Ryu- Hello people, it's been a while since I've updated something, and since it's Father's Day, I thought I would do a little oneshot relating to it. There's also the fact that I've seen people labeling Byakuran as "pedo!kuran" or something, where Byakuran is obviously an adult who loves a young Irie. So, since it's Father's Day, I have something special planned out.

Also, this oneshot won't be related to the other oneshots I've done, and in this fic, Byakuran is 22 while Irie is 10.

Yamihanao – Well, Ghost is Byakuran, so he was bound to pop up sometime. Anyway, I call that seducing, but seducing does not mean you come out on top.

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Today was not going to be a good day, Irie was sure of it. Why, well because it was Father's Day, and ever since being adopted by Byakuran, things had become more hectic.

Byakuran had said that he wanted to be a good father, so he referred to Irie as "my son", and in turn, wanted Irie to call him "dad", but Irie didn't see Byakuran as his father, so Byakuran was just referred to as "Byakuran-san".

Irie sighed, and got out of the ridiculously large bed that Byakuran had bought him two years ago when he was eight. There were a couple things that have already gone wrong.

The first thing was that it was raining out, so he wouldn't be able to go outside and play (and stay away from Byakuran). The other thing was that it was Father's Day.

"I hope Byakuran-san doesn't expect me to do anything for him." Irie said as he got ready and went down to breakfast.

When he got the kitchen, he didn't expect to be called-

"Good morning Shou-chan." Byakuran said as he set the plates of pancakes on the table. To say that Irie was shocked was an understatement.

"What happened to 'my son'? And don't use my first name." Irie said, with the last part being mumbled out.

"I figured it'd be point less to call you that any more." Byakuran said.

"Why couldn't you just have stopped two years ago?" Irie said as he sat down and started to eat.

After a few minutes of silence, to which Irie was also surprised by, both males finished their plate of pancakes when Byakuran suddenly took hold of Irie's chin, leaned over, and licked Irie's cheek.

Irie pulled back immediately. "What was that for!" Irie said as he held his cheek.

"There was syrup on it." Byakuran said.

Irie just groaned, excused himself from the table, and went up to his bed room mumblings things about the actions of weird grown ups. All the while, Irie didn't notice the intense gaze Byakuran was sending at Irie.

Hours later, Irie was still up in his room, listening to his music on full blast and watching it rain outside. Suddenly lightning struck, just at the same time Byakuran walked into the room, and predatory look in his eyes.

Irie didn't notice, that is until his headphones were pulled off. Irie turned around, to be met with a kiss. Immediately Irie backed away, until his back hit the headboard of the bed.

"What are you doing!" Irie shouted, fingers to his lips.

"Oh, was that your first kiss?" Byakuran said as he climbed onto the bed.

"Don't avoid the question!" Irie shouted.

"Because if I can't have you as my son" Byakuran said as he began to straddle Irie. "I'll just have to have you as my lover." Byakuran said as he forced a kiss onto Irie's lips.

Irie tried to push Byakuran away, but couldn't, and as they kissed, Byakuran's hand found its way to Irie's pants, and began to tug.

Irie again tried to stop Byakuran, but the lack of air and his small size didn't help, and soon Irie's pants and boxers were removed, leaving his length exposed.

Finally, the kiss was broken and Irie greedily filled his lungs with air, and once Irie had is fill, he turned to speak, but his words turned to squeaks as Byakuran lifted Irie onto his lap, and before Irie could struggle, Byakuran licked his fingers and inserted them into Irie.

At this, Irie didn't know what to do. Irie didn't want those fingers in, there, but the feeling was so strange that Irie began to mewl as the fingers moved in him, and when they were taken out, Irie looked up at Byakuran with his lust fogged eyes.

Byakuran chuckled. "Shou-chan, do you remember the story with the bees and flowers I told you about after you saw that scene in the movie with the two men wrestling?" Byakuran asked.

Irie nodded, and even if he wasn't dazed by that feeling, Irie could remember clear as day. He had decided to get a glass of water one night, and when he did, he saw Byakuran watching some sort of movie involving two naked men who looked like they were wrestling.

Suddenly, Irie was brought out of his memories when Byakuran began to move his free hand, which had its fingers inside Irie.

Irie watched as Byakuran undid his pants and pulled out his own length. At the sight of it, Irie blushed and thought 'It's big'.

Then, Byakuran lifted Irie and placed him a position that left Irie straddling Byakuran, who maneuvered and took a bottle out of his pocket.

Irie looked at it questionably as Byakuran opened the bottle and squirted the liquid onto his other hand, and then brought it behind Irie, who wondered what Byakuran was doing, until he felt something poke at his rear.

Irie looked at Byakuran, who was now smiling. "We're going to be reenacting that story." Byakuran said as he grabbed onto Irie's hips, and pushed down.

Irie gasped and tried to stand up, but Byakuran's grip was strong, so Irie collapsed onto Byakuran's chest and began to pant.

"Bya-Byakuran-s-san. It feels weird. Ta-take it out." Irie said in between pants.

"Shhh." Byakuran said as he slipped a hand under Irie's shirt. "Take off your shirt and just wait." Byakuran said as Irie stiffly took off his shirt and collapsed onto Byakuran's chest again, this time gripping Byakuran's clothes.

Once some time had passed, Byakuran moved himself so now Irie was on his back, and he was looming over Irie.

Then, Byakuran pried Irie's hands off his clothes and began to strip, all while still being inside Irie. Once all his clothes had been taken off, Byakuran began to move in and out of Irie.

Uncertain at what was happening, Irie just whimpered and gave small mewls. All of this was not enough for Byakuran, so he took one nipple into his mouth, and the other between his fingers. Then Byakuran used his free hand to hold Irie's length.

'So small, but in twelve years, he should be as big as me.' Byakuran thought.

And once Byakuran had been touching those certain areas, Irie could not do anything but let his feelings be heard.

Even as it thundered outside, Byakuran could still hear his sweet Shou-chan's cute moans, and even the gasp, followed by Irie arching his back and then releasing his essence onto Byakuran's hand and stomach.

A few more thrusts by Byakuran, and he too came, spilling his essence into Irie. Once Byakuran pulled out, the two took the time to bask in the after glow, and after a few minutes, Irie yawned, showing his tiredness.

"Why don't you go to sleep." Byakuran said, and Irie nodded.

Once Byakuran could hear the deep breathing, he looked outside the window, and could see that night had fallen and it was still raining. Also, the streetlights were not on.

'It seems the storm knocked out the power.' Byakuran looked over at Irie. 'I should sleep with Shou-chan to make sure he doesn't get cold.' Byakuran thought as he crawled next to Irie and covered them both with a blanket.


Ryu- Well, I hoped you liked this little oneshot.