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The Trouble With Dogs

Having Professor Black as a teacher was like nothing Dennis had ever experienced. He was witty and excitable, in spite of of his vast knowledge of – and suffering under - the Dark Arts, and he was always available to help a troubled student. Without a doubt, Dennis believed Professor Sirius Black to be the single best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher he'd ever had. Including Professor Lupin (and that was saying something).

He was charming and flirtatious, but not at all like what he'd heard Lockhart was. He was more hardcore than that. He was an ex-convict, despite not having committed the crime, and that made him dangerous enough to have the entire female population swooning at his feet. Dennis wondered whether one had to endure a twelve year stint in Azkaban to accrue that kind of reaction, or if practicing in front of a mirror would suffice.

Whatever the answer, one thing was for sure; Professor Black was the most popular teacher at Hogwarts, what with the war done and dusted and his name cleared of any wrongdoing before the law.

At that moment, said Professor was making his way through the aisle, handing back the marked papers from the previous day. Dennis smiled as he took the proffered homework sheet from the subject of his ponderings, and then raised a questioning eyebrow.

The paper was completely mangled, the tears barely held together by the Spell-O-Tape, and was missing almost the entire last question and answer.

Professor Black managed to look guilty as he grinned.

"Sorry, Mr Creevey…my dog ate your homework."

Definitely the best teacher at Hogwarts, Dennis thought at he joined the laughter of his classmates.

Idea inspired by the following post from :

A while ago my son came home from from 5th grade with a homework assignment that his teacher returned to him after grading it. It was torn, mangled, taped together, and missing the top right hand third of the original page of homework. In large pink letters, his teacher wrote " Sorry! My dog ate your homework" MLIA.

It just screamed Sirius Black at me.