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Sam and Dean sleeping together before Dean's death was something they had been wanting to do for years and denying. They had finally realized they were in love with each other.

When Sam received the news he was pregnant five weeks after they slept together and Dean's death, he was surprised. Happy, too. At least he had something to remember Dean by.

Now it was September and Dean had been gone for four months. Sam was in his second trimester of pregnancy. He was hiding from Bobby, preferring to be by himself. Sam was also still hunting. Despite the fact that he was pregnant, he was acting recklessly.

Sam was shocked when he opened his motel room door to Bobby and Dean. His first instinct was protect the baby since something supernatural had taken his brother's form.

"It's really him," Bobby assured Sam when he went to attack Dean. He had missed both of the men he considered sons.

Sam hugged his brother and didn't let go for a few minutes. He kissed Dean after the hug ended. After establishing that Sam hadn't brought Dean back, the three men sat down to talk.

"Have you been eating more, Sammy? It looks like you've gained weight," Dean observed. His brother sometimes turned to food when he was stressed and things were really bad.

Sam had been so happy that Dean was back that he had forgotten about his pregnancy. Suddenly he was terrified. What if Dean didn't want the baby? He had to work out a way to tell his brother he was pregnant. "Yeah, I've been eating a lot more," Sam lied.

Bobby eyed the younger brother. He had his suspicions about Sam's weight gain, but wasn't about to say it in front of Dean. "Why don't we go to a psychic I know and then to my place?"

The three men arrived at Pamela Barnes' house about a few hours later.

"You should tell him," Pamela told Sam when Dean was in the bathroom.

"He'll be excited that you're pregnant," chimed in Bobby. He was happy his suspicions were correct. He was also thrilled that Sam and Dean were having a baby.

"I'll tell him when I'm ready." Sam had just gotten his brother back. He didn't want to lose him again.

"You won't lose him," Pamela assured the pregnant man. She was worried about Sam.

"You don't know that." Sam knew that Dean loved kids, but he probably didn't want his own. Especially with his brother. Why would he?

Pamela and Bobby gave up on trying to convince Sam to reveal his pregnancy. He would do it when he was ready.

Bobby, Sam, and Dean returned to Bobby's house a few hours later. Both Winchesters were exhausted, so they went to bed.

The next morning, Sam woke up feeling nauseated. The morning sickness had gone away, but still popped up occasionally. Today was one of those days.

"Are you okay?" a worried Dean asked his brother. He didn't like it when Sam was sick.

"It's just the flu. I'll be fine." Sam wished he could tell Dean was pregnant, but the terror of revealing the news was still in the back of his mind. He was so grateful to have his brother back, though. Living without Dean had been worse than Jess and their father dying. He never wanted to go through that again. He was determined to make sure Dean survived.

"I want you to eat something. I'll get you crackers and ginger ale." Dean helped his brother out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Sam was grateful to Dean for taking care of him, even though he had just returned.

Sam threw up most of the day, but the crackers and ginger ale eventually did help. By 7:30 that night, Sam was feeling better. He, Dean, and Bobby settled in to watch a movie.

"You okay now, Sam?" Dean questioned before they headed towards their bedroom. Their relationship had started back up again.

Sam nodded and then yawned. "It was nothing. Probably just a bug." He wished he could stop lying about his pregnancy.

"You need your rest. Sleep in tomorrow, Sammy." Dean didn't want his brother feeling this sick tomorrow.

" 'Kay." Sam leaned his head on Dean's shoulder as they walked up the steps.

Right before Sam went to sleep, the baby gave a small kick. His thoughts focused on his pregnancy. He couldn't wait to meet the baby.

Sam's thoughts turned to Dean as his brother tossed and turned. Dean had to find out about the baby soon. Sam vowed to tell him when he was ready.

Sam had to find the perfect time and come up with a way to tell Dean he was pregnant.

That was easier said than done. Every time he went to say something the next day, he froze and couldn't get the words out. It drove Sam crazy, but the terror was holding him back.

Bobby rolled his eyes at Sam. "Stop being such a coward, Samuel David Winchester," he scolded. He wasn't above using the boys' full names if they were being really stupid.

"Bobby, don't full name me. I'll figure out a way to tell him soon. I mean it." Sam seriously didn't have any courage, though. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't walk up to his brother and just tell him he was pregnant. That wouldn't end well.

"I know you will. But you better do it soon, Samuel." Bobby didn't want either of the boys getting hurt, especially since they were going to have a baby in several months.

Sam was happy about the fact that his morning sickness had gone away for the day, so it seemed like the "flu" had really been a bug. It kept Dean from being suspicious.

"You look a whole lot better today," Dean told his brother later that night. They were trying to figure out their first hunt back together, and it was hard picking out a case.

Sam smiled. "Thanks, Dean. I feel better today." That was somewhat truthful. Sam's heart was beating fast because of the fact he was anxious about telling Dean of his pregnancy.

Sam telling Dean he was going to be a father was probably going to be the hardest thing he had ever said to his brother.

The Winchesters' lives were going to be changed forever.