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Chapter 40 (YAOI version of chapter 40)

The grounds of the Uchiha compound had lots of noise and decorations. The whole place seemed alive. Ever since the two new additions to the family had come to the house. As soon as Kagome and Itachi brought home Hisaye and Hitomu the house was more lively. With Naruto also living in the compound people were coming and going. It was even more lively than it was before the massacre. But that day the noise was somehow happier. There was a wedding party taking place, the party, much like the wedding, had been long awaited by the friends of the couple.

The actual wedding took place in the Uchiha family shrine and only the immediate family was present. That meant Itachi, Kagome, their children, and Sasuke, as well as Naruto and the Taiyukai. After that they returned to the compound where the guests had been waiting for them.

The entire Uchiha district was renovated; the restored houses on the outer part of the place were being occupied now, mostly by shinobi that preferred the enclosed space. People like Anbu or Jōnin that had no clans found a refuge there. It helped that the place was always protected and no attacks from the outside could harm this safe haven the two surviving Uchiha and Higurashi Kagome had created. Currently, the restored houses were decorated with flowers and lanterns that would be lit up once night fell. There were tables of food and drinks prepared on the verandas and there were places to sit both inside and outside the main family house. Kagome looked radiant in her kimono, her husband a few paces away, never further, catering to her and his twins.

"Hey," Naruto greeted his boyfriend with a kiss on the soft lips and Sasuke turned his head, deepening the kiss a bit. No one batted an eyelash; friends and family had already known about them and were glad for them.

"Hey back," Sasuke told Naruto. "Where were you?"

"Ayame is here with her father and I was keeping them company for a bit. "How are you?"

"My feet are killing me from all the dancing."

"I hear you."

In the background, Tsunade and Jiraiya were arguing over a drinking contest the Godaime had apparently lost. The only corporeal Taiyukai in Konoha had beaten her at it and the kunoichi was being a sore loser while Sesshomaru was looking smug. Further away Kurenai and Asuma were chatting with Anko, Kakashi and Shizune, drinking and eating and looking relaxed. Naruto's peers were also there as well as a lots of people from the hospital, people Kagome had treated or people she worked with. Ino was nagging at Shikamaru, who after eating was content to just take a nap. Choji was happily munching on the foods next to Kiba.

Naruto dropped his head on Sasuke's shoulder and the raven haired shinobi mussed up the available blond hair. Naruto sighed, liking the caress.

"Tired?" the groom's brother asked.

"Just ate a bit much," Naruto replied. "Sasuke?"

"What?" the raven haired shinobi asked.

"Are you as happy as they are?" he nodded at the happy pair.

Sasuke's lips quirked up. "Yes."

"Honestly?" Naruto's blue eyes were soft and Sasuke responded with the best way he knew, drawing his lover close for a deep kiss.

This time they were not ignored, instead they gathered several catcalls.

"Get a room!" Tsunade yelled at them and the blushing pair sprang apart and started laughing.

From the other side of the courtyard, Itachi and Kagome were in their own little world.

"You are beautiful," he told his wife. He dipped his head for yet another kiss. He just could not keep away from her and not just because she was more beautiful than ever all dressed up like a princess, unless he counted the day she gave birth. This was their day, a day he had never thought he would ever live to see. All those years ago when he first laid eyes on her, he had been on the run, dead set of ending his life at the hands of his brother. He pushed thoughts of darker days that had long since been left behind further back in his mind and focused on his present and his, hopefully long and happy, future.

Kagome was smiling at him when he pulled back from their kiss.

"I love you," he told her.

"Love you too," she whispered in response.

Three years later…

"Hisaye! Hitomu! Get back here!"

