The Cherished Moments (Reborn - Tsuna/Kyoko, PG)

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is (c) to Akira Amano.

The setting: Italy, on a 100acre land painted with burgeoning spring. The day is hot, as usual for the summer time in Italy, and Kyoko and her husband Tsunayoshi Sawada are stretched out underneath a large willow tree. A small stream cuts across the green land just a few inches below their feet and Kyoko can't resist stretching just slightly to dip her toes in the cool water.

Tsuna smiles, and even though he has his eyes closed he knows his cheeky wife is up to no good. She's also been a little too much on the playful side. He blames Lambo and I-Pin's playfulness rubbing off over so many years Kyoko took care of them. Not that really blames them blames them - Kyoko is adorable when she's being playful.

"Don't even try it." He says, eyes still shut. He hears her startle beside him and picks up the small puff of being caught. As much as he loves her playfulness he knows time is ticking away fast, Gokudera will be here soon to carry him off to a meeting, and that means he'll miss this quiet time with his beloved wife. That he isn't willing to spoil, even if it is his wife who desires to break the silence.

Lost in thoughts Tsuna is a bit taken back when his wife suddenly leaves his side and instead straddles his waist. This time he opens his eyes, wide and blinking rapidly. Kyoko may be cheeky, but she rarely ever initiates... well, that.

"K-Kyoko..." He gulps hard, she isn't atop his groin but the lace from her blue dress is, and weirdly enough its like she's all there. Tsuna wants to smack himself with his perverted thoughts but waits to see what his wife has in store. Hopefully, well, if he's hoping he does hope she'll slide down.

"Got you." She says, leaning down to capture his lips sweetly, her small hands bracing against his chest, where his heart is beating a mile a minute. Tsuna smiles through the kiss, responding by wrapping his arms around her back to pull her closer (he needs her so much closer) and deepening the kiss that is quickly becoming feverish.

"I really do... have one cheeky wife." He murmurs against her lips, finally relenting.