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Little sparrow, little sparrow
Precious, fragile little thing
Little sparrow, little sparrow
Flies so high and feels no pain

Chase was the first one to wake up the following morning. His body had conditioned itself to wake up around five, even on his days off. He was pleasantly surprised to find that two strong, muscular arms were wrapped around his torso from behind. He closed his eyes as memories of only a few hours prior to this replayed like a slow, magical scene from a romantic film. It all seemed so unreal...but the steady breathing behind him proved that as surreal as it may have seemed, it really happened.

All of it.

He slowly rolled over so he wouldn't disturb his partner, his eyes searching the man's face. He looked so...peaceful. Chase smiled as he gently snuggled closer to him, his heart swelling as House subconsciously held him tighter.

Laying there with him, Chase allowed his mind to travel back in time. All of those close calls, the fights between them, the screaming...it was all worth it. He found himself smiling in disbelief. They were really together. While it was true that Chase had to get House totally wasted before it could happen, the circumstances leading up to it really didn't matter. They had slept together – something that Wilson had not yet experienced.

Chase grinned kind of dangerously to himself. Finally...he had done something with House that the diagnostician's supposed best friend hadn't. Even better than that was the fact that as much as he may want to, House couldn't possibly walk away now. Intoxicated or not, he still enjoyed picking people apart. He still loved puzzles. That night, the blonde man had proven that there was more about him that had remained hidden from everyone...including House. Chase was confident that although he hadn't fully replaced Wilson in the older man's heart, there were places that he was slowly taking over. The two had done things together in a single night that Wilson had never done in the roughly twenty years of their friendship. There was a special place in House's heart for the sexy Aussie.

He wasn't going to stop, either. Chase knew that his lover's "true love" was going to freak on him when he found out, but he didn't care. No teddy-bear-gone-mad was going to stop him from going after what he really wanted.

No way.

House woke up a few hours later, smiling childishly. He wasn't in pain for the first time in years. No throbbing, no pulsating waves of agony...just peace. Had sex really killed the pain in his leg? Was that even possible?

Well whether it was or not, House was grateful. He loved the man so much more now. Plus...he could definitely get used to sex like that.

His smile grew warmer when the man in his arms snored lightly and snuggled closer to his bare chest. The older man couldn't remember the last time he was this happy. He gently kissed his lover's messy hair and felt a warmth shoot through his veins as he whispered, "I love you."

There was a moan, followed by a soft "I love you too."

House's heart stopped, his eyes wide with shock. Had that been... No, it couldn't possibly be. He gently pulled the sheets down, exposing a mess of what he now realized was blonde hair. "...Since when have you been blonde?"

Chase laughed as he moved his head to look at the blue-eyed beauty. "Since I was born. You okay, House?" He leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, confirming all of House's fears.

The man he had made out with...the one that turned him on...was Chase.

The man he had willingly submitted to...was Chase.

The man who had eliminated every trace of physical or emotional pain and made him smile like a school girl with a crush...

"It was all you?" House's face resembled a man who had seen a ghost. "Are you serious?"

Chase propped himself up on his elbow, smiling softly as he traced the man's chest with his finger. "Serious as a heart attack. It was all me."

Internally, House was freaking out. How could he had been so willing to be with Chase? What the fuck? He hid his fears underneath a wall of external anger, however, so that the boy wouldn't notice. He made an abrupt move to punch him in the face, but Chase was too quick. He grabbed the flying wrist and pinned it down as he swung a leg over him, completely stopping the diagnostician from moving. He had known this wouldn't be easy.

"House," he purred softly. "I didn't force you to sleep with me."

"You got me fucking drunk!"

"No. I didn't. You drank because of your own decision to drink. You danced with me because you wanted to." He smiled softly, already knowing that there was nothing House could say that Chase couldn't throw right back in his face. "Nothing that happened was forced. You had plenty of chances to run, but you didn't take any of them. You wanted this.

House couldn't breathe. As he replayed what he could remember from the previous night, he was appalled to find that Chase was right. He hadn't forced anything on him. What was even more appalling was that most of the time, he wanted it just as much as his - he shuddered at the thought - lover did.

The blonde smiled. "See?" He kissed the man again, deeper and more lovingly this time.

