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Set after 2x10. This is my first Merlin fic. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter I: Leodegrance's Arrival

Uther and Arthur watched over the people as they prepared for the arrival of Camelot's royal guest. They were all rushing around, making sure that everything was perfect. Arthur caught a glimpse of Gwen. She was carrying a pile of neatly folded laundry, no doubt some of Morgana's dresses. Arthur and Gwen had not spoken since the incident with Lady Vivian, which had happened two weeks before. The last conversation they had still played in Arthur's mind.

"One day, you will find your real princess. One day, you will be king of Camelot and I cannot be you queen."

Arthur knew Gwen was right. She had reminded him that he was a prince and she was a servant. She reminded him no matter how much they wanted to be together, society would never allow it, but Arthur could not, would not, accept this. Arthur turned his attention from Gwen and looked towards the party approaching the city. He did not want his father catching him gazing at Gwen, fearing that he would discover Arthur's feelings for her. Things had already become strained between them over the past few months.

"I want this visit to go well." Uther finally broke the silence. "Leodegrance recently lost his son and heir."

He could only imagine what Leodegrance was going through. This was the second child that he had lost. Firstly his daughter, who taken away from him by his treacherous wife, and now his only son.

"Of course, father. I will see to it that Leodegrance..."

Arthur was interrupted be the trumpets announcing the arrival of Camelot's guest. Both Uther and Arthur headed down to the courtyard to greet their old friend.

"Leodegrance. Welcome to Camelot, old friend"

"Uther, it has been too long." King Leodegrance placed his hand on Uther's shoulder as he walked up to Camelot's king. Leodegrance was very much like Uther – he stood tall and proud, but in contrast he had a sense of fairness and kindness about him. "And Arthur what a pleasure it is to see you. What a fine young man you have become!"

Arthur laughed. "It's good to see you too Leodegrance."

"Come Leodegrance." Uther motioned towards the castle. "We have lots to discuss."

The two kings headed up the stairs that leaded to the inside of the castle, but not before Leodegrance glanced at the handmaiden standing next to Morgana. For a moment their eyes met, but then Gwen looked away, feeling embarrassed.

Those eyes, Leodegrance recognised them. It cannot be.