Poison Pen

GenkaiFan's and Frau's Notes

I am doing this solo as Frau is currently dealing with health issues and can't make it to the keyboard. Hopefully, she will get better soon. So please excuse the grammar errors.

As we have said in the his chapter, there were be no sequel, well, at least from us. We've decided to allow others to do it for us. We know we can't stop anyone from doing a sequel or a spin-off as this is after all fanfiction.

However, we would to offer up this challenge if you are thinking about doing a story based on "Poison Pen."

The Poison Pen Challenge

1. Oliver Twist is not revealed as Harry Potter officially. We had in mind at one time doing a sequel and had discussed that Harry would love to be able to live under the alias of Twist to get away from his BWL fans. It is alright for people to know who he is as long as they keep it to themselves. All loose threads within Poison Pen are fair game. Have at it!

2. We would like to see no pairings. We felt that the story was all about the articles and not Harry's love life. However, if you want to do a pairing, we wouldn't stop you. All we ask is no Ginny pairings. Slash is alright as long as it's not too graphic and moves the story along. Sometimes, authors get too carried away writing sex scenes that the story gets bogged down.

3. Lastly, let us know you are writing it so we can post the address on Genkai's profile.

4. Have fun.

We look forward to reading what you write. As for us, we are taking a from writing Harry Potter and going to rework a couple stories GenkaiFan wrote before Frau became her partner-in-crime.

Until next time. -GF and the Frau