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Chapter 1: Mission Briefing

Mornings are never peaceful in the Black Order's Headquarters, especially not this morning. Let's rejoin our favourite group of exorcists(meaning Lavi, Kanda, Allen, and Lenalee)as they make their way to their supervisors office to be given a briefing about their new mission. When they came and walked inside, deftly avoiding the mess created by Komui's attitude towards his paperwork, most of them sweatdropped(guess who didn't) at the sight of Komui sleeping…

After a short game of rock-paper-scissors, Allen made his way to Komui's desk and whispered, "Lenalee's dating Lavi."

Suddenly Komui stood straight up and pointed a remote that he made appear from…somewhere at Lavi.

"Get your filthy, dirty hands off my dear, sweet and precious Lenalee you octopus!!!!", he cried while having a very maniac look on his face.

Recognizing the very familiar remote, everybody else in the room scrambled to hide from the awaiting destruction while Lenalee screamed, "Nii-san!!I am not dating anyone!!!", her face was red and she really felt like kicking something, mainly Komui's head.

"Oh", was all he said as he put away the remote. Everyone sighed in relief, well everyone except Kanda that is.

"Tch, just tell us why you called us here for you stupid idiot.", Kanda was obviously sour from just returning from a mission.

Komui suddenly turned serious, "Ah yes, the new mission but before that can all of you tell me how much experience you have with magic?", he suddenly had a suspicious gleam in his eyes.

"Ummm…I think I remember doing some magic tricks while trying to repay my master's debts…", said Allen as he trailed off and went into trauma.

Lavi continued, "I heard a lot of stories that involved magic and saw a lot of people performing it when I was traveling with panda ji-ji ."

" But nii-san", said Lenalee," What does magic have to do with our new mission?"

Komui smiled, " It's because a man called Albus Dumbledore wants the us to guard his school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a year." "WHAT!!!", They all exclaimed in unison.

Lenalee was shocked and confused," B-but n-nii-san, magic isn't r-real…"

"Yeah Komui, we all know that magic is just stuff made to entertain little kids.", the bookman apprentice said as he tried to process this information in his brain. Kanda and Allen were silent, still trying to figure if Komui was telling the truth or not.

"Well think again because magic is very very real. You see this Albus fellow is the head master of a very well-known school designed to teach wizards and witches to control their magic but not long ago an enemy appeared in their world and he also discovered that his school might have some innocence in it." "How does he know that their might be innocence at his school?", Allen asked. "He says that many out-of-normal things have been happening lately.", Komui answered. "This Albus man is also one of the very few wizards who actually know about the black order and the akuma so he came to us for help." Komui finished while looking at the shocked faces of the exorcists.

"So all we have to do is protect a school full of weak brats and find the innocence before the earl finds out?", said Kanda very bluntly.

"Yes, now I will also be coming with you for this may be a chance to study a whole new world and I want you all packed and ready to go in my office tomorrow night at 8:00", Komui dismissed them all with a wave. They all walked out the door still working out the situation at hand in their brains.

"Wow, this is probably going to be one interesting year huh Allen?", Lave grinned.

"Yeah", Allen chuckled, "I think so too" They all went to their own separate rooms to pack.

Meanwhile at the door of a certain number 12, Grimmauld Place. Harry Potter stood at the doorway with no idea of what was going to happen now…

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