Chapter 25 – The Dawn with No Sun

The highest point in the Tower was often encased in low hanging clouds. Because it was the highest point, the earliest mornings drew Mina to its peak. Sometimes she would spread her arms and jump, the feel of the wind in her hair and on her face stirring the only smile for the day. Sometimes she lay flat against the stone, her face turned towards the west, inhaling deeply. Most days she stood fully clothed at the peak, her clothes soaked with the mists of the lake and clouds. And often, on those days, Mina would walk through the halls, dazed, taking deep breaths into the collar of her robes.

The rumors had begun long before she came back. The rumors and discussions continued night after night after she returned. The Templars argued she was possessed, Wynne argued it wasn't possible.

"She cannot help with the Fade, now that you understand how she knows what she knows!" The Knight Commander bit out. 'And is what she is,' was his implied tone.

"And because so many of those have been compassionate enough to spare your men, especially when threatened?" Point one for Wynne.

"Just because they were spared before does not mean there isn't some plot behind it. Please recall Connor keeping Isolde and Teagan alive!" Point for the Knight Commander.

And so it went night after night with tensions rising between the two factions, until the halls grew hushed and the stress was so acute some feared the walls would crack open. The pressure was a living thing between the Knight Commander and Wynne. It filled every room they entered. It beat heavy and thick like an Ogre's heart, pounding against the walls. Soon the mages and Templars were possessed by the disquiet as well, and the Tower threatened to crack against the strain.

Mina was oblivious to the hush that followed in her wake. She walked dazed, sometimes smiling, as she came from the tower peaks and held a small piece of her robes to her nose. Other times she simply hummed (although it was more of a lament), looking sad and lost.

The Tower was nearly incited to a war that had been avoided for centuries, and the cause seemed completely unaware.

She entered Wynne's office without even a questioning look to the two that looked at each other with rage.

To everyone's shock she reached out and hugged the Knight Commander and patted his head.