Sam couldn't believe that it was already time for high school graduation. It seemed like just yesterday that he had given birth to Christopher in the backseat of the Impala. The memory was still clear as day in his head.

"Dad, please don't get all emotional on us today," pleaded seventeen year old Matthew. He was Sam and Dean's second child. He couldn't stand it when his parents cried. It was weird.

"He's so going to cry," chimed in eighteen year old Christopher. He didn't mind his father's emotional side, though. He thought it was sweet.

"Boys, don't make fun of your dad," scolded Dean, handing over five week old Emily to Sam.

Sam smiled at his newborn daughter. "At least there's still eighteen years left before Em graduates from high school."

Matthew Dean Winchester was born eleven months after Christopher. Dean had given birth to him. Both Sam and Dean had been shocked by the pregnancy, considering Christopher was only a few weeks old upon conception. They had made it work, though. Nearly a year ago, Sam had been thrown for a loop upon learning he was pregnant at forty-two. Emily Victoria Winchester had finally made an appearance into the world on May 2nd, 2026 – Sam's forty-third birthday. Emily was already been spoiled by her older brothers and fathers.

"You'll be a basket case then too, Sammy." Dean already wasn't looking forward to that day. Emily's graduation was too far away to think about, anyway. At least that's what he was telling himself. He didn't want his daughter to grow up just yet.

"Shut up, Dean. That's probably true, though." Sam hated to admit it. However, it was hard watching his children grow up. He could still remember Christopher and Matthew as babies. It was hard raising two babies with a small age difference, but he and Dean had been able to do it.

Dean laughed at him, but then got serious. "Let's go, guys. We're picking up Grandpa Bobby on the way to the school. We want to get to your graduation early."

"I can't wait to see Grandpa." Christopher adored Bobby. He seemed to worship the ground the older man walked on. Bobby spoiled all three of his grandchildren. Sam and Dean didn't mind, though.

"Grandpa's always awesome. I'm going to wheel him around in circles until he's nauseated," Matthew said. He shrugged when Sam and Dean glared at him.

The Winchesters went out to the Impala. Sam buckled Emily into her car seat, but it took him a little while. They were a little harder to work than Christopher and Matthew's years ago. Confident that Emily's brothers would protect her, Sam returned to the passenger seat of the car.

The five Winchesters arrived at Bobby's house a few minutes later. He rolled outside in his wheelchair and went to the car.

After arriving at the school, Christopher and Matthew joined their classmates, while Sam, Dean, and Bobby found seats. Sam handed Emily over to Dean to get a small break. He loved his daughter, but she was starting to get heavy.

"Hey, beautiful," Dean whispered. Bobby, Sam, and their three kids meant the world to him. He couldn't imagine life without them now. Emily stared up at her father and let out a little squeal. Dean laughed.

"You happy with your daddy, Baby?" questioned Sam as Emily gurgled. She was such a sweet little girl. Sam wouldn't have minded if he and Dean had had another son, but a daughter was wonderful. He wouldn't mind having another baby someday, but he and Dean were getting entirely too old. Emily would probably be it for them.

"Of course she's happy. She's always been a happy little girl." Dean couldn't believe how happy Emily was, especially compared to Christopher and Matthew.

"True." Sam leaned over and kissed Emily. After that, he kissed Dean. The two began to make out until Bobby stopped them. He leaned over and took the baby off Dean.

"You were scarring her for life," he explained when both men turned to glare at him. Bobby smiled at his granddaughter. All five Winchesters were amazing to him.

"We did this in front of Christopher and Matthew," pointed out Dean. He and Sam hadn't scarred their boys for life. Why would Emily be any different?

"And you scarred them for life too. Of course nothing was worse than Christopher walking in on you two having sex that one time." Bobby remembered having to calm the seven year old down because he had no idea what was happening. Sam and Dean had ended up giving him The Talk then to stop him from freaking out.

"Don' t remind us of that again." Sam had made sure the bedroom doors were always locked after that. Granted, poor Christopher never entered a room without knocking again.

Both Bobby and Dean laughed, but everyone quieted down when the music started. They stood up as the graduating students entered the auditorium. The students and their parents sat down at the same time.

There were several speeches, and then the graduating students were called up one by one to accept their diplomas. It was going to take awhile to get to Christopher and Matthew, however. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel (who had showed up in the middle of one speech) settled in to listen.

"Your graduation was just like this, but I'm still happy for everyone," Dean whispered to Sam as the principal finally landed on the "W's" on the list.

Soon enough, it was time for Christopher and Matthew to be called. "Christopher Samuel Winchester," the principal called.

"Go Christopher!" Sam shouted excitedly. He sat back down when the other parents glared at him. Dean, Bobby, and Castiel just laughed at him.

"Matthew Dean Winchester!" called the principal after Christopher accepted his diploma. This time, Sam stayed in his seat and didn't get up for fear of the other parents glaring at him again.

After graduation was over, everyone hugged the two Winchesters and decided to celebrate by going out to eat.

"I'm so proud of you boys. I love you both so much," Sam told Christopher and Matthew. He was struggling not to burst into tears, because it was not the time and the place. Maybe his hormones were still messed up from Emily's birth. Yeah, he was going with that.

"We love you too, Dad. All of you, actually." Christopher took the initiative and hugged his grandfather, "Uncle Cas", and his two parents.

"All three of you kids are the best things to ever happen to me. Besides your dad," Dean informed the boys. He wasn't about to hug them, though. He was sticking by his no chick flick moments rule.

"You're going to make me cry." Matthew, like Sam, was the most sensitive of the Winchester siblings, and couldn't handle all the emotion coming his way.

After everyone finished eating, they returned to the house. Sam laid down Emily for her nap, and everyone else went into the kitchen to talk. Christopher and Matthew were having a graduation party soon, and they needed to get the final details settled soon.

"What are you and Dad going to do while we're off at college?" questioned Christopher. Like Sam, he was attending Stanford. However, Matthew was sticking closer to home and attending a community college.

"Take care of Emily and hope there's a spell that slows down age," Sam deadpanned. He burst out laughing when everyone turned to stare at him.

"I'm glad you weren't serious," Matthew mumbled under his breath. A spell that slowed down age sounded insanely creepy.

When Emily started to cry, Christopher decided to go upstairs and get his sister. "I like helping you two take care of her," he explained. Sam and Dean smiled at him. They thought it was sweet how overprotective the boys were of their younger sister. He came down the steps with the baby a few minutes later, and got a bottle out. He began to feed the little girl.

Later that night, after all the kids were in bed, Sam and Dean sat down on the couch to watch TV. It gave Sam some time to think. "I love you so much, Dean. We have some really great kids and an awesome life. Thank you for knocking me up with Christopher all those years ago. He, Matthew, and Emily were the best gifts you ever gave me."

Dean smiled and kissed him. "I love you too, Sammy. I agree with you about everything. Chris, Matt, and Emily will always be what we made the best together. Although Christopher's delivery will always be in our minds."

"I'm still traumatized by that," Sam admitted. He remembered that day like it was yesterday. He wouldn't have given birth any other way, though. Emily's birth in the hospital had been a little less traumatizing, however.

Dean laughed. "I know you are, Sammy." He leaned over and kissed his brother again.

The Winchesters wouldn't change the past eighteen years for everything. And to think, it all started because Sam and Dean made love before Dean went to Hell and they conceived Christopher.

The Winchester was a happy family.