House just laid there, paralyzed with fear and disbelief. Even after Chase had gotten up, smiled and moved his perfect lips as he spoke words that never reached House's brain, and went to take a shower, the older doctor just couldn't move.

How had he never seen this coming? Chase had a thing for him and it actually went by undetected? How was that possible?

As if to answer his own question, his mind slowly began putting the pieces together - the fidgeting in the park, the love in his soft kiss, his open ear and concerned heart, his optimism...all of it. It all made sense now.

To make things worse, House had called on him so often because of those things!

...What did that mean for his relationship with Wilson?

"Hey, you should get dressed!" Chase stood in the doorway, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. He was smiling so beautifully that House's heart skipped a beat. "We have to be in work soon."

"Oh...do we have to work today?" He hated sounding like a child, but House had honestly forgotten all about work. His heart dropped suddenly; going to the hospital meant an inevitable confrontation with Wilson.


"Very funny. Cuddy'll have both of our heads on a platter if we don't go in. Don't worry though," he added with a smile," we can always come back after."

"What about..." he paused, which was very odd for him. He figured continuing with that sentence would be detrimental to any possible relationship he could hope to have, either with the sexy blonde or the beautiful brunette.

Not that Chase was as oblivious as House hoped he'd be. He had been contemplating the same thing for a while. "I guess...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." He sat on the edge of the bed. "I know this might be hard, but trust me, there's a reason why every single one of his relationships ends in disaster."

House blinked. Had he just insulted Wilson? Seriously?

"Come on, House." Chase ripped the sheet off, exposing a very naked man. "Time for work. Spit spot." He grinned as he went off to get dressed.

As House slowly got ready, he thought about how stupid he was for getting himself into this. Oh, and not only that, but now he had to choose...

He had no clue how he would. If he was being perfectly honest, he wanted both of them, in one way or another. Chase was a beast in bed, and he was always willing to listen and be there for him when he needed someone. On the other hand, Wilson had been his best friend for years. The two were so close that they were practically dating, anyway. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind and he smiled a bit...

He got out of bed and began putting his clothes from the previous day back on. It was a long shot, but there was a chance that one of them, if not both, might be interested in doing something like that.

"You ready?" Chase asked, walking back in the room about ten minutes later to find House looking frantically through his pockets. He walked over and gently touched one of his arms. "What's wrong?"

"I can't find my phone," he said, completely frustrated.

Chase nodded. "Right." He reached into his own pocket and took it out. "Here, you had fallen asleep in the car before we got to the area where you'd thrown it. I retrieved it for you, and I guess I forgot to give it back once we got here." He shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

House just looked at him, then took the phone. He didn't know whether to be grateful that he had actually gotten it, or to punch the boy in the face for holding out on him. He pressed a button on the thing and felt his heart sink when the screen lit up.

Chase could read him like a book. "He didn't call, did he?"

"No..." For some reason, the grown man wanted to break down and cry like a child whom had fallen and scraped his elbow. His heart was broken. It hadn't been that awful of a fight, had it? Wasn't his friend even remotely concerned about him?

"Come on," the boy said gently, pulling on the man's sleeve. "Let's go have breakfast before we get to the hospital. You need to eat something."

House nodded and walked with him, not bothering to protest when Chase held his hand. His eyes filled with tears when he realized that while he had woken up with someone beside him...Wilson had woken up alone.

Wilson had given up the search around four in the morning and went back to his apartment to clean up for work. He felt horrible, not only because of the fight or the lack of sleep, but because something was tugging at his heart. He couldn't explain it, but he had a really bad feeling.

He almost called in sick to work. He could definitely pull off sounding ill, but if House decided to show his face...

He gripped the edge of the sink as tears stung his eyes. He stared at himself in the mirror, wondering what House could possibly want with Chase? What was going on between them?

More importantly...should he really be worried over the amount of time the two seem to be spending together? Or was it just his paranoid mind going wild again?

He sighed heavily as he walked out of the bathroom. He grabbed the keys that had been thrown on the table and picked his jacket up off of the floor. When he had returned, he didn't care if his things were simply thrown around or not, so he didn't bother putting them away properly. He took one last look at the apartment before closing the door and walking to his car.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and pressed a button, hoping to see that House had called him back. His heart fell through the floor when he realized that he hadn't.

