"Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, thank you for meeting me here today. Dr. Sweets should be here shortly."

Booth and Brennan exchanged grimaces. They had been called into the Deputy Directors office, and were now sitting in the large room, waiting silently, wondering if their partnership was about to be terminated. Booth adjusted his cuff link for the sixth time since entering the office, and Brennan bit her lip. Was this going to be it? Goodbye?

A knock on the door heralded the arrival of Dr. Sweets, who walked in with a boyish grin, rubbing his hands together excitedly as he took the remaining empty chair.

The Deputy Director coughed, than began.

"I've asked you here today to request your help on an ongoing case that we've been working for some time. This case is not your usual type of case, nor is the role you will be playing your usual role."

"Role, sir?" Booth leaned forward, "Will we be going undercover?"

"Should you accept what I'm offering, then yes, you will be uncover…. In an unusual fashion." He paused, looking to Sweets for help explaining.

Sweets leaned back and smiled. "What the deputy director is trying to say is that he needs you to go uncover, but as yourselves. As Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. Only married."

There was a stunned silence.

"Married?" Brennan blinked several times. "Why?"

"For several years we've been trying to break into an internet hack ring, and we've finally discovered who the head man is. What we now need is inside surveillance of the neighbourhood, the kind that can only be achieved by having our people in the area. This is the role we want you for. The neighbourhood is a suburb called Trinity, very exclusive, very private. We need someone well known to move into the area, someone with unimpeachable credentials. An established reputation so to speak. Someone like you, Dr. Brennan."


Booth interrupted. "What about me?"

"You'll be there to provide the cover story and the surveillance of course. You two have had your picture in the paper several times now. Speculation has always been rampant when it comes to your personal relationship, if you were to suddenly get married and move in together, no one would raise an eyebrow. You don't specialize in internet crime Booth, so you won't be suspected of being a mole, providing you play your cards right, and as you won't be the one doing the takedown, nobody should ever find out about you being part of the undercover operation." The Deputy Director smiled triumphantly.

Booth and Brennan stared at him silently, taking it in.

"So we'd continue to work our own cases, but we'd be married, and living together." Booth said slowly, looking at his boss for confirmation.


"In the suburbs."

"Yes. We can have movers at your respective places in the morning, run a small notice in the wedding column, send you off to a ritzy resort for the weekend, and you can be moved into your new house at 145 Trinity Lane by Monday."

"Our stuff?" asked Brennan looking dazed.

"Naturally you're going to want your own stuff, the case could take as long as a year to wrap up. We'll pay the rent on your respective apartments in the meantime of course. I realise that this is a lot to take in, but time is of the essence, we need to get moving on this as soon as possible. A successful end would be very beneficial to you professionally Agent Booth. I will return in ten minutes to find out if you two think you're up for the challenge. Dr. Sweets is here to help you make your decision."

The Deputy Director walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Booth and Bones turned to look at Sweets. "Married?" they asked simultaneously.

"Yeah. Married. Legally." Sweets smiled happily.

"Wait, LEGALLY?"

"Yes Agent Booth, In internet cases like this where you are dealing with some very sophisticated hackers, everything must be done absolutely by the book. You must be legit. You can always get it annulled or a divorce after the case is closed if you decide to end the marriage."

"What?" they asked.

"Well, common you guys, you're practically married already, you do everything together. So far as I know, neither of you has dated in the last two years. This may be a good solution for you."

Booth turned to Brennan. "He's crazy…"

She nodded, then frowned. "Wait, you don't think I'd be a good wife?"

"I never said that! Of course you would, or I don't know, I've never been married before, how should I know!" Booth exclaimed glaring at Sweets.

"Just think of it as an experiment guys, you can go on exactly as you are, just married and living together. It'll save on gas anyways." Sweets raised his eyebrows and shrugged, "It'll be a challenge of course."

Booth growled.

The door opened and the Deputy Director walked in. "Time's up, have you decided? Am I witnessing a wedding today?" he rubbed his hands together expectantly.

Booth and Brennan looked at each other and nodded. "Yes." Booth said.

"We're always up for a challenge." Brennan added defiantly.

"Good. There's a tux and a wedding dress downstairs, you'll need to get changed immediately. Oh, and you'll have to share a bed, appearances you know."

Booth's jaw dropped. "Is that an order sir?"

"Yes." His boss twitched his lips, "Of course, what you do or don't do in it is none of my business, as long as you're not 'doing it' with anybody else. It wouldn't look good for the Newlywed Booths to be cheating already would it." He smiled innocently. "Now hurry up, the wedding is in 15 minutes."

Brennan and Booth left the office in a state of shock. A swarm of agents were waiting outside the door, and they rushed them off to get changed and beautified for their wedding ceremony and photos.

15 minutes later, Booth stood next to a smiling priest in a solid black tux, a white rose pinned on his lapel, his hair carefully sculpted into tousled swirls. He watched his bride to be, in an embroidered white gown and veil, walking down the isle escorted by her beaming father, carrying a bouquet of white roses. Her face was pale, but no other sign of shock showed on her perfect complexion. As he lifted her veil for the ceremony, she whispered, "They rather overdid the white, didn't they?" in a dazed voice.

Booth swallowed nervously and turned to face the priest.

A few minutes later, they were pronounced husband and wife, Mr and Mrs. Booth.

Max kissed his daughter on the cheek and patted Booth on the shoulder. "It's about time, Booth. Now I want some grandkids."

Booth coughed uncomfortably, wondering how Max had come to be there..

The Deputy Director approached them and shook Booths hand. "Congratulations you two, now get going, you're only getting three days for your honeymoon you know." He said jovially with a wink. "The helicopter is on the roof."

As they climbed into the helicopter, Brennan gasped.

"What's wrong?" Booth asked in a panicked voice.

"Angela is going to kill me!" Brennan hissed.

Booth's eyes widened in sudden fear. "No. She's going to kill ME."

They stared at each other in alarm as what they had just agreed to do, had already done, slowly sunk in.