Epilogue: 6 YEARS LATER:

Booth looked up from greasing the little bike with a smile. Life was great. His eyes landed on the small serious face of a brown haired, blue eyed girl waiting patiently. The only one of his children, so far, who had inherited their mother's eyes.

"Is de bike ready daddy?" She asked.

"Yes, now you can go catch up to your brothers, and sister." He laughed.

"I cannot get over how many children you have." A voice said from behind him. He turned around quickly.

"Jared! Welcome home!" Booth said, getting to his feet.

"I travel the world for six years, I come home to find out my brother is married, with 4 more children, and another on the way!" Jared laughed delightedly.

"Two." Booth said, giving his brother a hug.

"Two? More twins?"

"Yeah. Isn ft it great? I'll have my own hockey team!" Booth puffed out his chest.

The front door opened and Angela came out with a curly haired baby on her hip. "Booth? Brennan was wondering.... Jared! Hi!" She came down the stairs.

Jared raised his eyebrows. "Angela! I see my brother hasn't been the only one procreating."

Angela smiled widely. "Yes, I'm a Hodgins now. Finally. We've got two. How are you doing?"

Booth interrupted her. "You said Bones needed something?"

"Yeah, she wants to know where you hid the sour keys. She's craving candy again."

Just then Brennan came out the front door, her hand resting on her belly. Her glance took in the four toddlers playing on their bikes before focusing on the three adults in the drive.


She walked over and joined them, putting an arm around her husbands waist, which was a bad move because it made her horny. She forced her mind back to the present and smiled at her brother-in-law.

"Temperance. You look stunning. Are you sure you've already had four kids?" He teased.

She smirked. "I've only been pregnant twice before. With good planning you can have a large family without a large amount of pregnancies."

Booth made a choking sound. "You can't take credit for nature Bones!" He burst out laughing.

"I think I planned very well. The Doctors said you could populate your own country, remember?" Brennan said in a satisfied tone.

Jared doubled over laughing as Booth shrugged modestly in agreement.

One by one the kids came over to see the stranger laughing with their dad.

They stood in a semi circle around him with identical inquiring looks on their face.

Jared's eyes widened. "Good lord."

Booth smiled. "They're examining you."

Jared looked warily at his brother. "For what?"

Brennan giggled proudly. "To see if you'd be an acceptable playmate. They're very rational."

Booth pushed his brother forward. "This is your uncle Jared kids, be nice to him."

One of the oldest frowned. "But his socks suck dad."

"What's wrong with my socks?" Jared asked, holding up his pants to look at them. "They're white, they match, what else do I need?"

"Stripes." The boy said, with a miniature version of Booths smile.

Brennan sighed in relief as Booth rubbed cream on her aching back. Only another 3 months, and then she fd have six children, well, 7 counting Parker. Three sets of twins. None of her children would ever be alone.

"Feel better now?" Booth asked, laying down beside her.

"Much. I love you." She touched his face gently. The years had been good to Seeley Booth. He looked if possible, even more handsome now.

He kissed her hand. "I love you more. I've been thinking.."


"Yeah. We've got Seeley Jr., Erick Zachary, Joy Tesla, and Christine Marie. How about we go for Rose and Nathan?"

"Why Rose?"

"Well, for one thing, we've never arrested anyone named Rose."

Brennan nodded appreciatively.. That was true. "I was thinking more Stanley and Angela."

Booth raised an eyebrow. "After Jack and Ange? That's sweet. How about we compromise?" He leaned in a gave her a soft kiss on the mouth. "Nathan Stanley and Angela Rose."

Brennan wrapped her arms around him and smiled. "Perfect."