The tears refused to be suppressed this time as he got into his car, turned the stereo on, and sang "You Give Love A Bad Name" at the top of his lungs.

It was now eleven o'clock in the morning, and all three men were at the hospital. Wilson had been there for a few hours, buried in forms and files from his patients. He had been working so hard that he completely forgot about his troubles, or about the man whom had stolen his heart.

Well...perhaps that was a lie. He couldn't possibly forget about House, but...it was a nice change not to feel as depressed anymore.

On the other end, House and Chase were alone in House's office drinking coffee. For some reason, Foreman had decided not to come into work, Taub was busy fixing his marriage that was slowly falling apart (again), and Thirteen was doing routine check-ups in the clinic. It was as if the two men had been given time to prepare for the drama that was surely going to happen once Wilson decided to walk by.

"Are you worried about this?" House said, breaking the silence.

"Worried about what?" Chase said, sipping his coffee. "Wilson? Nah, what's the worst he's gonna do?"

House looked into his cup. Was now a good time to bring up his idea, or would it be best to wait?

"What's on your mind?" his partner asked, breaking him from his thoughts.

"I was considering something... It may be a little crazy, but..." He looked up and felt his heart completely stop. His mouth fell open at how handsome the man looked and his name fell from his lips in a soft whisper.


The blonde-haired pretty boy turned and immediately tensed up as the third wheel entered the room. "What do you want?" he asked, crossing his arms. There was no need for pleasantries anymore. After all, Wilson had never been a stupid man. He had to have known that something was going on between himself and House.

"I want to know why House won't return my phone calls," Wilson said, also crossing his arms. "And...to apologize for what I said last night." He looked at the older man and his eyes told the story of his rough night. House could feel his heart breaking as he looked into them. "I was wrong..."

"No, I was," House corrected, standing up and walking out from behind the desk. "I overreacted and wouldn't let you make up for it. It was my fault."

"You did nothing wrong," Wilson disagreed, gently touching House's arm the same way Chase had done only hours prior.

Chase scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Oh, give me a break. You can't expect to just take him back like some belonging after he's spent the night with someone else. Even you aren't that naive, Wilson." He walked over to House's other side and held his hand. "You missed your chance. House is with me now."

Woah, talk about ripping off the band-aid. Wilson blinked, his eyes glancing down at the pair's hands. He felt a knot in his chest as his eyes filled with tears. "You two had sex?" he said, his voice barely audible.

House wanted to smack Chase. He couldn't believe that he had been so brutal to Wilson. He turned to him and was about to rip the boy down to size, when the blonde planted a loving and passionate kiss on his lips. As pissed off as House was, he couldn't bring himself to pull away from him. His arms instinctively reached up and wrapped around his body, forgetting for a moment that they had company.

Wilson gasped, his eyes flooding with tears. So it was true... His suspicions about them were, in fact, completely accurate. He began to tremble, the sadness and rage building up inside him like a volcano preparing to erupt. By the time the couple had separated, Mt. Wilson was ready to explode.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Wilson cried out suddenly.

Chase smirked at him as he let go of a breathless House. "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?"

Wilson growled. He took one look at that smug expression on the boy's face and punched him hard, knocking him to the ground. Both Chase and House looked at him in shock, Chase holding onto his cut chin.

"Oh fuck no, I'm not taking this." He got back up onto his feet and looked at the man whom had hit him. "You wanna play that game?" He grabbed something off of House's desk, what looked like a stapler, and whacked Wilson over the head with it before he could react. The only difference was that Chase had gotten up. Wilson laid there on the ground, motionless.

"Pansy," Chase muttered as he put the instrument down.

House instinctively got down onto the ground and checked the man for any sign of vital signs. After a moment, his eyes widened with horror. "Chase, he isn't breathing!"


"He isn't fucking breathing!"

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Next time: Chase and House have to deal with the aftermath of their confrontation with Wilson. House realizes how Chase and Wilson really feel about each other, and he is told to make a choice. Does he go for the blonde surgeon or the brunette oncologist? Only time will tell!