Chapter One

"It happened last night"

It was a cold and blistering night, all was quiet but the crickets outside my window. I lay awake for I am not tired yet. I look out my window as I see a dozen little leafs dancing on the lawn and the moon hiding very softly in the sky. The big oak tree out front was swaying from its base and the moon's light was breaking through the leaves on the tree. I look at the clock as it states 2:43 A.M. Suddenly everything went black. I run to the door to turn on the lights but they seem not to be working. My things started to rattle and clack amongst their shelves and then the sky lit up in a blinding white of dismay. For a second I could not see but I soon got my vision back. I ran to the window and as I looked up at the sky I saw a trail of smoke of what seem to appear heading towards the ground. I quickly put on a pair of old blue jeans and a red vibrant shirt. I grabbed the flashlight sitting on my desk as well as the wristwatch and headed out the bedroom door. When I got outside I could see that the trail was fading into the black abyss. I followed it until I came to the edge of the woods. I started to clear a way with my hands as the prickles of the tree were poking me, I did not care for what fell from the sky was more important. As I neared closer to the object that fell form the sky I could smell the scent of hot metal in the air. It took a lot of effort, but I soon came to a strange clearing in the woods. I looked at the trees around the clearing and they all seemed to have a scorched base near the pine needles on the ground. I slowly walked to the middle of the clearing as each step I take I try to avoid the little dancing flames on the ground. When I neared to the middle of the clearing I could see faint little trails of smoke swiveling up into the air. As I peered into the crater a feeling came over me as I grew limp and tired. Crashing to the ground on my knees and with the little strength I had, I noticed a smooth metal sphere lying perfectly in the crater without a scratch. I caressed the sphere with my hands as a cold frigid felling grew on my body and a shiver went down my back. I took a quick glance at the time it states 3:15 A.M. I go to budge the sphere out of its place but it seems to be lodged into the ground. With the little digging have done I managed to get it loose. A fowl stench of rotting decay followed the sphere as I pulled it out of the ground. Standing up swiftly, and with the sphere in my hands I started to make my way out of the clearing. When I was half way out I tripped over a tree knot, and as the sphere came crashing to the ground, a ricochet of static and dust flew into the air clouding up my vision. As I stumbled back to my feet I noticed the spheres cold metal face was melting. The cold liquid metal was slowly dripping off the spheres face and hitting the ground with force. The liquid metal froze instantly when it hit the ground. After the metal melted off of the sphere, it soon resembled a ruff darken coal. I quickly picked up the ruff-darkened coal, and as I stepped over the frozen metal on the ground, I headed home.