt lips on his own. The kiss lasted only a few second, but it felt like minutes.

When they broke apart, Irie spoke. "Why, why are you doing this?" Irie said.

Irie heard the man chuckle. "It's because this is what Shou-chan wants."

"What do you mean?" Irie asked.

"Shou-chan has been stressed lately, and feels like he needs something. Only I know what you need." The man said as he leaned closer.

True Irie was stressed, but he didn't think he needed this.

"Now now. Don't struggle, I'll be gentle." The man said.

Then Irie felt hands on his body. One hand was on his chest, playing with his nipples while the other was at his length.

Irie was going to protest, but he was kissed again. Even with the close proximity, Irie still couldn't see the man's face, but he couldn't think about that as the mans hand went to the tip of his length, causing Irie to jerk at the feeling.

Being so absorbed in the feelings, Irie thrust into the hand, and once again felt the feeling.

The man broke the kiss and chuckled. "If Shou-chan is like that, then I guess I should speed things up."

Irie felt the man move away, and the remaining warmth dissipated. Irie began to shiver since the movements had caused Irie to sweat, and now there was nothing to keep him warm.

Then Irie heard something being uncorked. The next thing he knew, something was inserted into him. Irie moaned as fingers moved and flexed inside of him. Irie was so overwhelmed by the feelings that when the fingers were removed, his mind crashed.

Irie let out a whimper. "Don't worry. Just be patient." The man said, and then Irie felt his legs being moved apart. The next thing that happens, is something much larger entering him.

Irie let out a gasp as he arched his back. "The first time is always magical." The man said as he thrust.

Irie moaned with each thrust, and sometime during the whole process, Irie's hands were untied, and then found themselves being wrapped around the man thrusting into him.

Suddenly Irie let out a gasp as something was hit. The man's lips were on Irie's neck by then, and Irie felt the man smirk as he began to hit that spot over and over again.

Soon, Irie could take it no longer and released his essence onto the man's stomach. A few more thrusts later, the man also came, and his warm essence flowed in Irie.

The man pulled himself out and lay next to Irie. Before Irie fell a sleep, he asked one thing on his mind. "Who are you?" Irie asked.


'Ah, the white orchid.' Irie thought as he fell a sleep.

The next morning, Irie woke up to an empty bed. The only signs that the man had been there, were, stained bedsheets, and a sore rear.

So Irie got up, and put on a robe, because he didn't feel like changing, and he assumed the man was gone, or so he thought until he went to the kitchen.

There, cooking at the stove was a white haired man. "What are you doing!?" Irie shouted.

"Hm, oh I'm just making a warm breakfast for you. I know you like to have a warm breakfast right after you wake up." Byakuran said as he turned around, and then he smirked. "Oh, so early in the morning, you're so naughty Shou-chan." Byakuran said.

Irie looked down and saw that his length was exposed. He quickly tied the ropes of the robe before yelling "Just leave!"


Ryu- Yeah, this is it, but there will be other fics.

Now if you're wondering, there are certain meanings for the flowers.

Red Rose – Passionate Love

Tuberose – Pleasure

Orchid – Magnificence, love, and beauty. It is also what Byakuran's name means.

Almond Blossom – Hope and Watchfulness

Buttercup – Childishness

Forsynthia – Anticipation

Ryu- Just wait until Christmas.