Jasper was upon the child in less than a second. She let out a startled yelp as he grabbed her. He didn't stop there, however. Kristin stared at Jasper in horror as Seth darted after him. The others in the yard also moved toward Jasper, though less urgently. It was already too late to do anything for Sam, and they knew it.

A vampire landed where the child had been just seconds before. He swore, and lunged towards Jasper, who now stood by himself. The girl was gone.

Jasper smiled at the vampire. "You should have listened to them." He said, and the vampire stopped and stared at him in confusion. "They did tell you not to get too far ahead, didn't they?" He inquired casually, approaching the vampire with a leisurely, human, pace.

Abruptly he let loose a snarl. A second later Kristin screamed at the sight of the vampire's head toppling to the ground. She would not have seen Jasper attack.

He began ripping the limbs off the vampire as everyone recovered. Even Carlisle was shaken. "Jasper?" He asked. Jasper didn't answer, but dropped what remained of the strange vampire unceremoniously into a pile and darted into the house.

He was back out again in less than a second, a lighter in his hand. Kristin watched in horror as he bent down and set fire to the body. She was too surprised and troubled by what she had just witnessed to remember Sam yet.

Seth had not forgotten. As Jasper straightened up, the shape-shifter grabbed him by the collar. "What did you do with Sam?" He demanded, his face less than an inch from Jasper's own.

"She's in the car." Jasper growled back, Seth's anger rubbing off onto him. "Get Dr. Thomas and get out of here."

Carlisle was beside them now. "What's going on?" He asked. "Jasper, who was that?"

Jasper jerked loose from Seth's grip. "We have to get out of here now." He muttered. "All of us." He was still in no condition for a fight, I knew. Even if he were, it would do us no good.

Edward nodded and took Esme by the hand. They were gone in seconds, running. Carlisle sighed and followed Edward's lead, taking Bella and Rosalie with him. Seth growled softly at Jasper, but he returned to Kristin.

"Come on." He said. "Sam's okay." He lead her to the car where Sam was waiting, and they too were gone.

Jasper looked at me. I wasn't leaving until I knew he was safe. He nodded, giving in, this once, and turned towards Emmett.

I saw a flash, Emmett and Jasper ducking out of sight, Jasper desperate to know I was safe, and Emmett assuring him that he could take care of himself. Both lingering until they were certain I had made it, not noticing, as they watched me go, the vampires creeping up behind them.

I shook my head at Jasper, then nodded towards Nessie. He would go, if he had to worry about her. She would also be safe.

I would be fine.

He frowned, but went to her, and they were off. By the time Jacob noticed, Emmett and I were with him. There was no time to argue, but Jacob glared at me as we set off.

A few minutes later, they reached the house. We had enough of a head start that we would lose them. We were safe from the Volturi, for now.

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