"Now boy, you--two options. Death, orin thechance ofvival."
As his consciousness started seeping back into him, he tried to remember the previous day.
"Survival? You meanget to live?"
"Yes, but you
wiped of yourand recent ev"
He held his head as it throbbed with each gap in his memory. Realizing he was on solid ground, awake, the boy quickly opened his eyes before shutting them again right after, the sudden light too much to handle. He sat up and tried opening his eyes again, slowly this time. As they adjusted to the white light around him he started to get up on wobbly feet. As his brain started to kick in, he looked around and wondered if he was still sleeping. He found he was inside of a very strange room. Each wall, including the floor and ceiling, was perfectly identical to one another. In the middle of each wall was what looked like a large metal square with a horizontal bar attached to a short rod protruding outwards from the center. Narrow ladders embedded in the walls wrapped around the middle of each wall of the room, connecting to the squares and outlining them. The rest of the room was covered in an illuminated white paneling with small geometric patterns indented symmetrically on each wall. Curious, the boy stumbled over to a ladder and hoisted himself up to the square in the middle of the cube. The boy looked at the horizontal rod and slowly grabbed it. He felt it shift under the weight of his hands, turning clockwise slightly. The boy turned it some more and after three revolutions, a low hissing noise emanated from the square as it started moving outwards. After a few inches, the square ended and slid smoothly down a pair of tracks that came out with it. Climbing around the square door, the boy inspected the hole it left behind. It too was lit up, but the white light only extended through half of the tunnel while a bright blue light occupied the other half. It was large enough to crawl through, and the boy did just that. He looked in slight confusion at the sight ahead. Crawling forward to get a better view, the boy's eyes suddenly widened in confusion and astonishment. In front of him was another room, perfectly identical to the one he was just in. Only this one, like the half of the tunnel, emitted a bright blue glow. The boy crawled backwards into the white room, noticing the square automatically rise up and set back into the wall, and tried another door. The procedures went exactly the same from the opening of the door to the room beyond, only it was green this time.
Once again the boy crawled back into the white room and decided to try the door on the floor. He carefully climbed down the hole, using the ladders on the floor that extended into it, and nimbly dropped a fourteen-something feet into the red room below. His sandals hit hard on the floor below, but the boy was used to dropping from tall objects.
"Boy, this sure is strange, isn't it Plank-" Johnny cut himself off when the sudden realization that Plank was gone took him over. But before he could yell out his imaginary friend's name, a loud snap rang through the room and the boy froze. As if he were a statue, Johnny just stood in the room motionless. Red lines started to form on his skin and clothes as the boy continued to make his dumbstruck face. They were straight and evenly spaced, Johnny's side covered in horizontal lines while his front and back formed a grid. The lines filled with blood that soon overflowed them and trickled down his skin, staining his white shirt a dark red and forming a sickly purple color on his blue jeans. As this all happened in a fraction of a second, a few light thuds sounded in the room. Right after the pieces of his fingers hit the floor, the boy suddenly started to come apart, his hands falling in pieces like diced meat followed by his arms. His somewhat askew standing posture caused Johnny's right half to fall to the ground before his left half, and they both split into neat, square bars of meat that splashed into the large pool of blood on the floor. The puddle steadily grew larger, complimenting the red glow of the room.
Behind where the boy once stood, dripping with blood slightly, was a grid of thin wire that subsequently folded up and retracted back into the ceiling of the Cube.