What happens in Forks, stays in Italy

This is a story, I wrote years ago and I hate it, I simply hate it!

It's SO freaking bad!

But I'll try and edit it, so it'll sound better...

Well here goes nothing, then...

It's been years since I saw Ed-... Him it's funny, how I can't even think his name without wincing...

I should be over it...

I really should, I mean it's been 50 years!

But I'm not, how could I?

He was the love of my life, and now... He's gone.

He just left without much of an explanation... It's not like they couldn't have staid a little longer, could they?

If I ever saw Ed-... Him again, I would... I would...

I don't actually know what I would do... I've tough a lot about it, I've tough about kissing him, but what if I got rejected? I've tough about kicking his ass, but that wouldn't hurt enough... and I've tough of ignoring him... But I don't think that would help that much...

But anyway, who says that I'm ever going to meet that filthy-heartbreaking-shinny-volvo-owner-of-a-pig!

Not me!

Oh, sorry! Maybe you're confused about me telling that it's 50 years since I last saw that filthy-heartbre- oh... Sorry... Well last I saw... Him... It's because two months after he left, Victoria came, and well... Tortured me, to almost dead... And well... Bit me.

I traveled about eight years around with her, for everyday that passed she got more and more like a mother to me, one day she told me we were going to Italy, I didn't really say anything about it, she had dragged me around to China, Canada, Sweden, France, Texas, why should I get worried about going to Italy? It was just another plaice in the world to me... Well until we got caught by the Volturi and literally dragged into their castle, as I call it...

So now we are here... In Volterra, we have our own room, and they treat us were well... But they won't let us go...

Suddenly somebody knocked on the door.

"Come in" I said, knowing the could hear me.

I could smell that it was Jane, she was really sweet to me, she almost felled like a little sister to me.

"Hey Isabella" she said smiling, only her head was poking in my room. And all the anger flooded out of me in a second.

"Hey Jane" I smiled back to her.

"Aro have some guest he wants you to meet" she said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Do you now who it is?" I asked jumping of my bed, that I had been sitting on.

"No, but he said it was someone important" she said, and intertwined our arms.

We had started to walk down the hallway.

"I hope it's not the Denali's I can't dell another month with Tanya" I said her name with disguise.

She sighed.

"I know... But at least you weren't here wen she spent a whole year here! It was hell!" she said, as we came to a stop.

I giggled "Okay, how do I look?" I asked, taking a step back, twirling around.

"You look beautiful, as you always do" she said smiling.

"Oh, you are all to good for me" I said hugging her into my chest.

"I know" she said, closing her eyes and hugged me back.

"Isabella, come in here" I heard Aro say.

"Come" Jane whispered as she gave me a last hug before pushing me into the room.

"Hey, arent you going wi-..." I froze I knew that smell.

And from the gasps I could also hear that they knew me.

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