What Happens In Italy Stays In Forks

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I looked at my watch it was "03:56"

Great... I had been sitting in my room the whole night, thinking about what I would do to get revenge.

And I had zero ideas.

Suddenly somebody knocked on my door.

"Come in," I said as I looked up.

"Hey Bella, I have been thinking... And I have an awesome plan," Jane said while walking in, with a big smile.

"Good, what is it?" I asked smiling.

"You seeā€¦" She said while sitting down in my bed.

"I call it, 'Revenge over stupid bronze haired Volco owner of a heart breaker! It's very simple, really. You just make him crazy!" She said grinning.

"What exactly are that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Okay, erm... Like if you sit next to him, you accidentally brush your leg against his," She said and made gooseeyes with her fingers as she said accidentally. "Or you look at him while biting your lip, like you're thinking something reeeeeally dirty," She said winking at me. "You know, make him crazy with lust!" She said excited.

I tough about that for a minute.

"Okay," I said sighed, lastly.

"Iiiiiiiiiiih!" She quirked and she jumped into my lap.

"We are gonna have SO much fun!" She said and looked up at me. I just smiled at her, it was good to see her this happy.

This was the shortest chapter I've ever written- I think...