The three year old, giggling kids darted out of the house dodging their irate uncle. Sasuke only half heartedly yelled at them, more impressed than angry at the brats, who at three were little geniuses in the making. They had taken after their father in skills and their mother's gentle nature. The amount of strays they had brought home for her to nurse back to health was alarming. Hisaye was a real blessing and her daddy's girl. She had Itachi wrapped around her little pinkie and the big, bad and powerful former missing Nin had even dressed up one time to play with her. Sasuke pitied the guys that would try and date her, because he too would be having words with the 'lucky' brats. Hitomu was also a dear, smart and mischievous and Naruto's prankster apprentice from a young age. Lately, Kagome spent a lot of time getting him down from roofs, away from paint cans and generally away from mischief. They brought life and laughter and kept all of them busy.

"Hey," Naruto dropped next to him, having come from the roofs. "The runts causing trouble again?"

"When aren't they?" Kyuubi decided to make his appearance then, making both shinobi sigh a bit.

Naruto pecked his boyfriend's lips and then faced ahead. "So, we double team them?" he asked Sasuke.

"You get Hisaye and I'll get Hitomu," the Uchiha told the blond who nodded. "And then we need to get you ready."

Naruto sighed. "It's no big deal, just done on the robes…"

Sasuke smacked him over the head. "You idiot!"

"Hey! That's Lord Hokage to you!"

"Only of I don't kill you before the ceremony," Sasuke threatened.

Naruto gave him a cheeky grin. "You won't cause then you will have Tsunade after you. She is desperate to retire. I'm afraid that she might even have you put on the hat."

Sasuke shuddered. "All that paperwork… you are crazy."

"Come on!" Naruto told him, "Last one to get a brat is getting tied up."

"You mean…"

"Exactly lover boy, you want scarves, you have to work for it."

Sasuke licked his lips, a smirk on his handsome face. Then he Shimmered away and Naruto followed.

And one year after that …

Itachi walked into the bedroom to find Kagome on their bed, looking lovely and beautiful and if her lack of clothing was an indication… He bent over her and kissed her passionately, pressing closer and joining her on the bed.

"Missed you," the miko told him. "Izumo told me he saw you when you were heading for the tower. Naruto mentioned that you would be returning this week and well… As I said previously, I missed you."

The spouses kissed again, their two weeks apart showing. They broke apart to breathe and Itachi rested his forehead on hers, staring straight into her eyes. Then Kagome started tugging at his clothes and Itachi made it easier for her, undressing until he wore nothing, just like her.

"The kids?" he asked.

"With Sasuke, we are alone on our house, no interruptions," Kagome promised.

"Good," he stated and was all over her.

Nine months later came Kaoru, their second daughter, her birth falling a month before Sasuke and Naruto had a kid of their own. She was Naruto's daughter through a surrogate mother, little Kushina, who was both an Uzumaki and an Uchiha.

And eight years after that …

The academy was a very popular place that day. The Hokage's daughter, Kushina, was entering the shinobi academy along with Kaoru Uchiha. Hisaye and Hitomu were in there and it was the first day of their last year there. Naruto and Sasuke had had a couple of more kids. Minato was Sasuke's son through a surrogate mother and six years old. The couple had then adopted their second daughter, Hideyo. Itachi and Kagome were up to five kids, as a year after Kaoru turned two they had twins again, two boys, Eiji and Kaname.

The proud parents and the kids that were too young to join just yet were also there, proud about the kids.

Itachi had his arm around Kagome.

"They'll be fine," he whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek lovingly afterwards.

"I cannot help but worry," the miko replied.

"They will be great," Naruto assured her. "They have all of us. I certainly had no one at first and I turned out quite fine." in response his own wife hugged him.

"Listen to this idiot," Sasuke added.

Kagome smiled, happy tears escaping her eyes.

"You'll see," Itachi comforted his wife. "Everything will work out in the end. And if you worry…" he pointed at Sesshomaru, who was still around and would be for a while. Their silent protector who would be sticking around until at least Kagome was no longer alive, protecting the Uchiha and the Uzumaki and Konoha itself.

Kagome smiled and her husband then kissed her kid goodbye for the day, wishing her good luck.

"Have fun at school," she told Kaoru who beamed and rushed through the gates, joining her siblings and cousins.

End of Story.